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Mehek 28 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Mehek 28 October 2019 Update – Zee World – Karan says what a game. Shaurya says now she will realize it’s not so easy to win here. Mahek tries to ask people about her class but they tell her the wrong place. She goes to class. Everyone hoots. Her post is on the wall. she tears it down. Mahek sits down.

The teacher comes in. All the people make fun of Mahek. The teacher says open Charles dickens chapter. Mahek is dazed. She says this had to be Hindi class.

The teacher says Shaurya has volunteered to be my assistant. Mahek opens the book but she can’t read it. Mahek says who is Charles dickens? I never met him. The teacher says do you think it a joke? Mahek says I just came here. I don’t know who he is. everyone laughs. She says this is an English class and you don’t know who he is. Mahek says I thought this was hindi class. I was looking for a Hindi class. The teacher says if you can’t speak English at least ask the right classroom. Idiot, you wasted so much of my time.

Mahek comes to the boxing ring and hits it in anger. Coach comes. Shaurya comes and says we will see how good of a boxer she is. Coach says we will see that at the right time. Go from here. They say we have to see her punches. Karan goes in, Mahe hits him and beats him down. Mahek says I can hit as many faces I want. Shaurya leaves.

Shaurya says that girl is crazy. They all say we have to do something against her. They make their next plan. Shaurya stays connected with his friends. THey lock her in the room. Mahek screams is there someone. Please open the door. Someone opens the door. Mahek tries to go out but the door opens and closes itself. She sees a shadow and screams.

Mehek 28 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Lights spark. Mahek says who is it. They make scary noises. Mahek is scared. They all make fun of her. Mahek says someone help me, please. She sees skeleton dancing and faints. They pick her up and takes her to a room. Shauyra comes there. He says what is she doing here.

Mahek recalls Shaurya and her death in last birth.. she wakes up with a start and murmurs Shaurya… Shaurya is sitting in his room and says why I felt like someone called out to me?

Mahek is trying to get up from storeroom, she is dizzy and tries to knock on the door, she asks someone to open the door. thug Rohit says to his friends to not tell anything to Shaurya.

Rohit comes to Shaurya, Shaurya says we have movie scene. Rohit thinks this is perfect, we were watching a movie so we dont know what happened in college.

Mahek’s family is finding Mahek in college. Sarti finds Mahek’s things in boxing ring. Mahek is fainting in store room. Sarti says something wrong happened with Mahek. Swati says dont worry.

Shaurya is leaving college, he says I lost my phone, I will bring it, you all go and book tickets, he goes back in college. Shaurya is going back in college. Mahek is murmuring Shaurya’s name. Shaurya feels someone calling and says what is happening? Mehek 28 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Shaurya looks around in classes. Shaurya comes to the cafeteria, he opens storeroom and Mahek falls out in his arms. Shaurya is worried and says she is not conscious. Aadat si plays. Shaurya recalls how Rohit was missing, he says Rohit did it. Mehek 28 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Sarti requests the principal to find Mahek. Principal scolds security and asks them to find Mahek. The principal says she must be on campus. Security says she was not on campus, we should check boys hostel.

Shaurya brings Mahek to his hostel room, Mahek asks for water, Shaurya makes her drink water. Mahek is still unconscious. Shaurya’s upper gets stuck in Mahek’s sleeves. He jerks it away. Mahek wakes up and sees him, she is dizzy. Shaurya holds her and says Mahek? She sees him and pushes him away, she says you did all this? I won’t spare you, he says I didn’t do anything.

Shaurya says I saved your life. Mahek throws him on the bed and strangles him, she thinks he was trying to take advantage of me. The principal comes there with Sarti. Principal says mahek what are you doing here? Mahek says I was brought here by Shaurya, I was unconscious, Shaurya says I found her in the cafeteria storeroom.

Mahek and Shaurya are in the principal office. Principal says you want to degrade Shaurya because he is your competition? Mahek says nothing like that, I don’t know how I reached there, I fainted in the gym, Principal says stop lying, I am rusticating your ward for misconduct. Mahek cries and asks her coach to do something, this is wrong, I didnt do anything, coach asks Swati to take Mahek away.

Rohit and friends are waiting for Shaurya. He asks his friends to leave but Shaurya comes there. Rohit smirks at him and says we are getting late. Shaurya slaps him hard. Rohit says have you gone mad?

Coach comes to Mahek and says principal is calling. Mahek rushes to her, principal says this is respected college, you cant do drama here, you people can leave, take your belongings. Mahek cries.
Mahek says to Swati I lost everything, Swati says you are a champion.

Shaurya says to Rohit that because of you, Mahek is getting rusticated, Rohit says she is our rival, Shaurya says she is our competitor but you locked her in store room? what if she died? I will tell everything to principal.

Shaurya rushes to principal’s office but she is gone. Mehek 28 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Mahek is sadly sitting in her house. Swati asks her to not lose hope. Mahek says to coach that you saw me practising, I am not lying, Shaurya did all this deliberately to destroy my career, I wont spare him ever in life.

In morning, Shaurya comes to principal and tells her the truth, he says you can check CCTV footage too, she says okay. Coach comes to principal with Swati, principal asks him to sit down and listen. Shaurya leaves.

Mahek is packing her bags. Coach and Swati comes there. Swati says principal took rustication back, Mahek says how did this happen? Coach says I made her explain everything and she listened to me, Mahek thanks him and leaves. Swati asks coach why he didnt tell that Shaurya saved her? Coach says they should remain enemies to fighting in ring.

Principal scolds Rohit and his friends, she says I am giving three days suspension because your father is a board member, get out. Rohit says to his friends that this is happening because of Mahek, I wont spare her and only one person can help me.

Shaurya thinks I will tell everything to Mahek today. Shaurya’s father comes there. Shaurya hugs him. Mahek sees them. She recalls how in childhood, Mahek made him lost in the boxing ring but her father said she is a girl and winner was Shaurya. Mahek thinks he is Shaurya’s father? he is that cheater Shaurya. Shaurya glances at her.

Mehek 28 October 2019 Update – Zee World

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