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Mehek 25 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 25 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 25 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Today’s episode starts with Mehek coming into her room and sees that it is decorated with roses, she reads Shaurya’s message that he will shower his love on her like these flowers – I have copied this line. She reads another line that when you will get tired, I will make you sleep peacefully- not original, its copied too.

Mehek turns and sees Shaurya there, he asks how did you like my surprise Mrs. Shaurya Khanna? they share eyelock and smile at each other, Mahek turns and hugs him tightly, Miley ho tum humko bare naseebon se plays, Mahek says you will spoil me and it will be a burden for you later, Shaurya says you get ready to be spoiled, they hear ring bell.

Shaurya opens the door, room service comes there, she provides them champagne and snacks, she leaves. Shaurya brings sweets and Mahek eat it, Mahek tries to make him eat but he denies, she says I know what you want, you wont get it, Shaurya pulls her closer and says not so easily, he caresses her hair, she blushes and looks down, Shaurya pulls her closer to kiss her but she kicks him, Shaurya says you are kicking your would be husband? you will get sinned.

Mehek 25 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mahek says I have work to do, tomorrow we have functions, Shaurya asks her to get ready nicely for Mehndi, she pushes him out of door and closes it, she hears door knock and says Shaurya you will get beaten, she opens door and sees Nehal ans Sonal standing there, grinning at her, they says really Shaurya? Mahek blushes.

Next morning, Sharma and Khanna family comes in wedding function. Balwant says hotel management has done arrangements so nicely. Mahek comes there all dressed up. Shaurya sees her in floral cream lehenga and is lost in her, he hints that she is looking superb. PD blesses Mahek. Mahek smiles at Shaurya.

Karona does Mahek’s aarti, all are smiling, Svetlana frowns. Mahek tries to touch Karona’s feet but Karona says you are our house’s luck so hug me, she hugs her and asks Nehal to take her for Mehndi. Mahek sits down to get mehndi applied on her hands.

Chita Kukkar song plays, all family members are busy dancing. Mahek is getting mehndi applied, Shaurya blows her a kiss and winks at her, she playfully glares at him. Vicky comes to Shaurya and says I have put scanners and security team on gates, Shaurya says I want best security team, Vicky says you focus on wedding, you and Mahek will get married safely and I will take care of security, don’t worry, Shaurya hugs him. Karona sits next to Mahek and says to Mahek that I pray you to get all the happiness in the world, she gets in tears and leaves, Mahek looks on.
Mansi says we will apply mehndi to Shaurya too. Nehal pulls Shaurya to Mansi.

Zee World: Mehek 25 June 2019 Update

Karona comes out of mehndi function and recalls Rajesh’s harsh words, how Mahek used Shaurya to get his property, how Shaurya denied him as father and got slapped. Mahek comes there, Karona wipes her tears. Mahek says I am happy to be your daughter in law then why you are tensed to become my mother in law? Karona says I am happy, Mahek says you are sad that Rajesh didn’t come?

Karona says I kept seeing Shaurya and his fights, arguments, I thought in his wedding, they might at least bear each other, I didn’t have any child but Shaurya came to me and I thought everything will be fine but nothing is fine. Karona says to Mahek that son’s wedding is the best moment for any parents, its biggest happiness for them but my this happiness is incomplete too without him. Mahek says I promise to bring Rajesh Papa in wedding, he will be there and he will bless me and accept me as his daughter in law too, Karona smiles at her.

Zee World Today: Mehek 25 June 2019 Update
Mansi makes Shaurya sit down for mehndi, Mansi says usually aunts do this ritual but you don’t have an aunt so I will do it, Shaurya smiles. Some lady comes there and says why you are snatching my right? Karona, Svetlana and Grandma are stunned and reluctant to see the aunt. Shaurya says my maternal aunt, he touches her feet and hugs her. She smiles and says nobody called me for my nephew’s wedding so I came.

Shaurya says to grandma that you said aunt is not in the city, Aunt says I am Dolly and my husband Pinto couldn’t come. Svetlana asks grandma why her cheap daughter is here? Grandma says she is a curse in my life, she can’t leave me alone. Shaurya says I am happy to see you here aunt, he leaves.

