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Mehek 19 May 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Mehek 19 May 2019 Update On Zee World

Mehek 19 May 2019 Update - Zee World

Mehek 19 May 2019 Update On Zee World

Mahek is dressed in heavy bridal dress and riding scooty with helmet on, oh womaniya plays. She is going to Shaurya’s house.

Shaurya is having lunch, he is eating sandwich, he asks Karona to have lunch with him, Karona says you do it alone, you have done hardwork to reach this height, your loneliness is reward of you getting new heights, so learn to live like that, she leaves. Shaurya is sad, Shaurya listens wedding band playing, he gets angry on servant and asks who are these middle class people playing wedding band? Servant says band is playing at our door only, Shaurya says who is there?

Mehek 19 May 2019 Update On Zee World

Scene 2
Whole family is outside home and seeing band playing wedding music, Shaurya comes out of home and sees Mahek dancing with wedding band playing in background. Mahek smiles at Shaurya and dancing infront of him, Shaurya huffs at her. Mahek touches Karona’s feet and says Maa your daughter in law has come, wont you welcome me? Karona is confused and asks what is all this?

Mahek says i have left my house and came here like all girls come after wedding. Shaurya says what rubbish, did you forget that i left you at mandap, Mahek says you didnt leave me, you ranaway from there. She asks 3000ruppees from Shaurya, Shaurya says what? Mahek says i dont have change of money, Sanjay says i have it, he gives her 3000rupees, Mahek thanks him and takes it, Mahek gives money to band, they leave. Mahek takes off her helmet, she brings photo.

Mehek 19 May 2019 Update On Zee World

Mahek shows her wedding photo to Shaurya and asks what you think about it? he doesnt answer. Mahek asks servant what photo is this? he says its of your and Shaurya’s wedding, Shaurya glares at servant, Mahek shows picture to Shaurya where they are dressed as groom and bride, Mahek says whoever you will show this picture will say that we are bride and groom, we have done half marriage, only pheras are remaining but we have done half wedding Mahek shows article in mobile to family which shows that after garland exchange, bride and groom are half married.

Svetlana says Mahek is not able to accept that Shaurya left her, she is so innocent that she came here as bride but its all bulshit, you must have thought to live lavishly in this house after wedding but when your plan failed so you came here to do drama, when dog gets addicted to blood, he doesnt leave it, sameway you have become addicted to riches and luxurious life which you couldnt get at your home so you came here again.

Mahek says i can give you befitting reply but today is my garah pervesh and i dont want to mess with you but Shurti can you who i am, i have shown her tralier. Svetlana glares at her, Karona smiles proudly. Shaurya grabs Mahek’s hand and says come with me, he drags her from there, Sanja says to Svetlana says why you behave like cheap indian movie villains?

Shaurya says to Mahek that i was settling matter by giving you 50lacs, but you didnt take it, 50lacs is big amount, you wouldnt even know how many zeros it has, you cant earn them in your whole life, i have told you earlier too that i dont love you, i did everything for my business, cant you understand that i dont love.

Mahek Sharma i dont love you, why dont you leave me alone, whatever happened between, forget them like it was nightmare, all have relationships and breakup happens too, i guarantee you that some doctor o engineer will come in your life and you will get married soon, start afresh, so Mahek Sharma all the best, h offers his hand, Mahek shakes hand with him. Svetlana says to Sanjay that Mahek trapped Karona in her magic trap but not us.

Shaurya asks Mahek to leave, Mahek says am i pan for you? that you bought me, chewed me till you wanted and then spit me like i was nothing? what you think that you are God? rich businessman trapped me, made me laugh, cry and live life then left me, promised me thousand things, and ranaway from wedding,what you thought that i would be crying my eyes out and saying how this happened with me and hide my face?

I would leave but i have one condition, you are God so bring my 6months, give me my time back and erase time which i spent with you, erase your name from my life, give my mother’s recipebook to me, can you do that? can you change time-frame?

Mehek 19 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Shaurya looks down, Shaurya says its bullshit, Mahek says its truth, if you can do it then do it, can you? you cant, if you cant bring back my time then accept me as your wife, i have to go or else i will get late for Garah pervesh, she leaves, Shaurya is miffed.

