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Mehek 18 September 2019 Written Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 18 September 2019 Written Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 18 September 2019 Written Update On Zee World Series

The Wednesday Update starts when Nalini is telling Arman that Mahek was so close to finding about us. He says I have fixed my mask. Nehal says to Chachi go home. Nehal will manage everything. Mahek says to Vicky I will come with you.

Drop me home as well.
On the way back, Mahek says you and Nehal should go on a holiday. He says once the event is over I will go. She says you have to. I will tell Nehal you are taking her on a date today. She says I forgot my phone at the restaurant. Dolly says Shaurya isn’t giving Mahek any time. I should send them to date. Let me get their clothes. She takes out clothes from Shaurya’s closet.

Dolly takes out a kurta and gives them to Awara. Mahek comes back to the restaurant. Vicky is in the car. Mahek sees someone in a veil. The woman sits in the rickshaw. Mahek sees her face. It’s Nalini. Mahek is dazed. Mahek asks Vicky to follow her. She comes to a small street. Vicky says we can’t go there. Mahek follows her by walk. Mahek follows her.
Nalini comes to the Arman’s place. Sharuya says who is this woman? She wears a suicide jacket and says 26th Jan is the date. Someone tries to attack Mahek when she comes there. Vicky hits the guy.

Mehek 18 September 2019 Written Update On Zee World Series

Mahek falls and her hand is injured. Shaurya hears Vicky’s voice. He says Mahek and Vicky are here. Shaurya tries to get up but he can’t. Vicky says lets go. Shaurya faints. Mahek isn’t feeling well. Vicky takes her to the car. Nalini runs from there. A man comes on a bike. It’s Arman. He says we have to go from here. She sits on the bike and they run. Mahek comes home. Everyone gets worried to see her injured hand.

Shaurya and Nalini come home. Shaurya says do what I asked you to. He sees Mahek. Shaurya says what happened Mahek? Are you all right? She says its just a small cut. Nalini says are you all right? You are injured. How did you get this bruise? Shaurya says Nalini I will send you cash tomorrow in the event. I have to stay here with Mahek. Mahek says wait a minute.

Mahek says I want to talk to you. Mahek says what were you doing in Baazar and that too wearing a burka? Everyone is dazed. Mahek says you had so much work at the restaurant. Shaurya says we can discuss that later. You are injured. Mahek says you can’t defend her today. Mahek says what were you doing in Chandni bazar? Vicky says we followed you and she met this accident.

Mahek says Nalini answer me. Shauyra says what is all this Nalini? you told me you were going to the venue. Shaurya says you two don’t have any work that you have turned into spies? Mahek says ask her first what was she doing there? Shaurya says Nalini answer Mahek. Nalini says our vendor said he won’t give us supply. My uncle is there in Baazar. It’s not very safe for women so I wore a burka. Mehek 18 September 2019…

Shaurya says couldn’t you tell that clearly? She says procure is Vicky’s department. I thought he would mind if I intervene in his work. Shaurya says to Mahek you and Vicky did a blunder again. If because of his mistake there is anything wrong in the event you can’t save him. Vicky gets a call. He says what… When did I send the mail? I will call you back. Vicky says someone sent the vendor a mail from our side to cancel the order. Mahek says this is all Nalini’s game. Shaurya won’t trust us. We have to keep an eye on this Nalini. Mahek says to Vicky and Nehal I don’t trust this Nehal. Why can’t Shaurya see all this? Nehal says he won’t trust us.

Mahek says yeeeeees, he thinks he is always right. I won’t let him do something that might harm our hotel’s image. Nehal says I will come with you as well. Arman hears.
Mahek says I think Shaurya is behaving this way because I wasn’t here for a year. He will be fine. He needs some time. Arman is praying. Mahek wakes up and sees Shaurya isn’t there… She wakes up.

Shaurya goes to room and changes clothes. Mahek wonders what is Shaurya doing here at this hour? Shaurya kisses Neev in sleep. Mahek smiles. She hugs him from behind. She says until we are together everything will always be fine.

  • Today Update: Mehek 18 September 2019

The party starts. Minister says I hope the taste will be amazing. Minster says there will be kids dance after that food. Shaurya says kids dance wasn’t there in the list? He says how does that affect your menu? He says we don’t have food for kids. Minister says it’s okay. Arman says in heart kids shouldn’t be harmed. They shouldn’t pay a price for what elders do. My brother died in the same blast. He calls someone and says we have to abort the mission. There are kids here. His master says what about our kids that are being killed?

This mission can’t be aborted now. Mahek says to Shaurya you look stressed. He says no I am fine. Vicky Nehal and Jeevan come there. Jeevan says I am so happy. I will meet ministers today. Mahek goes into the kitchen. She says Shaurya get everyone’s entry done. He says sure. Shaurya is trying to get out of his jail. He tries to steal his lighter. The terrorists are watching the place on TV. One says they don’t know they will all burn and die in a while. Shaurya takes the matchstick and lits the place on fire. All the terrorists are scared and they run out.

Shaurya comes out. Shaurya calls Karuna and says come here. I will sit with Neev Karuna says don’t worry about Neev. He is asleep. I will stay with him. Mahek says thank you so much. Karuna says I know Neev is very important for you and all of us. I will take care of him. Karuna says you will handle everything there. Mahek says you owned Shaurya the same way I owned Neev. I learned this from you.

Mahek sees Nalini. She says I will call you later. Mahek says to Nalini what are you doing? Where are you taking all this? Nalini is silent. Mahek says where are you taking this blender? Are you okay? We need it here in the kitchen. Can I ask why? Nalini says in the heart there are bomb wires in this blender what to do. She says I wanted to check it. It wasn’t working fine. Mahek says let’s check it here. Mahek checks the blender. It’s working fine. Mehek 18 September 2019…

Nalini says its working. I will check the rest of the stuff. Shaurya runs from the detention. He is walking in the streets. He sees an auto. Shaurya asks people for help but no one helps him. The terrorists see that Shaurya has run. He says we have to find him and get him back here or Arman will kill us. Shaurya is on the road. He asks a man what time is it. He says its 7. He recalls at 8 they will start their mission. More Updates Coming…

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