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Mehek 26 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 26 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts when Mahek tells Nehal and Kanta about abba. Kanta says they are very dangerous. You have to be careful. Mahek says I am scared too but they have Shaurua and Neev. I can’t sit here. Kanta says stay strong. We are both with you. Arman brings Nahida to white chilies and says she will work here until Mahek is not well. Mahek cooks food there. Arman says to chefs go and do your work.

Ravi and Jeevan wonder what is happening. Kanta comes to them. She says there are customers on the truck. Please bring stuff. Ravi says Shaurya brought this new girl here. Kanta says it’s his restaurant. Minister’s daughter comes and says I feel really bad for Mahek. Shaurya says we have Nahida here. She tries her food and says the contract is safe.

Nahida is a great cook. Arman goes somewhere. Kanta follows him. kanta calls Mahek and says I am following Arman. He is probably going to Neev. Kanta follows Arman in the market. She loses him in people. She calls Mahek and tells her.

Mehek 26 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mahek serves everyone food. Arman and his men enjoy Mahek’s cooked food while Shaurya eats and old bread. He is in tears. At night Mahek comes to Shaurya. She gives him food. He says please go someone might see you. He wipes her tears. Mahek says please come out. I am so alone without you. She holds his hand and makes him eat.

Shauyra says any news of Neev? She says no. They both eat together. Abba is coming downstairs. Mahek sees him coming and pretends to throttle Shaurya. She says I hate you people. Abba says. what happened? She says he was calling me by names so I throttled him. Abba sees a piece of bread near him.

Next morning abba and Arman explain the plan to Nahida. Kanta calls her. Arman says focus here not on phone. Abba comes to hospital pretending to be a doctor. Mahek cooks. She says why was Chachi calling?

Shaurya attacks and beats Armaan, one goon passes the knife to Armaan, Armaan tries to attack Shaurya but Shaurya holds his hand. Mahek is tensed. Shaurya takes a knife from him and attacks his foot with it. Goons catch Shaurya and start beating him. Mahek is tensed to see it. She is about to go to him but Shaurya says enough.

One goon takes Armaan to hospital. Mahek sadly looks at Shaurya. She says I will go and get white chilies to work done, she starts leaving while goons are beating Shaurya. Mahek tries to leave but can’t, she has tears seeing Shaurya beaten, she leaves from there in haste. Mehek 26 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kanta runs behind doctor/Abbajaan and says you are like God to us, Mahek’s life is in your hands, please save her, she sits in his feet and says we are old people and you are our only hope, please save her. Kanta thinks God help me to stop him.

Mahek is in rickshaw and waiting to reach on time. Shaurya has locked in the cage again, he thinks I hope my drama helped Mahek, I pray to God to keep her safe from all harms.

Kanta says to doctor/abbajan that please save my Mahek. The doctor says let me see patient then I will tell you what we can do. Kanta says no you are like God so you have to save Mahek, if you dont promise me that you will save Mahek then I wont let you go, I will stop you here.

Jeevan thinks why Kanta is doing so much drama? Jeevan says he is doctor, he will try his best. Kanta thinks that doctor cant go inside room as Mahek is not inside and if he gets to know it then we will be in trouble. Mahek’s rickshaw gets stuck in traffic, Mahek asks driver to take shortcut but he says we are stuck in traffic jam.

Doctor says to Kanta that let us go and see Mahek, he turns to leave. Ravi says where are you going doctor? Mahek’s room is in opposite side, from which department are you? Doctor gets tensed and says are you doubting my capabilities? Kanta thinks that please dont anger him, he can bring out some weapons.

Armaan comes to Shaurya and says I wouldn’t have spared you if we didn’t need you but your family will pay for your deeds, I will give them pain.

The fake doctor says to Ravi that if you have doubt on me then you can go to administration and ask about me, I am a doctor here. Jeevan asks him to stop it, he asks the doctor to go and check Mahek. Kanta thinks Mahek is not there, God what will happen. Goons see Armaan’s mask destroyed, he calls his manager and asks him to send another mask for Armaan.

Jeevan brings Doctor to Mahek’s wardroom, he asks the doctor to please save Mahek. Kanta comes inside and sees Mahek lying on bed, she sees makeup mark on her neck and thinks I have to remove it, doctor can’t see it, she hugs Mahek and acts like she is crying, she rubs her neck, she sees canola not connected to Mahek’s hand and thinks how much act I have to do, she cries and says Mahek please come back, we need you, she silently puts canola in.

She thinks till when I have to this drama. The nurse checks Mahek’s pulse and says its low. Doctor says you all listened, I am leaving, doctor leave with Jeevan and Ravi. Kanta says Mahek took pulse lowing injection, I have to remove her from here, she asks Mahek to wake up. Armaan says to his goons that you all will take part in cooking competition to work on bomb. Mahek comes there disguised and says bhai how is your foot? Goon brings another mask for him and says we have created new one, we have brought mask from inder press.

Mahek thinks Kanta followed him to inder press too, means Armaan went to meet Babu Rau only. Shaurya nods at her. Armaan takes mask from man, man says payment for last two masks is remaining, kindly give me that. Armaan pushes him away and says your wife made us get defeated and you have guts to take payment? man says I will take it later, he leaves. Mahek thinks his wife? are they talking about Nalini?

At night, Mahek sits by Shaurya’s cage and sadly touches his wounds, Mahek says I know Neev is there, I have to save Neev, dont know how he is, she cries. Shaurya holds her hand and says we have keep mind cool for this, you will not go alone there, I have a plan. Mahek asks which?

Man who makes mask for Armaan is looking after Neev in house. He says I used to make masks and now I have to look after kids too. He hears siren and sees police coming there, he injects Neev with injections and hides behind a wall, he closes wall with plank. He burns his papers. Police breaks door and catches him, he says what I have done? One officer says I heard noise from behind wall, other officer says it must be rats.

Mehek 26 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series… Mehek 26 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Armaan and others open TV, reporter reports that Nalini’s husband who was involved with terrorists and used to make masks is caught by police, he is important element to catch others. Armaan gets angry hearing it and breaks glass. Mahek says I will clean it. Abbajan says to Armaan that dont be angry, we have to kill babu rau, he is danger to us, you know what to do.

Reporter says it is said that Babu lal was involved with terrorists, and police got lead for him. Mahek thinks if Babu rau had Neev then where is Neev now? abbajan says Babu was with that kid, Armaan says Babu rau knew where to hide Neev in trouble so he must be there, I will go there. Abbajan and Armaan leaves. Mahek thinks where is my Neev and what they will do with him?

Armaan comes to police station wearing Shaurya’s mask, he says to inspector this is good that we have got Babu Rau. Abajian comes there as a tea seller, he gives tea to the inspector and goes near Babu Rau’s cell, he whispers what did you tell them? Babu Rau says I didn’t tell them anything, there is someone who is leaking your information.

At Armaan’s den, goon brings a list of numbers that called last few days. Abajian(Armaan’s father) says there is someone between us who is leaking information from here. Mahek gets tensed. Abajian says I have number of that person, he brings out list where one number is marked, he says this is number of people who is betraying us, I will call on it and phone of betrayer will ring, I know who is it but I will give proof to everyone, he glares at Mahek and dials number. More Update… Mehek 26 September 2019 Update

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