Mehek 4 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 4 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 4 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

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Today’s episode starts with Shaurya seeing Mahek working on his laptop, he asks what are you doing? Mahek says I need to do something, I have to use your laptop to give me the password? Shaurya comes behind her and types in the password.

Mahek reads password which says ‘I love Mahek’, she smiles seeing it, Shaurya says dont be stunned, everyone does mistake and I did too, I will rectify it now, Mahek glares at him, he leaves. Mahek is searching on his laptop.

She notes downs details. Mahek calls home, Balwant takes it, he asks why did you call here? I dont want to talk to you. PD takes a call, PD says don’t feel bad, his stomach is upset, Mahek discusses something with PD which is muted, she notes down points and says what if this remedy doesn’t work out? PD says everything works out with good intention. Mahek comes in the garden and takes leaves she needs to make a remedy. Mahek comes in the kitchen and starts cooking.

Zee World Update: Mehek 4 July 2019

Shaurya is sleeping in Karona’s room. Svetlana and Grandma come in, Svetlana shows her ventilator and says as soon as we take off that plug, Karona’s heartbeat will stop. Grandma says Mahek is not in the room then how will we blame Mahek did it? They see Mahek coming there and runs away from there. Mahek enters Karona’s room with her remedy, she sees Shaurya sleeping on the chair beside Karona.

Mahek brings a pillow and puts it under his head. Mahek applies the hot remedy on Karona’s feet. Mahek says Maa you will become fine this herbal medicine. Svetlana and Grandma see Mahek in the room, Svetlana says when Mahek leaves the room, I will take off the plug and when Shaurya asks who did it, we would say that Mahek was in the room.

Shaurya wakes up, Svetlana and Grandma tries to run, Grandma falls down, Svetlana drags her. Shaurya wakes up and mistakenly puts the hand in hot remedy plate, he screams, Mahek brings water jar and puts his hand in it, he says thanks then gets angry, he says why did you come here? Mahek says I have made medicine from leaves to Karona, Shaurya says you think your trash is going to work better than the medicines? get lost from here, Mahek says I won’t leave, Shaurya tries to push her out, they both fall down on the floor which Mahek on top of Shaurya, they share eyelock.

All come in the room, Dolly says what you both are doing? all look away thinking they are romancing. Shaurya says to Mahek that I will die with your weight on me, he pushes her up, all leaves. Shaurya stands up and says be away from my mother, Mahek says I won’t listen, what can you do? Shaurya angrily grabs Mahek from hair and throws her out of the room, she closes the door, Mahek stands outside without knowing what to do.

In the morning, the doctor comes to check Karona. All family members are there. Mahek comes there with aarti. Shaurya huffs at her and says to doctor that some people are experimenting on her, how is her condition? The doctor says Karona is way better than before, her breathing has picked up, seems like whatever natural medicine you have used, it worked on her, continue it. Shaurya looks at Mahek, Mahek leaves.

Shaurya comes to Mahek and says you can apply your medicine to Maa. Mahek says is it a request or an order? Shaurya says dont make me angry, go. Mahek says you can thank me, this much ego is not good, Shaurya says to leave or else.. Mahek says what will you do? call police? I came here before too but you threw me out, now you can’t even request? Shaurya says you came here to help Maa then why saying all this? Mahek says I came here for her only but you said big words that you can do anything for your Maa but you can’t even say please? Shaurya takes a deep breath and says Mahek, please… Mahek looks away and leaves.

Shaurya and Mahek come to Karona’s room. Mahek applies the remedy to Karona. Svetlana and Grandma see it. Svetlana says we replace Mahek’s remedy with yours then anything can happen to Karona and Shaurya will kill Mahek. Grandma says great, you have become clever after being with me. Svetlana says Mahek is going to get hell after taking care of her mother in law. Mahek is applying a remedy to Karona, her hand touches Shaurya’s, they move away.

Shaurya is sleeping. Mahek brings leaves to Karona. Shaurya wakes up and stops her. Mahek says dont worry, these leaves will keep infection away from Karona. Shaurya says just be careful. Mahek sprinkles leaves around Karona. Mahek says to Shaurya that I need some things for remedy, she gives him list, he goes to bring it.

  • Today’s Update: Mehek 4 July 2019

Grandma comes to Svetlana and wakes her up, Svetlana says irritating oldie, what is it Grandma gives another poisonous herbal medicine to Svetlana, she says mix this with a remedy which Mahek has made, when she will apply it to Karona, these poisonous leaves will start working, they will burn her skin.. Svetlana says then Shaurya will kill Mahek, she takes poisonous remedy from Grandma.

Mahek makes Shaurya climb tree to get leaves for Karona’s remedy. Shaurya tries to collect them but he falls down and dislocates his arm, he screams in pain. Vicky is there too, Mahek laughs, Shaurya says Vicky ask her to focus on her work only, my mother’s health is not a joke. Mahek says she is my mother too, if I have been given responsibility then people have to trust me, Shaurya says there should be a reason to trust, Vicky asks them to talk to each other instead of him, he leaves. Mahek tries to help shaurya but he jerks her away, Shaurya tries to get up but can’t, Mahek comes to him and pulls him to feet, she supports him and takes him inside.