Mahek comes at entrance of house, Karona brings things to welcome her officially as daughter in law, Svetla says what are you doing? Sanjay sas shut up, she her Karona’s daughter in law so welcome her. Shaurya comes there and says to Karona that its my house, Karona says give these threats to family, it was my grandfather’s house then my father’s house and now its mine, Shaurya says i bought it back for you, your family sold it but i bought it back.

Karona says this is my house so you decide for yourself and it anyone has problem with anything then they can leave house, no one will stop them. karona does Mahek’s aarti, she tries to apply tilak to Shaurya but he stops her and angrily huffs at Mahek.

Karona makes Mahek eat sweet, Mahek kicks rice kalash and smiles at Shaurya sweetly, Karona says put your foot in kumkum plate and enter in this house. Mahek stands in kumkum plate and puts her right foot on house’s entrance. karona says this house will become home after you came here, i pray that you get all happiness in life, she leaves with Mahek, Sanjay says Mahek has come here with pheras, Svetlana asks him to shut up.

Ravi says Mahek has become stubborn, we should have locked her in room and shouldnt have let her go, Mansi says dont know how she is there, Balwant says these rich people are cruel, dont know what they are doing with her, Kanta asks Nehal to call Mahek and ask her how she is, dont tell her we are asking about her, just you talk to her but put phone on speaker.

Mehek 19 May 2019 Update - Zee World

Nehal says you are worried for her but dont want to show it, i dont understand you people, she calls Mahek and puts phone on speaker. Mahek sees Nehal calling, Karona leaves her. Mahek takes call, Nehal asks how are you? Mahek says i am fine, Nehal says i was worried for you thats why i called, Mahek says on call that i am totally fine here, dont worry about me chacha and chachi and all family members.

Shaurya shouts on servant that girl cant stay here, Mahek hears it and hurriedly ends call worrying that family might hear Shaurya’s hateful words for her. Sharma family gets worried that she abruptly ended call, Jeevan says i hope everything is fine there. Ravi says i am going there, i cant let her live there alone like that, he says to Kanta that you are right to be angry with her but right now you have to go with me to her, Kanta says you are right, lets go, they leave.

Shaureya says to Karuna ma you have no idea what you have done. Karona says I did what I thought was right. If you are so mad you can run 2kms extra. He says you should have asked me once. Karuna says did you ask me once before doing all that? I can’t face Mahek’s family because my son only knows how to sell things and use them, did you ever care for me? You have lost right to question me. No one can throw mahek out of this house until I am alive. She is the blessing of this house. She wont go anywhere. She is the result of some good deed you ever did. Karona goes upstairs.

Mahek comes in Shaurya’s room and recalls Shaurya’s words that it will be her room and she can decorate it as she wants, she can change curtains and color of walls, make your own world. She looks at empty frame on wall and recalls how Shaurya said he left it for junior Shaurya and junior Mahek, she recalls how she trusted Shaurya and asked him to keep her mother’s recipebook with her, she gets sad.

Mehek 19 May 2019 Update On Zee World

Karona brings juice for her and says have something, you would need food to fight off walls of this house. Mahek makes her sit on bed and sits infront of her on floor, she lies her head on Karona’s lap and says when i need strength to fight, i used to keep my head in Kanta’s lap, there is something special in mother’s lap. Karona says dont know why you came here, you are gentle and humble but Shaurya is thorn, and arrogant, Shaurya did so much with you but you still came here, this family wont let live you easily here then why you came here?

Mahek says we both understand Shaurya and i think Shaurya needs love and beating both, Karona laughs, Mahek says i have come to make Shaurya realize that he loves me too and what he did with my family was very wrong but i would need your help in it, Karona says you still doubt it? you are daughter of this house and we will tight screws of this family together, my blessings are with you.
Ravi and Kanta comes to Shaurya’s house and asks Mahek to come downstairs. Svetlana comes there and says to Ravi that you are here too? where is your luggage? you must having difficulty to live in your small house and came here like your niece.

