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Mehek 28 May 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 28 May 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 28 May 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Today’s episode starts with Sheetal pouring kerosene on herself, Sonal says maa. Mahek says what are you doing? Sheetal says dont come near me, i will burn myself.

Sonal says why are you doing this? Mahek says i beg you to stop it. Sheetal says stop there, she asks Sonal to decide if she wants her mother’s life or Mahek’s support? Nehal says what has happened to you aunty?

Today’s Mehek 28 May 2019 Update

Mohit says we are requesting you, we are just helping me Sonal. Mahek says dont do this, i am just with Sonal.

Sheetal lights matchstick and asks Sonal if she chooses Mahek or her mother? Mahek or Mother? Sonal looks at Mahek helplessly, she leaves Mahek’s hand and starts going towards Sheetal, she comes and stands beside Ajay.

Ajay says aww, Mahek you couldnt do anything, my brother Rohit will marry Sonal two days later, do come, it will be fun, Mohit tries to attack him but Mahek stops him. Sheetal takes Sonal in house. Mahek, Nehal and Mohit leaves sadly from there.

Mehek 28 May 2019 Update

In hotel, people are coming to eat. One guest says that finally public is coming in restaurant, i hope people like it, Shaurya says ofcourse.

Shaurya’s family comes there too. Sanjay congrats Shaurya, Shaurya thanks him. Media person says to Sanjay that Shaurya has taken your father’s legacy ahead.

  • Zee World Update: Mehek 28 May 2019

Sanjay says he has left even his father behind, right Shaurya? Shaurya says yes i wanted to make night good for Sanjay as he has come out of jail recently, he deserves one treat, Sanjay says i hope we enjoy dinner.

Mahek comes home and says to Kanta that Sheetal has gone mad, she cant see that Sonal call be happy with Rohit. Kanta says we did everything we could, we cant do anything now.

Mohit says just call police and they will take care of Ajay and Rohit. Jeevan slaps Mohit and says its not easy to deal with police, when police will ask what is Sonal to us then what will you say? just shut up, she leaves. Kanta looks at Mahek and leaves too.

Sanjay asks Karona are you waiting for someone? Karona says no, Sanjay asks where your daughter in law? its big day for Shaurya and she is not here, Karona says she will come.

Karona waits for Mahek. Shaurya’s family start eating dinner, they dont like it. Shaurya comes to investors and says you must like food.

Svetlana makes disgusted face eating food. Sanjay says its good food. Karona gets Mahek’s call, Mahek says i was busy, what you wanted to say? Karona says today is Shaurya’s hotel’s launch, i wanted to inform you, Mahek says i totally forgot about it, i will come there, Karona says dont worry, i am here.

Mahek ends call and says it was important day for Shaurya, i should have been with him.

Sonal is sitting in room and recalls sheetal’s words, how she emotionally blackmailed her. Mohit jumps on her window and knocks, she says Mohit? she opens window and says anyone can see.

Mohit gives her phone and says Mahek has sent it, atleast we will be in touch now, you didnt eat anything right? Sonal says no. Mohit says i brought your favorite bread pakora, remember you used to steal my pakoras in childhood, i have brought it for your now, he makes her eat with his hands, Mohit says don’t worry everything will be fine, dont lose hope.

Sonal is in tears, Mohit says eat or else i will eat all. Sonal breakdowns and hus Mohit, she says everything is finished, Mohit hugs her back and says nothing is finished, dont worry, i am with you, Mohit looks on.

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