Mahek comes to Karona’s room and starts taking care of her. Mahek calls home,PD takes the call and asks how is Karona? Mahek says I am trying but there is nothing much better, PD says I pray for her everyday, Mahek says your prayers are needed, thank you, she ends the call and leaves Karona’s room. Svetlana and Grandma come in room and mixes poisonous chemical in Mahek’s remedy, Grandma says this medicine will make Karona’s health iller, they hear Shaurya coming and leave chemical’s remaining packet there.

Mahek is working in the kitchen, she tells the advantages of oil to Dolly. Dolly is impressed.

Shaurya comes to Karona and says you take the side of that idiot right? see what she has done to me, I fell from tree and my shoulder is dislocated. Shaurya hears some noise and goes in the lounge.

Shaurya comes in lounge and asks Mahek why there are so many kids now? they all scream, Shaurya asks what is their relation with my mother’s health? Mahek says they are related, Vicky says they are poor kids, Mahek has brought them to make them eat food. Shaurya says stop this drama Mahek, dont know from which footpath you brought them and what allergies they have. Dolly says now I know why Mahek was cooking, she wants to make poor kids eat and this biggest pious work, these kids will pray for Karona. Shaurya gets silent. Mahek comes in the mandir, she does aarti and goes to kids. Shaurya is embarrassed and leaves. Mahek serves kids. Shaurya comes in mandir and prays.

Shaurya calls his staff and says I am staying at home, dont call me much, he ends call. Mahek comes in Karona’s room, Shaurya says if you have time from your ventures then take care of Maa. Mahek says I know my work, give me space. Shaurya moves away from Karona. Mahek is about to apply remedy to Karona but she hears Shaurya wincing due to shoulder, she leaves. Svetlana and Grandma are spying Karona’s room. Mahek comes back to room with towel and turmeric milk, she asks Shaurya to take it, Shaurya says you have come here to take care of my Maa so just do that, I dont need it, Mahek puts it on table.

Mahek comes there and applies remedy on Karona’s feet without knowing that its mixed with other things, Svetlana and Grandma smirks. Shaurya sits down and massages his shoulder with towel, he grunts in pain. Mahek tries to ignore but cant, she comes to Shaurya ant snatches towel from him. She tries to remove his hand but he stops her. Mahek puts her hand around him and massages his back with hot towel, main phir tumko chaahungi plays, Shaurya looks up and gazes at her, she looks away. Karona’s heartbeat starts dropping, monitor beeps, Shaurya rushes to her side, Mahek cries. Mehek 4 July 2019 Update

Doctor checks Karona. Doctor says to Shaurya its good you called me on time, seems like she had infection from that herbal remedy, Shaurya fumes in anger. Doctor checks remedy and says seems like there is wild leaves in the remedy that reacted badly on Karona’s skin, he leaves. Shaurya shouts on Mahek that my mother’s health is not joke, I told you to not experiment her, what was the need to put stale leaves in remedy? Svetlana says you trust this girl everytime, Mahek wants to kill her.

Dolly says Mahek if you didnt know about her herbal medicine then you could have asked Grandma, Vicky says but Mahek.. Shaurya says shut up, dont take her side, Mahek says but..Shaurya says just get lost from my house. Dolly takes Mahek away. Shaurya asks everyone to leave. Svetlana says take care of Karona, she leaves. Shaurya says sorry Maa I did mistake, I shouldnt have let that girl come close to you.

Mahek cries in mandir at Shaurya’s house and says I try so much everytime but everytime I lose, make everything God. She weeps. Shaurya comes there, he grabs her hand and drags her from there. He says I have heard enough from you, I cant bear you here anymore, he drags her to his room. Svetlana sees it and says to Grandma that seem like Shaurya is going to pack her bag and send her to her old house.

Shaurya asks Mahek to get lost. Mahek says I came here to take care of your mother and instead of taking my favor, you are threatening me? Shaurya grabs Mahek, he strangles her and says if anything happens to any family member here then I will kill you, I swear I am going to kill you, I wont spare, Mahek gasps for air, Vicky moves Shaurya away from attacking Mahek, Mahek says this is my house, you can shout as much as you want, she goes upstairs, Shaurya runs behind her and says I am not finished. Mehek 4 July 2019 Update

Svetlana says to Grandma that our plan is working. Grandma smirks and says to Dolly what kind of daughter in law we have. Shaurya and Mahek are hiding upstairs. Mahek asks if they can do it this time? Shaurya says I hope we can catch Svetlana red handed this time.

