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Mehek 20 May 2019 Update on Zee World Series

Mehek 20 May 2019 Update - Zee World

Mehek 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Mahek recalls Shaurya’s harsh words. Shaurya comes there again, he is drunk, Mahek says i thought you didnt drink wine? Shaurya says i used to not drink but you came in my life and irritating me being typical wife, he comes on bed, Mahek moves away from him and says i will scream, dont come near, Shaurya says people would think we are enjoying our wedding night, you must hear name of fifty shades of gray, he leans near Mahek and pins her to wall, Mahek runs away from him and locks herself in washroom.

Mehek 20 May 2019 Update on Zee World Series

Shaurya smirks and says you dont have drink wine to act like drunk, i just applied on face, he smiles and goes to sleep on bed. Mahek hears him and says he fooled me to get bed? he is getting out of hands, she comes in room. Shaurya is watching movie on TV, Mahek tries to sleep on couch
but he keeps TV volume loud.

Mahek gets irritated and says he is watching comedy movie but i will turn it to horror. Shaurya’s room lights go off, he says Mahek must have done it, he sees Mahek sleeping on couch and says fuse went off, Mahek didnt do anything, he goes to check fuse. Shaurya attaches fuse and comes back to room to find Mahek on bed, Mahek says why are you wandering husband? go to sleep on couch, Shaurya says i should have known you were behind it, Shaurya goes to sleep on couch but is uncomfortable, Mahek is unable to sleep but says dont get up Mahek, he will snatch bed from me.

Mehek 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Scene 2
Its morning, Mahek wakes up and says kanta chachi why so much sunlight in room? she sees Shaurya’s room and says get habituated to live without Chachi.

Mahek comes in washroom to take bath but sees Shaurya standing out there in just boxers and fresh out of shower, she turns away and says why you are roaming around like 2years child? Shaurya covers his body with towel and comes near Mahek, he says why you are shying away, we are half married, we can be like this right? Mahek huffs and runs away from there, she says what he thinks that we are half married so he can do cheap flirting?

Mahek is in hall, she says how do we switch on AC here? she sees many switch buttons and turns them all, one button is of water sprinklers in garden. Svetlana is jogging in garden but water sprinklers gets turned on due to Mahek and Svetlana gets drenched in water from head to toe, she shouts who opened them? Servant says i dont know, someone from hall did it. Shaurya sees this and smirks, he says Mahek is second name of problem.

Mehek 20 May 2019 Update - Zee World

Svetlana comes in hall and sees Mahek near switch board, she shouts on her and says you are illiterate and dont know anything so why trying to act smart? Shaurya sees all this. Karona comes there and says Svetlana it was water only not acid that you are yelling so much and Mahek didnt know about buttons, Svetlana angrily leaves. Karona says to Mahek that its your first day here and you have to cook today and have to impress your mother in law, get ready and come in kitchen. they leave, Shaurya sees all this and huffs.

Mehek 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Mahek comes in kitchen, she asks Karona what everyone likes? Karona says Sameer has diabetes and Svetlana have hypertension so think what you can cook. Mahek gets idea and gives instructions to servant. Mahek says to Karona that all will eat same food today, there will no separate foods for everyone, i will cook halwa puri for all and also sweetdish, Karona says wont it be too oily? Mahek says no fortune oil is light and wont be harmful for anyone. karona says thats great idea. Mahek starts cooking.

Svetlana says to servant Awara where is breakfast? Shurti says they have become lazy, in Shaurya’s wedding drama, all work was done by wedding planners so servants have become lazy. Awara says breakfast is ready, Mahek is cooking it. Karona comes there, Svetlana says Mahek must have cooked some cheap food like herself, Karona says dont worry, she made everything less oily.

Mahek brings food there, Sanjay says we will eat good food today, i have heard praise for Mahek’s food. All start eating food, Svetlana doesnt eat it but is finding difficult to avoid food. Sanjay says food is so nice, Mahek you are really great cook. Vicky says Mahek i wont call you bhabhi(sister in law) because its uncool but food is very nice. Shurti eats food too.

