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Mehek 7 September 2019 Zee World Daily Update

Mehek 7 September 2019 Zee World Daily Update

The episode for September 7th, 2019 starts when Jevan hits Mandhar. he says how dare you hit my Mahek. Kanta saves Mahek and gets her out of water. Neev is coming there. Shaurya is getting married to Archie. The rituals have started. Shaurya says I feel like someone is calling me. Shaurya says I feel like something is wrong.
Neev says maa is drowning. Julie hits Mandhar on the head. He falls down. Kanta and Julie try to get Mahek out of the pool. Shaurya is lost somewhere. Archie says, what happened? Why are you so lost?

Kanta and Julie throw a rope towards Mahek. Mandhar says to Julie instead of helping your so you are helping them. Jeevan hits Mandhar. Shaurya’s wedding is going on. Neev and Kanta try to get Mahek out. Mandhar hits Jeevan badly. Shaurya coughs. Archie says are you okay?

Mehek 7 September 2019 Zee World Daily Update

Mandhar says go away everyone or I will kill Neev. Mahek comes out. Neev says ma please save me. Mahek says don’t harm him. Neev bits Mandhar’s hand. Mandhar says I will cut your throat. Mahek says don’t harm a child. Kanta says leave him and let him go. Mandhar says there is a godown in this house. Go there or I will slit his throat. They all go there. Dolly ties SHaurya and Archi’e knot. Mandhar asks Mehak to tie everyone’s hands. Mahek says we did everything you said. you have money no one would stop you this time. Let us go and leave Neev. Jevan says Mahek… I couldn’t recognize you I am sorry.

Mandhar says stop this drama. Mahek says Shaurya where are you. Mahek says please leave need. He shoves Neev. He ties Mahek and Neev on a chair. Mandhar says if I had time I would have played more with you but I don’t have time. mandhar says to Neev you will go to your real mom soon. He says no one would even recognize your corpses.

Julie says you will go to hell. He leaves. Julie says this is all happening because of me. Jevan says why did Mandhar says no one will recognize our corpses? Mahek says what smell is this? Kerosin oil? Mehek 7 September 2019 Zee World Daily Update
Mandhar is throwing oil outside the godown. Mahek is releasing her hands. She gets from the chair and unropes everyone. Mahek and everyone looks for a way to get out. Jevan finds a phone. He and Mahek try to fix it. Mahek calls Shaurya. his number is off. Mahek says his phone is off. She calls Karuna. Kanta says no Karuna isn’t well. We have to get out of here and stop that wedding. Mahek calls on a landline. Mahek says to butler it’s urgent. I have to talk to Shaurya. he gives the phone to Shaurya.

Mahek says Shaurya it’s me Mahek… He says I can’t hear you. He takes the phone away and his knot breaks. Mahek shouts it’s me Mahek. Please save us. We are in this blue gate bungalow. Mandhaar has locked her here. He runs. Everyone is dazed. Shaurya sits in his car and runs towards the destination. Mandhar is about to burn the go-down. Shayr sees Mandhar outside and hits him. He says where are they? Mahek and everyone tries to get out. Mahek screams Shaurya’s name. He breaks the door and comes in.

Mahek is dazed. Shaurya says lets run from here there is oil everywhere. He takes Mahek’s hand and drags her out. Shaurya hugs Mahek. The song Dil diya gallan plays in the background. They are both in tears. Shaurya says I love you Mahek. you don’t know how I lived all these days without you. Mahek says I am sorry. I was close yet so far from you. Mahek says please pardon me. Neev’s life was in danger. I won’t ever go away from you again. He hugs her. Shaurya caresses her face.

Neev says thank you, hero. Shaurya hugs him and says no one can harm you. Kanta says thank God my kid are back together. Dolly says, where is shaurya? Mehek 7 September 2019 Zee World Daily Update Servant says it was some girl. Archie says in heart I hope it was not Mahek. I hope Mandhar has not made any mistake. She calls him again but his phone is off. Harsh says Vicky call white chilies. Dolly says to pandit ji we should wait. Archie throws away the arti. She says how can Shaurya make a joke out of my life. Dolly says we wont let anything wrong happen to you.

Archie says he can never leave me. She goes out. haurya comes out with everyone. He says Mandhar was here be alert. Mandhar comes after them. Mahek sits down and throws sand in Mandhar’s eyes. He screams. Shaurya turns back. He hits Mandhar. Shaurya says you can never do any good. Mahek slaps Mandhar. Mahek says feeling helpless? This is just the beginning. You have to pay for all your sins. you killed neev’s mom and your own son. You fooled me into someone else. She keeps slapping him. Mahek says if I knew dad would have been alive. Mandhar tries to hit her. Shaurya comes in front of her. Mahek brings an ax. Mahek keeps stabbing him. She says you killed your own father. You hurt everyone. Mandhar says ma please save me. He is injured. Mahek says you tried to burn and kill Neev. Shaurya says to Mahek please calm down.

Police are coming. Mahek says beg for everyone’s pardon. She throws him in Julie’s feet and says ask for her pardon. Mandhar says ma forgive me. I am a sinner. Mahek throws him in Kanta’s feet. She says to ask for pardon from your son. You have done so much injustice to him. Mandhar says Neev please forgive me.

Mahek says you kept me away from my Shaurya. Beg for a pardon from Shaurya. Police come. Julie says he has killed my husband and daughter in law. Please take him aand don’t let him come out. Police takes Mandhar with them. Shaurya says we will give statement here. Mahek says no, we will give you statement later. We will go to my house from here. Shaurya says why not my house? Mahek says because Archie is there. Archie comes outside white chilies and says you can’t do this to me. She comes to the hotel and asks the staff where is Shaurya? She says I don’t know.

