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Mehek 28 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 28 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 28 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mahek and Shaureya come to the house. Shaureya is worried. Everyone is ready to welcome them. Karuna welcomes them. Shaureya looks at the picture and recalls the accident. Karuna and everyone gives Mahek their blessings. Shaureya sees her footsteps in the house. He is in shock. Shaureya goes to his room.

Suvetlana says don’t touch my feet. I am not that old. Mausi says yes don’t touch her feet. Her makeup might ruin. Mahek says where is Shaurya? Suvetlana says he went to his room.

Mahek touches Khana’s feet. He says, what is all this drama? You know the truth then why all this drama? I don’t have any blessings to give you. He leaves. Karuna says to Mahek you have to fix this house. Mahek says Shaurya seems worried. There is something that happened.

Mehek 28 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Please tell me what it is. Karuna says yes he is a little worried. There was an argument between Shaurya and his dad. There is nothing else. Mahek says he is fine right? Kaurna says yes.

Shaureya is washing his hands. He recalls that accident. He feels like there is blood on his hands. He keeps washing. Shaureya comes to the room. Vicky says you like the decorations, right? Mahek will love them too. Karuna comes in and says the room actually looks pretty. thank you, kids. They leave.

Karuna says to Shaurya please don’t be like this. your wife will get worried. SHe was asking me why are you so worried. She doubts there is something. Please listen to me. What happened in the past was not your mistake. Shaureya says I see the blood of her parents in my hands. I don’t know what to do.

Nehal asks Mahek to wear the night. She says have some shame. Vicky comes in. Mahek says is Shaurya worried? Nehal says he would be. It’s his wedding night. Karuna says to Mahek Shaurya is worried but do not ask him why. Today is your new beginning make it most beautiful.
Shaureya says in heart I have to tell her truth. I promised her I will never hide anything from her. Mahek comes in the room. She sings a song and dances.

Shaureya is dazed. He smiles. Mahek sits on the bed. he says I want to tell.. She says not today and gives him a glass of milk. Mahek says at least you should have done research for tonight. Don’t ask me what to do. Drink it. He drinks it. She says, you drank all of it? Half was mine. He says I want to tell you something. What is all this? She says I thought you would be excited like me. Mehek 28 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mausi takes Mahek with her. Shaureya says Mausi leave her. Mausi says we have to do some rituals. Shaureya says I don’t believe in all this. Mausi says the bride does the fast and goes to temple. Shaureya says I don’t believe in all this. Mahek says will I have to stay hungry all day? Shaureya says you won’t do any such thing. Mausi says okay.. You have no respect for elders.

Mahek says I will do what you say. Mahek has to sleep with Mausi. She snorts all night. Mahek says what kind of wedding night is it.

Svetlana plots to kill Shaurya and Mehek

Shaureya says unless I tell her truth I can’t even look into her eyes. I have to talk to her. He calls Mohit and says I need your help. Nehal takes Mahek out of her room. She says there is a date for you. She takes Mahek to Shaurya’s restaurant.

Nehal says wow you have arranged such a good party. Your restaurant looks like a club. The music plays. Suvetlana takes medicine and says will it work? She says yes. This will make him really furious.
Shaureya says I want to tell you something. Mahek says thank you for making that night so beautiful. She hugs him. He hugs her back. He is in tears. The song Khamoshiyan plays in the background.

Shaureya’s head hurts. She says let’s enjoy the party. Everyone is enjoying. He says please listen to me once. She says I will. But you gave me such a good surprise. If I ask for something else will you? He says yes I will give you anything. She says promise me you will never leave my side. No matter what happens. We will never hide things from each other. We will always forgive each other. If we fight we will always patch up. you would be romantic. But look at you. You don’t know anything. She hugs him.

Mahek says to Shaurya that promise me you will never leave my side. No matter what happens. We will never hide things from each other. We will always forgive each other. If we fight we will always patch up. Mahek offers her hand to Shaurya, he takes it emotionally and says I promise you, Mahek hugs him, Tai hai plays, as Shaurya holds her tightly in his arms. Mehek 28 June 2019 Update

Svetlana comes in party and sees Mahek and Shaurya hugging, she hides under sofa. Shaurya is hugging Mahek but recalls flashback of crushing Mahek’s parents under his car, he pushes her and shivers, Mahek asks what happened? are you fine? tell me, Shaurya looks at her tensely.

Vicky shows CCTV footage to Nehal and says this Shaurya’s wedding footage that I got from hotel, let’s see it, Nehal says I don’t want to watch right now, I want to enjoy the party, Vicky says Okay I will play it and leave. Vicky plays CCTV footage and leaves.
Mahek asks Shaurya what happened? Sonal and Mohit pull them to bar and ask them to have shots. Mahek says no I can’t handle.

Svetlana hides under the table and mixes chemical in a shot glass to spike it. Mohit asks Shaurya to take one shot, he says I am not in the mood, Mahek nods at him to drink, he drinks one glass which Svetlana spiked and feel dizzy. Shaurya looks at Mahek and says I want to talk to you, I.. his head spins. CCTV footage is playing on TV and the scene where Munjal told truth to Shaurya is playing there but nobody is watching TV.

