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Mehek 18 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 18 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 18 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts with Shaurya and Mahek as they come to Mehek’s society in the morning, Outside Sharma house, Shaurya says to Mahek that from here you should go alone inside, it’s not time for me to follow you inside, there might be another drama if I go inside, you go alone.

I will meet you in the evening, Mahek sadly leaves his hand and turns to go inside the house but stops, she smiles and looks at him. Mahek holds his hand and says we didn’t hold hands to separate them again, right, wrong, good, bad, we will bear everything together, come with me, Shaurya says but.

Mahek says we tried to remain separated, tried to bear in front pain but no one was happy with it, you did mistakes, i did mistakes but its time to change them.

Door knocks, Nehal opens door and sees Mahek and Shaurya standing there, Nehal says Sister and brother in law is here, Kanta is shocked to see them standing on door holding hands. Mahek smiles and comes inside with Shaurya dragging their luggage. All family members come there, Mahek nods at Shaurya that all is fine.

Jeevan asks Mahek if she is fine? she nods, Jeevan hugs her, Jeevan comes to Shaurya and says we have hurt you a lot, forgive us. Shaurya hugs him and says we have all done mistakes, you have done a lot less mistakes, forgive me, Jeevan says its okay.

Zee World Series: Mehek 18 June 2019 Update

Mahek meets PD and everyone. Mansi hugs and Mahek and Shaurya, she hints Ravi to come forward, Ravi comes and hugs Shaurya too. Kanta is glaring everyone, Balwant gets up and says Shaurya all failed infront your obsession, i hope this is end of drama. Shaurya touches his feet, Balwant says long live, Mahek tries to come to Kanta but Kanta leaves from there. Mahek looks on sadly. Mahek tries to talk to kanta..she goes inside jeevan asks them to sit, Jeevan apologize with Shaurya Again that he used bad words for him.

Shaurya tells them if I start telling sorry to both chachu it will take hours so let’s forget everything and start afresh chachu tells how much he has changed. PD tells it’s all because of Mahek…Mahek goes to convince chachi…but she is hell bent saying he isn’t match for you. I am afraid of his madness now he is in love with you but once he comes out of this love he will throw you out of life.

Mahek tries to convince her again that he has changed but she leaves Mahek has tears in her eyes.

Shaurya comes from back and calls her he tries to make her smile by wearing a rabbit glove asks did chachi scolded her again.

Mahek tells she loves me alot…she is worried because why I trust you so much.. Karuna comes there and tells that Mahek is good luck for Shaurya…and scolds Shaurya to behave properly with her.

Karuna invite them for Pooja and tells they will take out wedding date at Pooja…

Karuna asks couldn’t see kanta anywhere…Mansi tells she is taking rest as she isn’t well.

Shaurya and Karuna leaves when Shaurya turns and sees her before leaving.

Mahek tells I love you in sign language…later again he turns but she is sad looking at chachi room who has locked herself inside.

Jeevan and everyone tries to bring out her but she doesn’t open door.

Pooja starts Mahek is sitting with Shaurya. Shaurya talks to himself that he knows she is sad because kanta chachi isn’t in Pooja Shaurya gives her a flying kiss.

While doing Pooja he holds her hand tightly Mahek tells it’s Pooja Shaurya asks where is she.

I want to meet her pandit scolds Shaurya that what is he doing Shaurya tells she has habit of running that’s the reason I have to keep an eye on her.

Shaurya kisses her cheeks again in the Pooja mahek tells don’t try to act like a Hero Don’t kiss again he tells I have saved you by kissing only from Sandeep else you would be in his house.

Panditji scolds Again and tells he has to go Shaurya tells my wife is so beautiful that I couldn’t take out my eyes.

Nehal comes and tells Jiju has hurt his hand and he is calling you. Mahek goes to him he was in balcony she tries to put ointment he tells he doesn’t need that he opens his arms and asks for a hug. He takes out her chain and makes her wear a diamond pendent chain. Mahek tells it should be costly…she scolds him that she doesn’t need all these and won’t accept such gifts after marriage. Mehek 18 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Shaurya holds her from back and tells how much expensive thing also if I bring and keep it in front of you it’s less than what you have done for me you have teached me how to love.

Aaye Jaye Dil Teri jaanib song plays… he Romances with her kisses on her hand and forehead and kisses on her neck her chain gets stuck in button she gets hurt near neck and he tells it’s my mark on your body.

He takes out a bracelet and makes her wear it and tells your name is on my body and this bracelet will b on your hand.

If anyone sees you they should understand that you are just mine.

Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand and says people should remember that Mahek is mine, Mahek is of Shaurya only.

He turns her around and possessively holds her waist, he says on your every breath, on your every heartbeat, i have right, only I have right, he puts hand on her heart.

He turns her around and says on your lips, on your eyelashes, on these arms, only I have right on them, he touches her lips, lashes and arms. Mehek 18 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

He says from now on if anyone sees you, it will be only me, only i will feel you, i have got you after much difficulty and i wont share you with anyone, you are mine, only mine.

Mahek gets jittery hearing all this, she pulls him and hugs him tightly, Shaurya hugs her possessively, Tu har lamha plays, Shaurya places a tender kiss on Mahek’s shoulder.

Shaurya and Mahek comes in home, Karona says we have got time of wedding after 5days, Shaurya says why so late? Karona says i got to know that you were bribing Pundit to give wedding date soon, Ravi says we will need time for arrangements too. Pundit says bride’s mother has to accept shagun, who is bride’s mother? all get sad, Mahek gets sad hearing it.

Ravi hints at Mansi, Mansi says i will fulfill her mother’s duties, she takes shagun and congratulates Karona.

Shaurya sees Mahek trying to smile but cant, he gets tensed.

In sharma house, Kanta is cooking in kitchen angrily, she tries to hold sugar can but it drops and breaks.

Shaurya comes there and says angry on me or yourself? Kanta says what are you doing here?

She leaves from there. Shaurya comes behind her, he holds her hand, Shaurya says i want to talk to you, Kanta jerks her hand away.

Mehek 18 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Shaurya says to Kanta that I know you hate me, you dont have good opinion about me.

I understand but Mahek is your daughter, you love her a lot then why you are pushing her away from you? why you are hurting her heart? Kanta glares at him and sits on chair,

Shaurya sits infront of her and holds her hand, he sys i will try to rectify all my mistakes, i will make sure to make Mahek happy, without you Mahek wont be happy, i want to keep Mahek happy, what can I do to win your trust?

Mahek means more to me than myself, please. Kanta looks away from him, Shaurya sadly starts leaving but Kanta says stop.

Shaurya looks at her, Kanta says if this is the case then I want you to name all your wealth, all your property to Mahek, give Mahek your property, your house, your restuarant, just keep clothes with you and leave everything to Mahek, I want Mahek’s security, will you be able to give her everything?

Will you able to leave yourself with only 10 clothes? will you give her all wealth? do you love Mahek that much?


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