Shaurya is standing there and looks on. Shurti is sitting on couch with Svetlana and offers food to Svetlana, Svetlana makes face but tastes, he likes food and finds is tasty, she asks Shurti to bring more food for her. Sameer says even Karona doesnt make such good food. Shurti says to Mahek that food is not that bad, Sanjay takes money from Sameer and gives it to Mahek as shagun.

Shaurya comes there and says is there something special today? people who wouldnt want to see each others face, are having food together? Karona says Mahek cooked food today, you make Mahek eat it and complete ritual, Shaurya says i am getting late for hotel and i dont believe in these rituals, Karona glares him and says just be silent and make her eat with your hands, Shaurya fumes with anger and looks at Mahek.

Mehek 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Shaurya takes plate from karona. Mahek shyly smiles at Shaurya. Shaurya comes to Mahek with food plate and offers spoon full of rice to her, Mahek is about to eat with his hand but Shaurya throws spoon away, Mahek looks on, Shaurya drops food plate on floor, it breaks, Mahek is shocked and hurt seeing his rude behavior, Svetlana smirks.

Mahek gets tears in his eyes. Shaureya says even if whole world eats your recipes I won’t eat the food made from your hands. Mahek says people start day with starvation and you are wasting food here like this. He says I am not a loser who starves. I earn enough to waste it. and keep your lessons to yourself.

Shaurya says on call there shouldn’t be any mistake on opening. Get a good breakfast ready for the guests and publishers coming. There are just lectures at home. Svetlana smirks.

Mansi says Kanta why are you not eating? Kanta says I am missing mehak. Dada says I know mahek did wrong but in the name of women empowerment she went to battle him. Kanta says I will call and ask her how she is every day. Sanjay comes in and says I will take care of her. She won’t have any trouble there. I know ravi you asked me not to come here, but when she made me breakfast I realized you all would be missing her. So I brought this halwa she made here for you people. He gives them halwa. Ravi says thank you and sorry for being rude to you. sanjay says the mistake had been done by wife so I should apologize first.

Kanta says how is she? Sanjay says how do I say that she is well. Jeevan says what is it? He says I would have said keep mahek away from Shaureya. He is proud and mahek is so pure. He threw away the breakfast she made. Ravi says a fool can throw away the food she makes. He says I see hope in her that she can change Shaureya. I am leaving now. Ravi says thank you so much. Sanjay says thank you for calling me brother. I have to talk to you for a moment. He takes Ravi out.

Shaureya’s shops opening is going on. The reporter asks him what guests have you called this time? Mahek comes in with so many kids. She says come in. Reporter says Mahek sharma what are you doing here? Mahek says my name is Mahek Sharam Khanna now. I have my husband’s identity with me now. My husband is a very good human so he said the restaurant should be opened with a good deed. We decided that we will open white chillies by feeding these kids.

Shaurya says what drama is this? Whose kids are these? Mahek says all kids are God’s. And they are more close to him because their parents are not in this world. These are those innocent kids. You got it now? Now lets serve them the food. Mahek says lunch time kids. Uncle has got food prepared for you. Come in. All kids start eating. He says you didn’t do right.

Mehek 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Mahek says I did right and I am your wife. You were reminding me you are my husband and I thought I should act like a wife too. You threw food and it got you sins. We give poor people food to wash sins so I am your wife now. I have to balance your sins. You have hurt so many people. Your accounts of deeds would be full of reds. Be happy that I made you do such a good deed. Thank me. I lessened burden of your sins.

Sanjay says to Ravi I think well of you people. That is why I am saying accept this relationship. That’s better for both of us. We can’t find a girl better than mahek and if shaureya changes you won’t find a better husband than him. We have to do something to bring them close. If this relationship breaks there would be too much talking in the society. Our families should unite. You are a businessman and so are we. Let’s work together and move together. And that way Mahek and Shaureya will stay together too. He says next time I come we will discuss the business deal. Keep it between us till then.

