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Mehek 23 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 23 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts with Shaurya saying to Kanta he calls Mahek Vanadana and has fun with other girls. Kanta says that is why he keeps us away from her. We need to be careful. Because of you, our Mahek is back. I was so angry at you I am sorry. Shaurya says if Mahek is yours then am I not? I love your anger too.

Tell me how to get Mahek back. Karuna and Archi are there. Karuna says DNA test also proved that she is Vandana, not Mahek. Archi says you are ruining your and our lives. Please don’t do this. He shoves and leaves.
Shaurya says for some days please stay away from me and let me do my work. I will bring Mahek back.

Archi comes to her room and is angry. She throws away everything she set up in anger. Archi says I hate you Mahek. I won’t let him be yours either. She burns her picture.

Vandana is running after Mahek. Neev says will we live here from now? Mahek says talk calmly your Dadu is sleep. Mandhar comes. He wonders how the test came in my favor? She isn’t Vandana. Neev says ma give Dadu meds. Mandhar says you talk so much. Neev says yes I like talking.

Zee World: Mehek 23 August 2019 Update

Mandhar comes to hit him but trips. Mahek says careful the floor is irregular. Neev says how do you know that floor is irregular? Mahek wonders in the heart how do I know? What is happening? Julie says its Bhanwari’s medicine time.

Mandahr says see what is happening here. She can recall that floor was irregular. She is Mahek. She says if you listened to me I would have been in my house. This is because of you that we are here. Madhar says don’t give me lectures. If I get angry you would be like father too battling for life.

Mahek gives Bhanwari medicine. Neev massages his legs. Mandhar says if her memory comes back she will go home. I will go to jail. You and Neev will beg on road. She says God will handle everything. He throws stool in anger. She says calm down and don’t show me these tantrums. I will expose you. Mandhar says think about your daughter in law what if her memory comes back? Mahek comes there and says ma are you okay? Mandhar gets a call from Bijli. He goes out.

A set up for movie is arranged is street. Neev sees it. Mahek is cooking. Neev says in the street they will show movie today. We can go right? Mahek says your dadu is not well. We can’t leave him alone and go for movie.

The movie starts. Kanta and shaureya are there too. Shaureya says she isn’t here yet. Kanta says she will. Mahek comes out looking for Neev. Shaureya shows Neev a gift. Neev gets happy. It has a ball inside. Mahek looks for Neev. She comes out. Mandhar is out and drinking. He says why are you standing here? What do you want? Arcchi says I just want what you want. I want that you and your family goes back to Rishikesh. you should take my help. I know that girl is Mahek and not Vandana. Mahek comes out.

Shaureya says lets watch the movie. I booked this seat for you. your mom can’t see you here. Jevan says why are you both doing this? She is not Mahek and you know her husband is a thug. Mahek looks for Neev. people ask her not to come in front. Mahek says where do I look for him? Shaureya says Mahek.. She turns back. Mahek sees some flashbacks. Mehek 23 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Shaureya says recalls mahek. Its you coming towards me. Its you who was mine. You used to be shy. I filled your hairline. I made you wear my mangalsutra and made you mine. She faints. Shaureya holds her. Shaureya says try to recalls us being together. Remember our love. Please recall everything. Don’t you remember it.

Mandhar comes there. She shoves mahek. She falls down. Mandhar hits Shaureya. Mahek sees flash backs. She shouts Shaureya.. Mandhar stops. Mahek faints. Shaureya says Mahek.. Kanta is dazed. She goes towards him. Shaureya picks her. Neev says ma what happened to you. Shaureya takes Mahek with him. He says nothing would happen to you. They call doctor.
Mandhar’s ma says everything is over. Mandhar says I wont let it be.

Neev will ma be okay? Doctor says be careful. She shouldn’t take stress. She has mental trauma. Kanta says we will be extra careful. Jevan says but DNA said that she is Mandana. Whys she took his name? Shaureya says because she is my Mahek.

Mandhar’s mom comes in and says can I take her home? Kanta says she is our Mahek. You can’t take her. Mandhar comes and says she is my wife. He took my wife here. Inspector says is he right mr. Shaureya? You will have to come to police station. Shaureya calls commissioner and says he wants to talk to you. Inspector says on call sorry sir.

Inspector apologizes to shaureya and says to Mandhar get out. Why are you accusing an innocent person. Mandhar meets Archi outside. She says use brain not hands. He says I don’t need your help. He gets a call. Archi says I am a man I can’t take help from a woman.

Kanta says Mahek open your eyes. Shaureya says Mahek we are all waiting for you. Mahej wakes up. Shaureya hugs her and says I knew you would come back. She says are you mad I am not Mahek. How many times should I tel you? I am Neev’s mother. I won’t tolerate it any more. I want to go back to my family.

Shaureya says you took my name. Vandana says enough. Leave me alone. I am not yours. Neev comes there. Shaureya says let me bring him, Mandhar says to Neev forget your mom and come with me. Shaureya stops him. Mahek comes. Mandhar says you stay here with your new family I am going from here. Mahek says no don’t go. I am your wife. I am telling you all that he is my husband and Neev is my child. Dont try to annoy me again. SHe holds his hand and goes with him.

