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Mehek 30 May 2019 Update – This Is Zee World

Mehek 30 May 2019 Update - This Is Zee World

Mehek 30 May 2019 Update – This Is Zee World Series

Today’s episode begins with Sanjay meeting with Pammi, Pammi says we have done arrangement so fast. Sanjay says i feel we will see Sonal’s wedding and Shaurya’s destruction together.

Sanjay sees farmhouse getting decorated for wedding. Sanjay offers whiskey to Pammi. Mohit stealthily jumps inside farmhouse, he sees Sanjay going out of farm, he hides behind tree.

Zee World Series: Mehek 30 May 2019 Update

Sanjay sees movement of tree, he says is there animal behind it? he is about to check tree but Pammi comes there and says you didnt go till now? Sanjay says i am leaving, take care of Sonal and yourself, he leaves from there. Mohit looks on.

Investor says to Shaurya that you must have read reviews of restaurant, you have to change things otherwise your restaurant will become dhabba.

Shaurya says people are not literate much, they dont read reviews much, media writes bad things about me always but i have been best hotelier for four years. Indian investor says foreign investors are trusting you, they have 51%shares so dont make them regret, your food was good, it had everything but it didnt have soul, aroma and taste, if you cant give taste then give some other reason to attract people to your restaurant, make them come to your restaurant, Shaurya recalls Karona’s words that Mahek’s magical touch is missing in his recipes.

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Sonal breaks vase in her room, she holds glass piece and is about to cut her wrist but Mohit climbs her room and stops her, he throws glass piece away and says have you gone mad? others are doing wrong and you are doing suicide? mad girl. Sonal sees Mohit’s hand bleeding due to glass piece he took from her hand, she holds his hand and asks what are you doing?

Mohit says i came to check on you but seems like God sent me to stop you from doing madness. Sonal hugs him tightly and cries, Mohit hugs her and says handle yourself, Sonal says what can i do? i cant marry Rohit.

Mohit says me and Mahek wont let you get married forcefully, Sonal says then my mother will do suicide. Mohit says nothing will happen, do you trust me? Sonal says why you are doing this? Mohit says we have been together since childhood, we did everything together, we were partners in ever deed, and now i cant leave you alone in this trouble, if you dont mind then i want to do something, will you let me do it?

Sonal looks at him surprised.
Mohit comes home. Jeevan slaps Mohit hard and says have you gone mad? you are trying to be hero which you are not.

PD says Jeevan have you gone crazy that you are raising hand on your son? Jeevan says so what else i can do? he is acting like hero, he promised Sonal that he will marry her? he gave her proposal himself? Mohit says what else can i do? we have played since childhood, what you want me to do?

To let her burn in hell? what i am doing is friendship, i am doing everything right, i have talked to Sonal, Mohit says to Mahek that Sonal is ready to marry me. Balwant says you dont earn anything, how will you run house? how will you bring food for her? will you ask your father then too? Mohit says i will do hardwork, i will do jobs on wage, i will become rickshaw driver but you all listen to me, i will marry Sonal only, all look on tensed. More Update Coming Later…

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