Dolly says to Mahek so you are Shaurya’s choice? I heard that you like to cook a lot but seeing you, I feel you like to eat a lot too, Mahek looks down as she taunts on her weight. Sharma family introduces themselves to Dolly. Dolly sees Shagun and says to Karona that bride’s family brought this Shagun? Kanta says yes we brought it. Dolly says don’t feel bad but your girl is lucky to get married in such a nice family and you don’t look bad yourself then why this Shagun is so light and empty?

Kanta feels bad and says Shaurya said to bring things which are needed only. Dolly says you are experienced, you should know what to bring, Kanta asks her to tell what is needed and we will bring it. Karona says Kanta you have done everything nicely, shagun is a gift and you have brought it perfectly, no need for anything, Dolly says we are getting related so lets hug, she hugs Kanta, Kanta is tensed. Mehek 25 June 2019 Update

All start dancing in Mehndi ceremony on Kala chashmaa sonf, PD wears black glasses and dances too. Shaurya comes there wearing black gladiators and dances with Mahek.

Grandma brings Dolly out of function, she says you came here behind me here too? Dolly says you are a clever cat, you trapped me in debt after playing in the casino, what game are you playing with Shaurya now? even witch doesnt hurt people of her own family but you are something else, grandma says just eat food and leave. Dolly says I have come here to stay for longtime and I have eyes set on you, she smirks and leaves.

Shaurya is dancing with Mahek in function. Reporters come out of the hotel, the reporter says most eligible bachelor Shaurya is getting married today in this five-star destination wedding hotel, let’s cover it.
Mahek is dancing with everyone, she whispers something to Sonal. Sonal brings Mohit to the corner and shows him, reporters, she loudly says that Shaurya’s father hasn’t come. Reporter hears it, and reports that Shaurya is getting married to a lower-middle-class girl, we have to see what his father has to say, he hasn’t come to attend it.

Mahek calls Rajesh, he asks what you have to say? Mahek says I miss you here, your presence is needed, Rajesh says Karona gets trapped by these words not me, Mahek says we would really like you here, we feel your absence, I would be so happy to see you here and Karona and Shaurya would be elated to see you, Rajesh ends call. Then looks at TV covering Shaurya’s wedding and reporting about him not coming to the wedding. Sonal comes to Mahek and says we have done your work.

Kanta brings shagun there, Svetlana sees her coming with it and deliberately puts foot in her way, Kanta trips and falls down, shagun falls down too, Shaurya says Chachi!! Grandma says this is bad omen for wedding. Mahek gets tensed seeing that, Shaurya says its just shagun, dont worry, Mahek runs away from there. Dolly taunts Kanta that what you did? you cursed their wedding with bad omen.

Mahek comes to her room and sadly sits there. Shaurya comes there and says it was just chura, dont be affected by it, Mahek says i feel I am seeing dream and it will break any moment, will we be together? will we get married? I cant believe it, today we are getting married but.. in my heart, i am scared, when Chura(wedding’s sacred bangles) broke today, i felt something bad is going to happen.

New Update: Mehek 25 June 2019

Shaurya pulls her closer and hugs her, Mahek holds him tightly and weeps. Shaurya says everything happens for good, let me show you something. Shaurya shows her Chura which Mahek gave to him when she left him, it was Chura of their first wedding. Shaurya says you left this with me, you know that Chura broke there because God wants you to wear this old Chura which you left with me, God has given me second chance, everything happens for good.

He makes her sit down and holds her hand, he lovingly kisses her hand, Shaurya makes her wear the first bangle of Chura, he says this is dedicated to Maa, second is dedicated to Papa, Miley ho tum humko plays, the third one dedicated to brother, next one dedicated to your parents, next dedicated to Kanta, Mahek gets emotional, she asks what about your name’s dedication? Shaurya makes her wear last bangle and says this is dedicated on my name, Mahek smiles at him with tears in her eyes. Mahek and Shaurya come out of her hotel room.

Mehek 22 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 25 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Shaurya pulls Mahek closer, Mahek says leave me, let’s go in function, Shaurya says let’s leave them here, lets run away and get married. Mahek says have you gone mad? if you wanted runaway wedding then why you arranged all this? Shaurya pulls her closer and says these rituals are time wasting, lets just run and I will get married to you fast. Mahek says you are mad, you have to think about everyone, and all are waiting for our wedding. Shaurya says this is applicable to your family, not to my family. They hear noise and sees Rajesh dressed for the wedding.

