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Mehek 4th May 2019 Update

Mehek 3 May 2019 Friday Update on Zee World

Mehek 4th May 2019 Update

Nehal and Mohit are excited about Shaurya’s proposal, Kanta says we cant forget that Shaurya elped Mahek but also insulted her many times, Jeevan says people change after marriage too, we cant have guarantee, Kanta asks what you want Mahek? Mehek 4th May 2019 Update

Mahek is lost and says Shaurya, Kanta says i asked what you want not whom you love, are you ready to forget what Shaurya did with you? Mahek says i only remember what he did for all of us, Kanta says people loose their thinking in love, Mahek blushes, Kanta hugs her and says congrats daughter.

Mahek is surprised and looks at her, Kanta says what you want will happen, if you are happy with this then we are happy with this too, all smiles. Karona calls Kanta, Shaurya is behind her, Kanta takes call, Karona talks to her which is muted, Kanta is surprised Mehek 4th May 2019 Update
Hearing it, Karona ends call. Balwant asks what happened?> Kanta says Shaurya’s mother walled, Mansi asks what did she say? Kanta says they have called us to their house tomorrow for proposal, Mahek blushes, Ravi says what? all are surprised and happy, Nehal and Mohit lifts Mahek on shoulder.

Mehek 4th May 2019 Update

Vaitlana calls her friend and says tomorrow i have arranged bonfire party, this is my house, i can arrange party, Shaurya takes phone from er and says there is no party tomorrow, go to mandir tomorrow, he ends call. Vaitlana says what the hell? how dare yo take my phone? Shaurya says i am sorry but theya re your so called friends, Vaitlana says be in your limits Shaurya Khanna, dont tell me what i will do tomorrow, Shaurya says i am ordering you that there will be no party tomorrow.

Mahek and her family is coming for lunch so behave infront of them and tell all family members to be there, its my order maami(aunty), Vaitlana sys is it again her mehndi with someone else? Shaurya says no her wedding is going to be fixed with me, Vaitlana is shocked then laughs, she says no surprises, i knew it, Shaurya says one more thing, tell my message to everyone otherwise you know i just take action, dont give warnings, he leaves.

Vaitlana says let them come, i will torture them, i am waiting for tomorrow’s lunch too.
Its morning, Man is getting ready, Nehal says why you have put on so much makeup? you dont need to paint your face, Mansi says i am going to such big house, i have to be dressed, Nehal drags her to do makeup. Mahek is messaging Shaurya and says i am coming, dont be so impatient. Mohit sees her message and says guys are more impatient, send him your selfie, Mahek scolds him.

Mehek 4th May 2019 Update

Mahek comes to Pd and says come with us too, Pd says we are not going to family picnic, everything will be fine. Kanta says to Jeevan that behave there, dont start eating seeing food there, Jeevan says i am not a kid, Kanta says you and Ravi are kids only. She asks all to come. Sharma family leaves for lunch.

Vaitlana comes to servants and tell them about lunch, she ask them to serve drinks then lunch. She scold servants to not overdo decor. Karona is surprised seeing her active, she come to her and says you are happy like Shaurya will leave this house after wedding, you both always taunt each other, Vaitlana sys i am happy for Shaurya’s marriage and guys become soft after wedding, he might stpp fighting with me after marriage, do you like arrangements? she says yes, servant tells that guests have arrived, Karona goes to welcome them, Vaitlana smirks.

Mehek 4th May 2019 Update

Sharma family comes to Shaurya’s house, Kanta says to Jeevan that dont start eating food, Jeevan says dont worry, they wont know we are hungry for food, Kanta asks Mansi to not smile with all teeth, Mansi nods, Ravi asys are we here for Mansi’s proposal? Kanta says we should not look like fool, Mahek asks her to calm down. Shaurya is in balcony and sees them coming inside. Mehek 4th May 2019 Update

Kanta says to Mahek that if you get married in such big house, will you forget our old small house? Mahek says you people like in my heart and i cant forget whats in my heart, all smile. Ravi sees Shaurya in balcony, Shaurya waves at them, Ravi says to MAhek that this is time for romance, look over there, Mahek looks at Shaurya, he waves at her.

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