Vicky says he is not here. Archie says, where has he gone? What is more important than his wedding? Vicky says let me call Kanta chachi. Maybe he is there. He talks to Kanta and says yes he is there. Mahek meets PD and everyone. PD says to Shaurya always take care of oour Mahek. Everyone hugs Mahek. PD hugs Julie and says what happened was God’s will. Julie says please forgive me. I am glad Mahek is at her home now. Neev says ma why is everyone calling you Mahek? Your name is Vandana. Mehek 7 September 2019 Zee World Daily Update

Mahek says that doesn’t matter I am your mom. Neev says will you leave me? Mahek says no you will always stay with me. She hugs him. Kanta says Vicky and Archie must becoming. Shaurya says why are we not getting Archie arrested. Mahek says no we have to play with her way. Shaurya says she has been fooling me for a year. Mahek says we have to play clever with her. She won’t give up easily. I know you have nothing in heart for her. But she very clever. We have to play a game like hers. If we tell police she tried killing me we don’t have any proof. She will come out. Mahek says she did Neev’s accident and killed her boyfriend. She is very dangerous. She will come back if we get her arrested. Shaurya says you are right. PD pretends to have fainted. Everyone gets worried. She laughs and says how was my acting? Mahek says you scared me.

Archie comes to the house and says where is Shaurya? PD says because of my heart attack your wedding was stopped. He came here to see me. Archie says, what are you doing here then? Archie says I mean you should be in the hospital. PD says the doctor checked and said it was just gas. Ravi says we were so scared.
Shaurya says I am sorry archie. Some people don’t want us to be together.

No one will come between us now. I will marry you here right now. Khurana comes in. Shaurya says in heart see how I make you confess your crimes. Shaurya signs the papers. PD says I can’t see this. Archie signs them too.
Shaurya says to Archie lets go home.

Mahek gives him a flying kiss. She recalls she forced him to do this. Shaurya said no I can’t do this. Mahek said please for us we have to do this. We can’t forgive Archie. Shaurya and Archie come home. Dolly does their Arti. Archie enters the house but the footsteps are black. Dolly says this happens when a witch enters the house. Shaurya says she is my wife not witch.
Mahek enjoys dinner with everyone. Mahek says where is Neev? Kanta says he is resting. Mahek says I will take care of him as a mother. Jeevan says you don’t know how we lived these days without you. they all enjoy dinner.

Dolly says these are footsteps of a witch. This isn’t right. Shaurya made those marks. He calls Mahek and says I did all this. Mahek says be with Archie or she will doubt. Shaurya says I can’t tolerate her. Mahek says you have to. She gives him a kiss. She says we will be together very soon. Shaurya says stop all this. Lets go to room Archie.
Archie says I don’t know how this happened. Shaurya says forget it. you need to rest. Archie is scared. She sees I am back written with blood. Archie screams. Shaurya says what happened. She says that mirror.. Shaurya comes in and says there is nothing. Archie says it was here. I don’t’ know. she cries.

Kanta gives Mahek milk. Mahek says I really missed you. Kanta says I am really scared. I don’t want to lose you again. Mahek says I wont forgive Archie. We have to do this plan.
Archie says to herself this all can’t be true. I have to enjoy with Shaurya. She comes to room and sees Shaurya sleeping. She gets a call from her dead boyfriend. He says I am back. Archie says who is it? He says I can’t live without you. I am back your real love. She sees a shadow. He says I will take you with me.

She is scared. Archie says this is just a dream no one comes back. Mahek Ravi and Jeevan come to Archie’s father’s house. Archie says Shaurya please wake up. He says let me sleep. She says please listen. She gets a call again. He says I can see you. She sees another shadow. Mahek is scared. She says someone is trying to scare me. Ravi opens her door and closes. Archie says what is happening.

Archie is scared. She gets up from bed to check who is there. Ravi runs. She comes out and says someone is joking with me. Who are you? She comes to a room. Someone locks her. Arohi says is someone there? Take me out. She is scared. She comes near the window. Someone throttles her. she screams and cries. AA man comes with a bleeding face. Archie faints. It’s Ravi. She faints. Shaurya comes in. Ravi says we are done. Shaurya hugs Mahek. Archie says to Dolly someone is doing this to me. I was so scared. Shaurya comes and asks all the servants who tried to annoy Archie. They see we didn’t do anything. Shaurya says to Vicky you did this? he says how can I? Archie says I want to rest.

Archie sees Shaurya talking to someone on call. He goes to meet Mahek. Archie follows him. She calls him. Archie says, where were you going? Mehek 7 September 2019 Zee World Daily Update
Dolly does Arti and says there are some powers in the house. Archie says to Shaurya whom were talking to on-call? He says my staff. Shaurya says calm down. Lets go home. They leave. Mahek is hidden. Mahek says to Sharya on call you should have been careful. Control the situation. She says go and focus on the plan. He says okay.

Shaurya says to Archie I am sorry. Archie says its okay. She takes meds. Kanta comes to Dolly and says we want to pray for Shaurya’s life. We have arranged a Jagrata. Shaurya says we can’t come. We need private time. You can take staff to Jagrata.
Archie says thank you for spending time with me. She comes close to him. He runs upstairs. Archie comes to room and says this dress is for you. Change and come to the pool. She says thank you. She wears the dress. Archie is very happy. She hears someone saying hello beautiful. Archie is scared. The door gets locked. Archie says Shaurya save me. Please get me out. The bed starts moving. Archie is scared. She says shaurya please save me. Shaurya smiles.

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