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Mehek 31 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 31 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts when Mahek comes to Kanta and tells her what she saw in her flashbacks. She says was there a fire incident in this house before? I have been seeing myself in a dress. But I never wear such dresses. Was I here before? Kanta shows her a dress and says is it the same dress? Mahek says yes. Kanta says your past is flashing back in your mind.

Mahek says no I don’t imagine all that. Kanta says then why are you here with solutions? This is God showing you the proper path. Mahek saays then how can I be Neev’s mom? I really feel motherhood for him. Kanta says you love everybody. Mahek says no I believe Neev is my son.

Mahek takes out an album. She says I noticed these pictures in Shaurya’s room and that’s the reason I saw the flashback. Kanta says there is no fire in these pictures then why did you see the fire? Mahek says I shouldn’t think about tall this. I shouldn’t have come here in first place. I have to go. Don’t tell anyone about this. You have to promise me. She leaves.

Mehek 31 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Shaurya calls Kanta and asks what did Mahek say? She says first tell me you won’t be disappointed. Shaurya says I won’t be. Kanta says she was cold and came here to take meds. Shaurya sees Mahek cooking. Her hand gets cut. He holds her hand and stops the blood. He says what are you doing. If you are missing Neev then go home but don’t do this stupidity. Shaurya says go home. We have to go abroad.

To meet a client. She says I can’t go anywhere with you. He says you are an employee and have to do what I ask. She says what do you mean I am not your slave. I will find another way out. I am going from here. She leaves.

Mahek says how will I get Mandhar out of jail. What should I do. Mahek listens a song and recalls dancing with Shaurya on it. She takes sleeping pills. Mahek comes home and says to Julie I have decided I won’t work in Shaurya’s restaurant anymore. I will find another way out. Julie is dazed.

Shaurya asks Vicky is everything ready? He say yes but will we go without Mahek? Shaurya says no Mahek will come with us. Mahek comes to Neev. He says you look worried. Let me massage your head. He massages her head. Mahek hugs him and sings him a lullaby. Julie is working in the house. She says why do I have to do all this. She says to Neev go from here I am cleaning the house. Neev goes and sits outside. Shaurya comes and gives him a chocolate.

He says I have to take your mom for a game. If she wins it she will be very happy. I know you will miss her. Keep this phone and you can video call us. Shaurya says where is your mom? Neev says she is asleep in her room. Shaurya comes to Mahek’s house and throws water on her. Julie says what are you doing. He says waking up the asleep. He locks Julie in a room. She says to open the door.

  • Mehek 31 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Shaurya picks Mahek up. She says leave me. Julie says someone open the door. Shaurya says I told you you have to come with me. Mahek says you can’t take me forcefully. Shaurya takes her to his car. She says you are a kidnap is happening. He locks her in the car and takes her with him. She says you misuse your power. She screams for help.

She coughs. Shaurya gives her water. She says I won’t take water from you. He makes her drink it. Julie comes on roads and says that Shaurya has kidnapped my daughter in law. He first got my son behind bars. He locked me in the room. He picked my daughter in law. She screamed for help. Inspector asks Neev where is your mom? He says she is gone to participate in a contest.

Mehek 31 August 2019 Update: Inspector says so she isn’t kidnapped? Neev says no not at all. Julie says what are you saying. He says ma will go there to Shuayra plays songs. Mahek says only in your car can such stupid songs play.

Julie comes to Mandhar and tells everything. He says listen to me what to do next.

She gives Mandhar phone. Mandhar calls Archie and tells her everything. He says she will recall everything. Get me out of that before that happens. Archie says give the phone to your mom. Shaurya comes to the contest place. Shaurya says get out of the car. Mahek doesn’t get out. He says I can pick you and take you out. Julie cones there. She says save me. Shaurya brought my daughter in law here forcefully. The organizers ask Shaurya is that true? Mahek says yes he forced me to come here. They say sorry Shaurya this is a police case. Your restaurant can’t participate here.

Mahek comes to the police station. Inspector is beating Mandhar. Shaurya comes there as well. Shaurya says to Mahek if you don’t come with me back to contest inspector won’t stop beating him.

Mahek says I won’t go anywhere. Shaurya says to Mandhar ask her to come or inspector will beat you all night. Inspector beats him. Mandhar says take her. Mahek says what are you saying. He says go or he will beat me.

Shaurya says to Mahek just four days I will get my contract and you will go back to your life.

Mahek sits in his car. She is angry. He says you will know why was I doing this. We will be one again. I will make you recall everything before 25th December.

Julie comes to Archie and says my house is ruined. Archie says your son is duffer. He let Mahek go with Shaurya. Julie says get him out of jail.

You couldn’t do what you had to. Archie says don’t shout in front of me or I will slit your throat. Call Mahek and I will tell you what to do. Neev comes there with Kanta. Archie says to Julie I am so relieved to listen that Neev is getting better. She says hi Neev. Here is chocolate for you. I came to meet you. Neev says we shouldn’t eat much sweet. Knata giggles. Archie says I cam to meet Neev only. I better leave now. Archie leaves. The organizers ask Mahek did you come with your will? She says yes I came with my consent. Organizer says but you and your mother in law did so much drama here. Are you under pressure? Shaurya says no she did drama to make the pressure. she did that so they could get money from me.

  • Mehek 31 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

They know how important this contest is for me and how much I need her to win it. Hence it was a golden chance for the. Such middle-class people.

Mahek says to Shaurya I have never see a liar greater than you. He says what is mine.

Shaurya and Mahek come to room. Mahek says where will I sleep? He says there is only one bed. Mahek says don’t forget I am married. What you wanna do with me is a sin. He grasps her arm. Mahek says leave me. Shaurya laughs and takes her photo. She says am I a joke? He says I lost the bet. She say what bet? He says I had a bet with Neev. He said his mom is super brave. I will send this to him now. Neev calls. Shaurya says Neev talk to you crying mom. Shaurya goes downstairs. Mahek talks to Neev.

Mahek comes downstairs. Shaurya puts his hand on her waist and pulls her. Mahek was dreaming this. Mahek says to Shaurya you will get my husband out of jail if you win this contest. I have a condition.

He says what condition? She says you won’t bother me after that. Shauryaa says but you won’t go from here before that. Promise. Contest starts. Mahek says I don’t know what to cook. He says think, this is a contest. She reads ingredients. She says I can make khichri from this. He says okay then go ahead and make it. Mahek starts cooking. Mahek is worried. Mahek is worried. She is creates mess while cook. Shaurya comes to her and grasps her. He helps her in cooking. He puts his hand on her waist. Mahek is worried. Only half an hour is left. Archie says to mahek hurry up. She stands next to her. Archie cuts Mahek’s gas pipe.

Shaurya says to Mahek I know you will cook well.

All the best. Mahek says I hope I win this. She sees some flashbacks of cooking in the same competition. Mahek says when did this happen? Why I feel like I have been here before? Mahek finalizes her dish. Archie comes to Shaurya and says she is doing well. Shaurya says of course. Gas is leaking from Mahek’s gas pipe. Archie says Mahek you will burn here and die. Shaurya will lose you forever.

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