Mehek 23 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mandhar says I am so great that didn’t even ask herr anything. If she even doubts that she is Mahek then she can go and get out of this house. Shaureya recalls his moments with Shaureya. Kanta says she is Mahek. She doesn’t know anything. Don’t be sad. This isn’t easy. Shaureya says my Mahek is back and I wont ever give up. He sees Archi there.

Bijli says to Mandhar don’t drink. He says why are you here? Bijli says I don’t trust you. He says shut up. Bijli says don’t treat me this way. If you cheat on me I will ruin your life. He shoves her and says get lost. If you mess with me again I will sell you somewhere. He leaves. Shaureya stops her. He says will you let him go like this? I can help you in getting your right if you help me.

Shaurya tells he will help bijli if she can help him…she ask what kind of help? He says he is waiting in car and ask her to come there. Archie person is keeping a eye in Shaurya and he informs her that bijli has gone with Shaurya. She ask to follow them.

Shaurya brings bijli to KM and offers her 1 crore and tells her to help him in proving in front of world that Vandana is his Mahek and he is ready to adopt Neev and she can take back mandhar to haridwaar and this one crore will be hers..Bijli agrees when Shaurya convince her that he won’t hand over mandhar to police.

Mahek sees Mandhar’s phone rining. He is asleep. Mahek sees his phone. Archi is calling him. She picks it. Archi says where are you? Come out I am waiting. Mahek says who is it?

Shaureya sees a car comng behind them. He is with Bijli. Bijli says why did you stop the car. The car drives past him. Its Archi’s thug keeping an eye on him. He calls and tells Archi that shaureya has seen his car and doubts that I am following him.
Mahek comes out. Archi hides. She sits in her car. She calls her thug and says you are useless. I will do this myself.

Shaureya and Bijli come outside a place. He calls someone and says we are outside city hospital in Rishikesh. A ward boy sits in his car and gives him a file. Shaureya says why doesn’t it have Vandana’s record? He says I joined two days before the date you mentioned. There was another ward boy he left silently. You can meet him on this address.

Mandhar is getting ready. His phone keeps on ringing. Neev comes out. Mahek says where did you come from? Neev says sit here. You don’t have fever. Mahek says what would happen to me? Mahek sees Mandhar’s phone ringing again and again. Mandhar leaves. Mahek says to Neev stay home and take care of the house. Neev says okay Take care of the house. Mehek 23 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Shaureya and Bijli come somewhere. He says Bijli he lives in the same area. They ask people about that address. Mahek is following Mandhar. He takes an auto. Mahek follows him in another auto.

Archi comes to the ward boy”s house. She suffocates him. Archi says you must be wondering why this is happening to you. But these questions do not matter. You are dying. Good bless you. Shaurya and Bijli come outside. Shaurya knocks and says open the door. Archi says what should I do now. Bijli says is there something wrong? Bijli says open the door.

Shaureya and Bijli come to the room. The ward boy is dead. He is shocked to see it. Archi is hidden. Bijli says I shouldn’t have come with you. she is crying. Shaureya calls police.

Mandhar is on his way. Mahek is following him. He comes to market. Mahek hides behind a door. Mandhar meets Archie. He says why you called me here? She says do you know what was gonna happen today. Mehak sees him talking to a girl but doesn’t see his face. Archie says do you know what was about to happen. Archie gets a call. She leaves. Mahek goes after her to see her face but couldn’t. Mandhar leaves as well.

Shaureya breaks stuff in anger. He says leave me alone. Archie says calm down. He shoves her and says go from here. Kanta comes too. She says calm down. Shaurya says whenever I see ray of hope someone hides it. I dont’ know what to do. He sits down. Kanta says you have to be strong. Remember how she took your name. When you call her form your heart, her heart responds. He says thank you. i wont give up. You have to help me. She says I will do anything. Thank you.

Mahek says who was that girl. Let me check the number. She sees the pot for the paper. Neev says were you looking for this? i wanted to help you.

Archie is crying. Shaurya says what happened? She says do you see others too. He says you know she is mahek. He says i know its impossible for you to love someone else. I am your friend as well. I can help you in getting her back. He says please help me. There is a party and Mahek should come there. Archie says Mahek will come for sure.

Mahek says whose number is it to Mandhar? This number called at night. he says who are you to ask me question? Go and cook food. Archie comes to their house. She says we have Karuna’s birthday today. We have a small party and we would feel great if you come as well.

Shaurya convinces Karuna to let him celebrate her fake birthday. Mahek says we can’t come. Archie says you are vandana then why not come? Mahek says our dad is not well. Archie says KArunaa would feel great if you come. Mahek says you asked us to stay away from him. Archie says he wont even come near you. Please come. We are really embarrassed. Ama says to mahek say yes. Mahek says he keeps calling me Mahek. ama says he is paying for banwari’s treatment. We have to go. Mehek 23 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kanta says you should have sent me not Archie. Shaurya says she is my good friend. Ama says we will come for sure don’t worry. Archie leaves. Archie says to Shaurya promise me you wont do anything that would offend them. He say no I wont.

The party starts. Karuna says i feel really nervous. Shuarya says relax mom don’t worry. mahek Neev and Mandhar come as well. Archie says you came Mahek and now Shaurya will lose his mind.

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