Flashback shows Mahek saying to Shaurya that I didnt do anything to Karona, Shaurya says I know, he shows her fake nail to Mahek, Mahek says this is Svetlana’s fake nail, Shaurya says yes, I found this in bowl of your remedy, Svetlana wanted to kill Karona, she tried to kill you too earlier. Mahek says they wanted to trap me so you can blow up on me, Shaurya says we will catch Svetlana red handed now, I have an idea, flashback ends.

Mahek says to Shaurya that Svetlana muist have mixed poisonous leaves in my remedy, I am worried about Maa’s safety, Shaurya says dont worry I wont let anything happen to her, Mahek says to make this plan work and catch Svetlana, you have to keep your anger controlled, you have threatened to kill me today, Svetlana will react to it, just remain calm, she holds Shaurya hand and asks if he is fine? they share eyelock, Mahek says we shouldnt be seen together, Shaurya says take care, Mahek leaves. Mehek 4 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mahek finds poisonous leaves on hall floor outside Grandma’s room, she says if Grandma is with Svetlana? no this cant me. Mahek comes to Grandma’s room and finds more poisonous leaves, she recalls how Dolly said that Grandma knows about herbal medicines, she is stunned.

Mahek comes to Shaurya and says Grandma is involved in this plan with Svetlana, Shaurya says what rubbish? Mahek says I found poisonous leaves in her room, remember she brought Svetlana in house back, she gave me that explosive dupatta to me too. Shaurya says my Grandma cant do anything like this, you just found leaves in her room and are doubting her, Mahek says maybe she is not involved, Shaurya says I am sure, Mahek prays that they find truth.

Mahek finds poisonous leaves on hall floor outside Grandma’s room, she says if Grandma is with Svetlana? no this cant me. Mahek comes to Grandma’s room and finds more poisonous leaves, she recalls how Dolly said that Grandma knows about herbal medicines, she is stunned.

Mahek comes to Shaurya and says Grandma is involved in this plan with Svetlana, Shaurya says what rubbish? Mahek says I found poisonous leaves in her room, remember she brought Svetlana in house back, she gave me that explosive dupatta to me too. Shaurya says my Grandma cant do anything like this, you just found leaves in her room and are doubting her, Mahek says maybe she is not involved, Shaurya says I am sure, Mahek prays that they find truth.

Shaurya is sitting with Karona. He gets Mahek’s message to give injection to Karona. Shaurya does. Svetlana and Grandma opens door and spy on Shaurya. Grandma says to Svetlana that we wanted to send Karona out of world then how Mahek came in picture? Svetlana says we wanted to kill Karona so that Shaurya blames Mahek and kills her and now Shaurya have given her death threat, why not we kill Mahek? then we can tell police that Shaurya killed Mahek.

Grandma says, what can we do now? Svetlana says we will switch off the ventilator, everyone will think that its Mahek’s fault, they will search for her but they will find her dead body, Shaurya will be alleged to kill her and I will get all this property, Grandma says you are really evil, Svetlana says that I am. They see servant coming to Karona’s room and hides. The servant brings milk for Shaurya, he takes it.

Suddenly Karona’s heartbeat machine starts beeping, Shaurya panics, he tries to stop it, the machine stops then. Shaurya sits down and drinks milk. Svetlana and Grandma see it and smirks. Grandma says now Shaurya will be sleeping for 12 hours, I have spiked Shaurya and Mahek’s milk glasses. Svetlana and Grandma come to Mahek’s room and finds her asleep on the chair. Grandma checks that she is unconscious. Svetlana and Grandma drag Mahek, Grandma says after you get the property, will you give me money?

Svetlana says you are already on death limit, I will make you have so much fun with money. Svetlana and Grandma drag Mahek upstairs where they are going to throw her from the roof. Shaurya falls unconscious in Karona’s room.

Grandma and Svetlana brings Mahek on the roof. They try to push Mahek from the rooftop but can’t as she is heavy. Grandma goes to bring dagger. Svetlana is about to throw Mahek from roof but Shaurya comes there and puts arm around Mahek, he pulls her away from roof boundary. Grandma sees Shaurya near Mahek, she hides with dagger before Shaurya can see her. Mahek opens her eyes, she was not unconscious, Shaurya holds her face in his hands and asks if she is fine? she nods.

Shaurya says to Svetlana that first you tried to kill my mother and now you wanted to murder her? Svetlana says its nothing like that, Shaurya says you made good plan but we are more clever than you, he shows her fake nail and says I found it in Karona’s remedy but then Mahek and I thought we will catch you with proofs thats why I fake threatened Mahek to kill her. Grandma is hiding and shivering behind wall. Mahek sees her and narrows her eyes.

Shaurya says when the servant brought milk, I messaged Mahek and asked if she sent milk to me? she told me that servant gave her milk too, I understood it was your plan. Mahek says to Shaurya that one minute, we caught Svetlana but what about her partner? Mahek brings out Grandma from behind the wall, Shaurya looks on shocked. Mahek pushes Grandma to stand with Svetlana, they both look terrified. Mehek 4 July 2019 Update

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