Ravi says i have no interest in your twisted words, i have come here to take Mahek. Karona and Mahek comes there, Karona says lets sit and talk. Shaurya comes there and says its good Ravi and Kanta chachi are here, i am very impressed, i was waiting when you people would come and bring senses to Mahek and take her with you, Ravi says i dont want to waste time by talking to cheap person like you, he says to Mahek that bring your luggage, i have come to take you, i cant breathe between these people, cant you listen to me Mahek? bring your luggage, we are going home right now.

Mehek 19 May 2019 Update - Zee WorldShaurya lovingly looks at her and says say you love me once, she says no, he says please say it

Mahek looks Kanta and him, she says to Ravi that i am in my house only, this is my home. Ravi says dont be stubborn, you want me to drag you away from here? Mahek says i beg you to let me live here. Ravi says i cant leave you with these devils, Svetlana says you are standing in our house and calling us devils? Ravi says to Mahek that why you are living in hell here? lets go home.

Shaurya says Mahek Sharma please go back home, you would have to live here like in hell so go back, Mahek says you have already made me live in hell, nothing is left, its my family matter, before giving opinion, try to become their son in law first. Mahek says to Kanta that please let me live here, Kanta says okay but i want to talk to you first, she takes Mahek with her. Svetlana says i hope this cheap girl goes away from here, i have headache their melodrama.

Mehek 19 May 2019 Update On Zee World

Mahek says to Kanta that you understand me atleast, Kanta says i know you love Shaurya but he doesnt love you, you are doing suicide, if you look in Shaurya’s eyes, you will know how much he hates you, Mahek says i have looked a lot of times in his eyes and i have love in his eyes for you,. Kanta says didnt you listen his harsh words? he literally said that he will make your life living hell then how can you trust him?

Mahek says eyes never lie, and i have seen in his eyes that he loves me a lot but he doesnt realize it, he has always been cheated since childhood, he got cheated by his family, by business people but i have patience, i have been cooking since childhood and cooking needs patience, food and relations become spoiled if you do it hastily, Shaurya is hard nut to crack but if you are persistent with him then he will relent, i am Delhi’s Mahek Sharma and i will bring Shaurya by ears to you soon.

Ravi says to Kanta that Shaurya cheated Mahek and left her but she is mad to live with him? we should drag her from here, Kanta says Mahek is older now and she can take her decisions, we cant force her to leave. Svetlana sees them and says to Sanjay that they cant even convince their niece to go with them? i am fed up with their drama, Sanjay says this is our chance, we can use their weak-link, Svetlana asks what weak-link? Sanjay says see Ravi is their family’s weak-link and we can break them apart by using him.

Mehek 19 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Scene 2
Its night, Mahek is in Shaurya’s room. Shaurya comes there so Mahek puts pillow on couch. Shaurya says what you think that you can live here? Mahek says wake-up Mohan pyare, i am in your room and living with you hubby. Shaurya says if you are living with me then why making bed for yourself on couch? Mahek says i am not making bed for myself, i am making it for you, you are going to sleep on couch while i will sleep on bed, she puts blanket on couch and goes to lie on bed. Shaurya glares her.

Mahek lies on bed, Shaurya sits on bed beside Mahek lying form and goes under cover with Mahek, Mahek turns away from him, Shaurya leans in towards her and says we are half married and today was your welcome day in this house as daughter in law so ideally this is our marriage night(suhagraat), Mahek gets tensed hearing it, Shaurya smirks, Mahek moves away from him, Shaurya says what happened? why are you nervous?

Mahek says i am not nervous, i am sleepy, Shaurya puts hand around her waist and says what is thump thump heartbeat noise? is it of wall-clock? why you have sweat on forehead? you cant become Mrs. Shaurya Khanna just by saying, you have to give something to become that, Mahek turns in his arms, Shaurya is so close to her, Mahek gets lost in his eyes, they share eyelock, humtum song plays, Shaurya moves away from her and says i cant see you close to me even in dreams.

Shaurya says to Mahek i cant even think of coming close to you because your presence irritate, i will see to it till when you can stay here, you havent seen realside of me Mahek Sharma, soon this fever of yours will go away, he gets from bed and leaves. Mahek gets hurt hearing his words and cries, she gets up from bed too and sees Shaurya and Mahek’s photo in his bedside drawer, she smiles seeing that he saved it, Mahek says my real mission is to show you your real face Shaurya and i know i am on right path

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