Mahek says to the kids are you all eating well? they say thank you didi. Shauerya says if I could I would kick you out with these kids. Mahek says my husband told me he feel so good about having this moment in his life. This idea was his, he looked after preparations and I brought the kids here. We are husband wife so we have to work things together. The reporter says your wife compliments you. Shaureya says you are right we compliment and love each other. That is why we come up with these unique ideas.

Shaurya says in heart mahek not fair. Mahek says to the kids go and thank uncle. They all surround him and say thank you thank you. Shaureya sits now and hugs them all. Mahek says uncle will get you all dropped in his big car today.

Mehek 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Shaurya is mad. He says she had to ruin my launch. You have to pay for what you have done. a waiter breaks the glass. Shaureya shouts can’t you see. It is more expensive than your salary. Clean it. Chef says sir finalize this menu. He says what do I pay you for?

Shaureya gets a call. He says miss Michelle your investor will come to your restaurant tomorrow. shaureya says thats great. He says I think your dessert section is weak. Add more to it. There was a jack food custard in your recipes. I think it will be awesome if you add it. He says thats great but we haven’t worked on their dressings yet. The investor says thats your wife’s recipe. Get her help. Shaureya says no no we won’t need that. My chef will prepare it. We will welcome you and Miss Michelle with that dessert tomorrow.

The chef says we can’t make that dish. You got this removed from menu. He says there is nothing that only mahek can do. This is my restaurant and you will do what I ask you to.
This is my world class restaurant not a dhaba. if you can’t work here then leave. i don’t want excuses go and create it.

Sanjay is singing and happily, Svetlana asks if what he is doing would be beneficial? Sanjay says you are fool, he asks servant to make him sit, he takes Svetlana with him.

Shaurya shouts on chef and says what is this? this is awful dish, chef says i told you that we cant make this dish, Shaurya says you really think i need you? you cant even cook sample, you think you deserve to be here? Chef says i want to say that its your wife’s recipe so if Mahek guides us a little then we will cook it nicely, Shaurya says she cant guide you, you call yourself chef when you cant even cook one dish, get lost from here.

Mahek sees Ravi in house, she hugs him. Ravi says its winters, so i brought your warm clothes and your things, Sanjay says we will call for tea, Ravi says no need for it.

Mehek 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Mahek goes to put her luggage. Ravi offers sweets to Svetlana, she takes it. Sanjay asks what you thought? Ravi says its difficult, we are on different levels so it will be difficult to do business with you, Sanjay says we are both humans, we are on same level, there are a lot of women that come to your house, i have clients, i even know Prince charles, i know people from white house to everywhere, lets start business, i will bring you clients for your shop.

Ravi says we are common people, i will have to think about such rich clients, i will tell you later, Mahek comes there with water for Ravi, Sanjay says to Ravi that i will comeback after two days, then we will talk, Ravi leaves. Svetlana asks if he will be trapped? Sanjay says he definitely will.
Ravi asks Mahek if she is fine? she nods, she asks what are you doing with Sanjay? Ravi says he has business proposal for me.

Mahek says i know Shaurya doesnt have good relations with Sanjay and Svetlana so dont do anything that will hurt Shaurya, everything is already difficult for me, Ravi hugs her and says are you mad? dont you trust me? i wont do anything stupid, he says take care and leaves.

Mehek 20 May 2019 Update on Zee World Series

Karona says to Mahek that you can adjust your clothes in Shaurya’s closet. Mahek is hesitant but takes Shaurya’s clothes out of closet, Shaurya comes there and shouts on Mahek that how dare she touch his expansive clothes? Karona says i asked Mahek to hang her clothes in your wardrobe, she was making place by taking some of your clothes out.

Shaurya packs Mahek’s clothes in luggage bag. Shaurya drags Mahek out of house. Shaurya says to Mahek that you are using my mother against me, you want to make place in this house, you have occupied my room, but i will show you place of your clothes, you want to see where they belong? he brings matchstick and burns his luggage bag, all are stunned. Latest Update Of Zee World Series

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