Reporters ask, how he feels? Rajesh says this is my only son’s wedding so I am going to celebrate it grandly. Mahek gets happy seeing him. Karona comes there too. Rajesh asks reporters to leave, I want to spend time with my family, they leave. Mahek thanks him, Rajesh says don’t think that I have come because of your phone call and my son’s and wife’s so-called love didn’t bring me here but my reputation is important, I have sacrificed for it, Mahek if your family members die by drowning in the swimming pool then no one will care but me not coming to this wedding is a news so I had to come, he leaves, Shaurya angrily glares at him. He tries to leave but Mahek holds his hand.

Mahek says to Karona that don’t feel bad, reason can be anything but he did come, my heart says that Rajesh can say anything but he wanted to come here too, he loves you both but doesn’t show it. Shaurya says he just loves his reputation, why did you call him? I am warning you, we are getting married but you should not interfere in some matters of my house, it would be better for you, for me and for our wedding, he glares at her angrily, Mahek gets tensed.

Everyone applies haldi(turmeric) to Mahek. Shaurya comes there frowning, Grandma asks him to smile, we apply yellow haldi but you are red from anger. she asks Karona to apply haldi on him. Shaurya says I don’t want all this, Karoana says you were happily celebrating all rituals till now what happened? Shaurya says you don’t know? should I tell infront of everyone? Mahek sees him in anger and messages him that I am sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you, please apply haldi. Dolly says he will get applied haldi by me. Rajesh says blo*dy fools. he says to Dolly that you are here too, she asks how is he? he says everything fine, go and enjoy.

Mehek 16 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Dolly comes to Shaurya and says this is ritual so let me do it, she puts haldi Tikka on his forehead, Shaurya says are you people done with your rituals? can I leave now? he angrily leaves. Mahek goes behind him.

Mahek comes to Shaurya and hugs him, Shaurya says go away, I am angry, Mahek says what will you do? will you push me away? will you slap me? push me I am standing here, Shaurya asys I am angry on you so please leave. Mahek says if you are miffed because of me so.. punish me, she looks at him with the flirting hint in her eyes.

Today: Mehek 25 June 2019 Update

Shaurya says stay away, this is nonsense, Mahek says if you do it then its romance and if I do it then its nonsense? punish me today. Mahek pulls Shaurya closer and caresses her cheek on his cheek and haldi from cheek getting smeared on his cheek, he asks what are you doing? Mahek says you denied from applying Haldi but this is the tradition of wedding and I have to fulfill it, if not there then here, she pulls closer again and caresses another cheek on his other cheek, applying haldi on his other cheek too, she softly kisses his cheek,

Shaurya melts down and puts hand on her waist pulling her closer, he intensely gazes at her, Mahek puts hands around his neck, Tu Thori dair or ther ja plays, Shaurya smiles at her and pulls her closer to kiss her but she moves away, he kisses her cheek lightly. Mahek says I am sorry, I didn’t call Rajesh here to hurt you, don’t be angry, think about Karona maa once, its her son’s wedding and her husband should be welcoming everyone but he didn’t want to even come, how much she would tackle all this?how will she answer guests? they will taunt her, I know you have strained relation with your father but keep house’s problems in house only, dont let outsiders see it, am I wrong? Shaurya says lets finish this, all your guests have come right? or is there any other surprise guest coming too?

Mehek 25 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Some rich person enters hotel where Shaurya is getting married to police. He comes in function and says I am inspector Munjal, Vicky meets him and says it’s my brother Shaurya Khanna’s wedding and we want security here, Munjal says I have heard this name before? Vicky says he is a famous hotelier. Mohit brings Mahek’s parents photo there, Munjal sees it and is shocked.

He recalls how he inspected accident and death of that couple, he recalls how he met Shaurya when he was charged for hitting and killing them with his car, he looks at Shaurya and says to Vicky where is Rajesh? Munjal recalls how he met Rajesh after Shaurya killed Mahek’s parents and asked him to give 50lacs to end that case without any investigation and freed Shaurya and to save Rajesh’s reputation, Rajesh told him to bury this case, save his respect and he gave him money for that. Mehek 25 June 2019 Update

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