Mehek 27 October 2019 Update On Zee World

Mehek 27 October 2019 Update On Zee World

Mehek 27 October 2019 Update On Zee World: Mahek gets ready for college. Her mother says do Arti first. Coach says lets go Mahek. Sarti makes mahek eat yogurt and gives her lunch box. She says all the best and keeps your cool, I will be worried until you come home. Mahek is on her way. Coach says this isn’t the village. Be careful here. Mahek enters the college. Coach says good luck. Mahek fills the form. The girl behind her says please hurry up. Mahek fills it and leaves. The girl says she is stinking like come from some stable. They laugh at her. Coach says to Mehek lets go in.

Shaurya and his friends are seniors in the college. They rag the new coming junior. Karan asks one to dance. They laugh at juniors. Karan asks a guy to propose a girl. She slaps him. They pour water on him. Mahek comes towards the cafe. Shaurya feels something.

Shauyra says why do I feel nostalgic? The teacher asks Mahek to sing the form. Mahek says I am on sports

quota. The girl comes and says move aside. Mahek shoves her. The teacher says do you have any manners? This is a top college. Mahek says I am behaving. I speak Hindi I am desi but that doesn’t mean you can insult. The teacher says get out. The other teacher says madam calm down she is a new student. Mahek says thank you. That guy is Shaurya’s friend. He calls Shaurya and says Mahek Maan has taken admission here. He says let me show you the college.

Mehek 27 October 2019 Update On Zee World

People see boxers. The coach comes there. A student says no one fights like Shaurya.

Mahek comes to cantenn. Rohit leaves. Shaurya and his friends come in. He says Karan Rohit she is the one who trashed our car? Her ragging will just start now. Lets start with dance, see what happens next. Mahek tries to go. Karan stops her. They all surround her. Mahek throws her bag. Karan says as if she is going to hit us. Mahek says last warning get out of here. Shauyra says otherwise what? Mahek knocks Karan down. Shaurya is dazed.

The canteen owner comes and says stop doing this in my canteen go from here. Mahek is about punch Shaurya but he stops her. Karan throws water on her and she falls on Shaurya.

Mahek shoves him. The principal comes and says what is happening here? Do you have no manners? Mahek says this shaurya and his friends tried to bully me. Shaurya says she is lying. You know I never bully anyone. Mahek says madam he lied to me. Shaurya says madam we didn’t even know she was here. Pouring water on her was self-defense. Karan says she broke our car yesterday. She is jealous of us. Mahek says why would I be. SHe says madam I will tell you everything. They bully people.

They didn’t pay the shop owner and injured my mom. that’s why I broke their jeep. Principal says they never did anything wrong. And you are trying to prove them as criminals? Sharma says forgive her madam. SHe says handle your trainee. SHe came to sports quota but this kind of behavior can never be tolerated. You miss Mahek Singh man this is the last warning. You will be out of this college if this happens again.

Shaurya recalls meeting her in childhood. The name reminds him of the championship. Karan says thanks madam for being fair. They leave. Mahek leaves as well. Karan says lets go Shaurya. Mehek 27 October 2019 Update On Zee World

Coach says you could have been suspended. She says was it my mistake? He says do you have to keep your cool or will you want to win the national championship. World doesn’t go as we like. When you learn to take over your anger only then you can become a champion.

Mahek does boxing practice in anger. She recalls what everyone said. Shaurya comes and says Mahek.. He gives her ice and says use this. She shoves him and throttles him. He says I just came to tell you we know each other. She says you think I am scared? I am a fighter. He says I can understand your anger. Mahek says stay away from me.

You are scared and jealous of me that I will become the sports person of the year. I am here to stop your hatrick. You are a cheater and scared little boy. He says I came here because I thought we made a mistake. So I came to apologuze but you only know how to fight. she claps and says yes you have made a mistake and I only know how to fight. I started my fight with fighting for life. I am not a cute girl from your city. I am here to be the champ and stay away from me. Because I am here to make my mom proud and for that I will break the teeth.

mahek comes home and sarti gives her parsad. She says I prayed for you and your sister. did you have a fight again? Swati says the first day? Mahek says I am not in fun mood. I am the problem.

Shaurya is worried. Karan says what happened? Shaurya says I went to talk to him politely but.. his friend says but she shoved you? This video is being viral. Shaurya says she thinks I am scared of her and want to get her suspended. We have to tell her I am the hero of this office. I will tell you all the plan.

Mahek wakes up hungry. She comes to kitchen to eat. Her sister comes and makes her eat. She caresses her face. She sings lullaby. Mahek says when did I hear this before? Mehek 27 October 2019 Update On Zee World

Mahek comes to college next morning. Girls tease her. Coach says Mahek you have to be calm and focus on your goal. A guy comes and says can I have a selfie with you? She sees her poster in the ground where she fell on Shaurya. Mahek is shocked. There are cheesy lines written on their photo.

Sarti asks a man is there a temple nearby? a man says there is a kalimata temple very close. She goes there. She sees a woman coughing there. She says I will come and check her once I come back from the temple.

Mahek comes to Shaurya and says what is happening? He smirks.

At the temple, the woman coughs. Its Kanta. Sarti gives her parsad. She says I wont take it. Sarti says are you okay? do you want anything? She doesn’t take parsad. Pnadit ji says she doesn’t eat parsad or temple water. Kanta says they will come. Both of them. They will find me.

All people laugh at Mahek. She tears apart the shoulders. She says to Sharma he has crossed all his limits. I have to break his bones. He says stop. She says I wont tolerate this. he says you have to calm donw and think. If you fight them today you will not be able to be here. I wont be able to train you.

Mahek says did you see what they did? Should I stay silent. he says I know what they are doing. But for me stay calm. Keep this anger for boxing ring and fight them there. But if you get suspended they will win anyway. For me you wont do anything but focus on your training. promise? She says okay.

Mehek 27 October 2019 Update On Zee World

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