Shaurya says to Mahek that I love you but I hid something from you. Mohit comes there and says let’s have fun, Shaurya says let me talk, Mohit says no have to dance, Shaurya angrily slaps him and shouts on Mohit that what is this childishness, I am telling that I want to talk but why you keep forcing me to dance.. Mahek comes to Shaurya and yells if he has gone mad? what was that? all the guests leave. Svetlana smirks.

Shaurya says to Mohit that brother forgives me, I couldn’t stop my hands, I am sorry, Mahek says enough, you are not in senses, leave from there, Vicky takes him away, Shaurya looks down. Vicky takes him away. Mohit’s lip is bleeding. Sonal says to Mahek that we take Shaurya as our own and what he did? he slapped, Mohit in front of everyone?

Mahek says I will talk to Shaurya, Mohit are you fine? Sonal says his lip is bleeding, what was Mohit’s fault? he just asked Shaurya for dance, Shaurya gets so angry on small things Mohit says I still handsome Sonal, don’t worry. Mahek says Shaurya made mistake, I am sorry, Sonal says no if Shaurya murders someone in anger tomorrow then what would you say? Shaurya raised hand on my husband and I won’t forgive him for that, she takes Mohit away from there.

Zee World: Mehek 28 June 2019 Update

Nehal says to Mahek that I will talk to Sonal. Staff members come and give wedding CCTV footage to Mahek, she takes it and leaves.

Shaurya says to Vicky that I don’t know why I lose control. Shaurya sees Sonal and Mohit leaving. Shaurya says to Sonal and Mohit that forgive me, don’t leave like this, don’t be angry with me, I am sorry. Sonal hires a rickshaw and leaves with Mohit. Shaurya sees Mahek coming out of hotel angrily, he tries to hold her hand but she jerks him away. Shaurya says I just wanted to talk to you, I got guts but Mohit came in between, Mahek says so you slapped him? Shaurya says I am sorry, Vicky says sometimes we drink out of control so things happen.

Mahek says people start slapping their family members if they get drunk? Shaurya says just give me one chance to talk to you, Mahek says what was so important that you slapped my brother for it, tell me what you wanted to say, my attention is on you, Shaurya says I wanted to tell that… Shaurya sways and faints. Vicky holds him, Mahek tries to support him and the bag falls from her hands, she says he can’t even stand properly, he is so drunk, Vicky takes him home. Mahek takes her bag, CCTV footage falls from the bag. She looks at Shaurya angrily. She takes CCTV footage and leaves.

Vicky brings Shaurya to his room and makes him lie on the bed. He leaves. Mahek brings milk for him and says take off your hangover and anger both, Shaurya says listen to me, please… Mahek doesn’t look at him and leaves. Shaurya thinks that I try to solve things but more and more wrong things happen.

Mahek is lying on the bed in another room with Dolly. She messages Mohit that I am sorry on Shaurya’s behalf. Mohit messages her that don’t worry, I am fine, take care of Shaurya, Mahek messages him thanks. Mahek looks on in tears. Mahek opens her bag and finds CCTV footage, she says what is inside it? She opens the laptop and plays DVD of her wedding.

Mahek sees Shaurya calling her, she takes it and says I don’t want to talk to you right now, she ends call, shuts off laptop and goes to lie on the bed. Shaurya is restless without her while Mahek is silently weeping in her room, they recall their happy moments together, Kyun Hota Ehsas khona ka plays.

In morning, Shaurya comes out of Mahek’s room but Dolly comes out. Dolly doesnt see him and says servant is useless, didnt even put water in room, she leaves. Shaurya enters room. Mahek is wiping her wet hair, Shaurya comes there, Mahek says I dont want to talk to you, Shaurya says please listen, Mahek turns to leave but Shaurya catches Dori of her blouse, he pulls her and hugs her from behind, Mahek says leave me..

Shaurya says Mahek, Mohit is like my brother, please let me explain, Mahek tries to wriggle away from him, she turns to leave but her dupatta gets stuck in Shaurya’s shoes, she stumbles and falls on Shaurya, Shaurya tries to catch her but they both end up falling on bed with Mahek on top of Shaurya, miley ho tum humko plays, Shaurya tucks Mahek’s hair behind her ear softly, Mahek tries to get up but gets lost in Shaurya’s eyes, Shaurya says you have fallen 11 times on me, Mahek tries to leave but Shaurya says I love you, I want to make everything right but I get pressuized and does something wrong, please forgive me.

Mehek 28 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mahek gets up from him and says someday don’t do something so wrong that I wont be able to even forgive you, Shaurya recalls her parents’ accident and leaves her hand. Mahek says if you want to apologize then say sorry to Mohit whom you slapped in front of all and Sonal whose husband you insulted in front of your hotel staff. Shaurya feels guilty.

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