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Mehek 30 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 30 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts when Arman says to Shaurya your mistake can get you in trouble. Your family can be killed.
Mahek wears the necklace. She is worried. Abba asks her to stand in the queue. Abba says you have to send your wife and my men inside. Mahek goes in from the other door. Shauyra is worried.

Inspector stops her and says go from security walk through the gate. Mahek pretends to like her foot has sprained. Shaurya comes and says Mahek what are you doing here. We have to go and work. We have work. Ask your head. Minister comes and says why have you stopped them.

Shaurya says we are in the queue while the food inside is ruining. He says let them go in. Mahek and Shaurya go inside. Mahek takes off the garland and gives it to the men. Mahek asks Shaurya what to do.

Mehek 30 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Dolly comes to Kanta’s house. She says is someone inside. Kanta says they are here to meet me. I will ask them to leave. Kanta comes out. Dolly says where were you? She says I was asleep. Papa Ji is not well. They all took him to hospital. Dolly says come with us. She says no, no don’t worry. I will go alone. Dolly wonders why didn’t she take us?

At night Mahek serves everyone dinner. Dolly says how is your dadda ji? Karuna says why didn’t you tell us? Everyone was worried. Mahek says I forgot. Police comes in. Abba and arman hide. Inspector says babu lal ran. We can’t be so easy on security.

Shaurya says don’t worry we have our own security. Mahek and Shaurya leave. Bua says to Dolly thank you. I had so much fun here. Karuna says we couldn’t do anything for you. All the kids are busy. She says no I met them and that’s enough. Couldn’t go to Mahek’s house but will visit them next time for sure. She hugs dolly and Karuna and leaves. Karuna gives her a gift. Bua says thank you, you people are so nice. I don’t wanna go but have to. Come to the wedding, please. Karuna says sure.

Shaurya says to Mahek he isn’t ready yet. I spoke to him but if he doesn’t listen to them… Mahek says everything will be fine. I can’t be otherwise. We can’t let them harm our families. We have to be strong. Shaurya hugs her and says everything will be fine.

Mahek gets ready for the wedding. she is in tears. She recalls her moments with her family. Shaurya wipes her tears and says don’t cry. He hugs her. He makes her wear earrings.

Arman says to abba you are doing a great deed. your name will be written with golden words. He hugs him. The garland has a bomb and Arman’s men fix it at the wedding. Shaurya and Mahek pray for everyone. Mahek says please save everyone, God. Shaurya says God is with us don’t worry. Nehal says stay strong.

Karuna says eat something before going. Mahek says no we have to go. We are running out of time. Nehal says Vicky has arranged breakfast there don’t worry. Shaurya and Mahek leave.

Mehek 30 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

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