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Mehek 23 November 2019 Update – Zee World

Mehek 23 November 2019 Update – Zee World – Suvetlana says amazing job my son. We will destroy them more. Sajita isn’t eating. Mahek tries to make her eat. Sharma sits alone in his room. Mahek comes to Suvetlana’s house and throttles her. she says I will kill you. You killed my sister. Watchmen take her out.

Arush says mom are you okay? Mahek comes to the baba and says I will kill you. Now see what I do with you. You are with suvetlana. His men stop him. Baba says someone close to you did this not Suvetlana. Shaurya did this. ask him why he did this. Mahek says he can’t do that.

Mehek 23 November 2019 Update - Zee World

Suvetlana meets Shaurya and says I am trying to fix everything. Don’t tell arush I met you. We will be family soon. she hugs him. MAhek is dazed. She says shaurya did this? He ruined my family? He is with Suvetlaa. Mahek recalls every time he stopped her from going against suvetlana and asked her to come to that place via text.

Her conscience says go and ask that shaurya. Mahek says Shaurya can do this. Mahek cries. She says i will find out who did this. I will find everythig alone. Swati will be served with justice. Mahek cries. She says why did you show me this day God? My life partner did this with me. i lost my sister. Shaurya sees Mahek. He says I wanted to talk to you. Sharma says I asked him to leave but he didn’t. Mahek sits down. Shaurya says I really love you. I know you are hurt. But you are not alone. I am with you.

Mehek 23 November 2019 Update – Zee World

Rashmi says pray to God my son.
Inspector says all phone records are clean. sharma says maybe we are wrong. Why would shauyra do it? Suvetlana says to baba are you ready? She says I had to change the record of phone.

Inspector gets a call leaves. Mahek gets a call from a person. He says I am a reporter I got this news that shaurya will participate in Asian games and not you. Mahek is dazed. sharma says shaurya did this to go to Asian games? Mahek says if games were this important for him he would have said. Something is wrong. I will talk to shaurya from front.

Suvetlana says to shaurya Arush left in anger drunk when I asked him to marry Sweeti. He hit someone. They weren’t injured but they made his video. Shaurya says i will come with you and talk to those people. They leave.

Sharma says where is mahek? She should be with her mom. Sajita asks sharma where is mahekk? Please call her. Sharma says okay calling. He says she will come back. Sharma wonders where is mahek. He says I have to go and find her. Shaurya says to suvetlana I will talk to those people. Mahek sees them together. THe shooter comes. Shaurya gives him money. Mahek is dazed. She cries. Suvetlana says thank you. They leave. Mehek 23 November 2019 Update – Zee World

Suvetlana says to Arush I told you I will make Mahek believe. He says if I married sweeti I would have killed her or myself. You saved me. she says don’t worry. these people will beg for their deaths. We have to enjoy this game. Mahek will destroy Shaurya. She gets a call. Its her spy. He says Shaurya didn’t come home. arush says does he doubt you?

Shaurya says to Sweeti please eat something. You will feel better. sharma comes outside and says I am here to find Mahek. Shaurya says where is she? Did you find her? Sharma says mahek I am here to take you. Sharma says tell me where is my mahek? You kidnapped her. Shaurya says I don’t know where she is. Sharma hits him and says you did all this. Mahek shouldn’t have trusted you.

Shaurya says are you mad? I don’t know where is she. Please tell me so I can help you. Killing me wont tell you where is she. I beg you tell me where is she. Shaurya sits in the car and goes to look for mahek. Suvetlana comes to her room. Mahek coems there. suvetlana is scared. Mahek puts a knife on her and says come with me. Don’t say a word or I will cut you. We will go out from back gate. Mehek 23 November 2019 Update – Zee World

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