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Mehek August 2019 Spoiler: How Mehek Regains Her Memory

Mehek August 2019 Spoiler: How Mehek Regains Her Memory

Mehek August 2019 Spoiler: How Mehek Regains Her Memory

To tone down the suspense meter currently on Mehek, here’s the answer to the question when will Mehek regain her memory? Subsequent to Mehek finally gaining her memory, Shaurya has engaged in different activities in other to recreate scenes from Mehek past life with him.

This only caused Mehek to have blurred memories of her being involved with those situations but nothing definite. As normal, she has a strong Deja Vu feeling but the presence of Neev in her life makes it hard to believe she isn’t his mother.

Shaurya tries to get a DNA test done but Mandhar and Archie are always ahead to contaminate the results or foil the plan

Shaurya takes her to participate in a cooking competition so that being around cooking activities will remind her of her passion. Even though Mehek was able to flow naturally in the competition and eventually wins it, she still insist on going back to hiklesh with her ‘husband’s and ‘child’

  • Mehek August 2019 Spoiler: How Mehek Regains Her Memory

Finally, Shaurya throws a party to celebrate her victory before she departs. In the party he recreates the scenario of their first ever party together when he gifted Mehek money and cooking utensils. Still Mehek insists she’s Vandana and finally decides to leave all the drama and go back to her life I Hithlesh.

Feeling frustrated and angry Shaurya throws a tantrum despite the family trying to make him see reality. But it’s in all that drama and turmoil that Mehek regains her memory. Ironically, watching Shaurya lose control in grief and anger jolts her memory awake.

Karuna says to shaurya Mahek is gone. Stop this craziness. This is Vandana. Shaurya is upset. Mandhar is in a rickshaw. Bhanwari and neev are on their way too. Bhanwari says are we on the right way?

Shaurya keeps drinking in the party. Karuna tries to handle him. Mahek is there with her face hidden. Bhanwari and Neev come outside. Bhanwari’s condition worsen. He asks Neev to call Vandana out. Neev says I am coming. Julie is with Mahek. Shaurya breaks bottles in anger. He says get out of here everyone. Are you all making fun of me? I don’t want this life. Ravi says please stay strong.

Shaurya says she left me. I will burn everything down. He breaks stuff. Everyone calms him down. Kanta hugs him. She syas please calm down. Shaurya says how can she leave me? How can’t she hear me? I did everything. Neev is looking for Mahek. Shaurya says I dont’ want anyone. He is crying. He asks all the guests to leave. Vicky says please calm down. Shaurya says I don’t care.

This all is useless. He throws away all the dishes Mahek made. He says I will ruin everything. Shaurya says we don’t need this food truck either. I will burn this. Ravi says please calm down. Julie says he is doing something wrong. Mahek runs out. She sees Shauray trying to destroy the food truck. Bhanwari is not well. He says what is this noise? Where is Neev. Neev is crying. He says ma where are you.. Shaurya is about to burn the food truck. He puts petrol on it. Karuna says please don’t do this. Vikcy says please listen. Kanta says please stop.

Mehek August 2019 Spoiler: How Mehek Regains Her Memory

Mahek is looking at all this from distance. Shaurya picks fired papers and throws them towards the truck. Everyone is shocked. They are crying. Shaurya throws his ring in the fire as well. Mahek holds her head. She sees flashbacks. Shaurya burns everything related to her. He burns their pictures. Mahek holds her head. SHe is about to faint. Shaurya throws her bangles in fire as well. Shaurya says everything is over. Good bye mahek. mahek recalls everything. She holds her head. She recalls everything. She sits down crying and says my Shaurya. Shaurya.

And from there, Mehek first has to save Neev from Mandhar before she tells Shaurya the truth at the dire moment when he’s about to marry Archie…

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