My Golden Home

My Golden Home 14 June 2019 On Zee World Series

My Golden Home 14 June 2019 On Zee World Series

My Golden Home 14 June 2019 On Zee World Series

Today’s Episode starts at Swarn Bhavan, everyone is happy with the good news concerning Kanika’s pregnancy and Shelly leaves to get sweets. Karan says if Abha was here, she would be so happy. Sheetal says where is Abha? So much has happened here and she is still not here. Looks like her sister is more important to her than Shelly and Kanika.

Karan says Sheetal, Abha knows her responsibilities very well and at least don’t speak ill about her in front of me. Shelly says you are right Karan and says to Sheetal, its a happy occasion here and do not spoil such good situation. Shelly and Karan teases each another while Shelly feeds everyone sweets. Shekar’s mother says it was good we found out about this.

Uday says Kanika’s in law who am i am lucky as this is what the god wanted and gives the sweets to Shekar’s mother saying please take it. And another thing, today i’m saying this that i have got a daughter and speaks proudly about Kanika. Uday says its not me who broke this aliance but its god’s will and they leave. Kanika cries and Karan says don’t cry, the sweets is not finished.

Zee World: My Golden Home 14 June 2019

Prakash is not with us today but his child is now with us. Uday says do not cry and feeds Kanika sweets and says i would take care of Kanika from now on. Understand? Karan says and i would ask Abha to make Halwa once she returns. Uday asks where is Abha? Karan says i would call her. Grandmother gets scared and enters a room and calls to someone. Shelly’s mother is leaving Swarn Bhavan and Pratibha says don’t worry about her as i would take care of her and Karuna leaves.

Kanika comes and calls Karan saying i’m fine and i have a request. Because of my own stupidity, i killed my first child. And i have prayed to god that once i get the good news, i would pray to god. Karan says today is a good day and Karan leaves with Kanika, Sushant sees and calls to someone and says he has left and make sure he doesn’t returns alive. Understand? and hangs the call.

Aruna tells Abha that whatever Grandmother said was right and it was all because of me. Abha says why are you saying that, its not your mistake. The new entry of the police is shown and she says who is wrong and who is not, i would decide. Raj says inspector, you?

The police enters and says Mr Singhania, i heard that your wife meet with accident. Raj says who told you? The doctor says i called her. The doctor says to Raj, after doing check up on your wife, i have found out that what has happened to your wife was not an accident but it was an attempt to murder. Grandmother gets worried and Raj gets shocked.

The doctor says your wife is lucky that only both her hands got hurt as her whole body was with gasoline. Someone had mixed the gasoline with the water. The police says Mr Singhania, your wife doesn’t has any enemy right? Raj thinks and remains silent while the police says you have not replied to me, Raj says no, who would be my wife’s enemy but someone has a problem with my wife. The police says may i know who is that person? Raj points to Aruna and Abha and Aruna is shocked. My Golden Home 14 June 2019

Raj says my wife has no enemy but someone has a problem with my wife. The police asks may i know who is that Mr Singhania? Raj points to Aruna while Grandmother smiles and Abha and Aruna is shocked. Raj says because of this woman, my wife is in this state. Ask her why she did this? The police says Mr Singania, can you tell me how is this lady related to your wife and your house? Raj says she is my mother but i never accepted this relationship.

Abha holds Aruna and the police says maa? And walks to Aruna and says so this is it! You are Lata Singhania’s mother in law and did your daughter in law didn’t fulfill any of your needs? Didn’t give you a grandson? That is why you have decided to burn her right? Now just wait and see what i do about this. I have seen many mother in law’s like you and i know how to handle you. I am ashamed of people like you and because of that, people are scared to give birth to girls.

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Arrest her and take her from her and as a lady constable comes and holds Aruna’s hands, Abha asks to leave her hands. I said, leave her hands! The constable leaves and Abha says you cannot arrest her. The police asks why? When her own son pointed at her and accused her, who are you to come in between? Aruna says her daughter and holds Aruna. And i am more worried about Lata as she is my own sister.

The police says your own sister? And yet you are supporting this lady?Why? Is there anything behind this? That you are wiling to support someone who tried to burn your sistet? Abha says your eyes is not seeing the truth and my mother is a good woman and she would not do such a thing. The police says this lady has tried to killed her daughter in law and this is a non bailable offence and no one can save her from the hands of the law. Abha says don’t try to teach me law.

The Police says you know a lot about Law? Who are you pointing the stick towards Abha? Abha says Mrs Abha Karan Prasad and i’m a lawyer and holds down the stick. I would teach you about Law that according to indian penal code, you can bring her to the station but you can’t put her behind the bars as she has not done any mistake before.

  • My Golden Home 14 June 2019 On Zee World Series

Abha says my mother is innocent. The police says once she is with me for two days, all the truth would come out and i have the permission to give third degree treatment for this offence. Abha says perhaps you have forgotten the law and till a person is proven guilty, the police is responsible for them and not do anything towards them. So anything you do will be answerable to the law.

The police orders the constable to handcuff Aruna and Abha says you don’t worry maa, you trust me right? I would make sure nothing happens to you while Grandmother smiles and Aruna is taken away. Abha says i can see injustice happening and i would prove that my mother is innocent. The police says i too can’t see a woman being ill treated and i will also get justice for the daughter in law and the police leaves. Abha looks at Raj and says i am.. and Raj shows his hands asking Abha not to say anything and leaves while Grandmother follows Raj.

Some prayers procession is shown going on and someone is shown being chased and running in the bushes and the person joins in the procession. Karan and Kanika arrive and Karan checks his car and Kanika asks what happened? Can we leave? Karan says i think i left my phone at home, i want to call Abha and ask why is she late? Kanika says we shall call later brother, its getting late for the prayers.

And perhaps Abha would have gonne back with Lata and Karan says i hope there is no problems. The goons is finding for the person in the procession with knife while the person keeps hiding while Karan and Kanika is shown walking. As people are smearing colors, its revealed that its Ranchod who is hiding from the goons and Ranchod sees Karan with Kanika and calls Karan but Karan doesn’t hears.

Ranchod is trying to go closer to Karan and also hiding from the goons at the same time. One of the goon comes behind Ranchod and as he is about to stab him, Ranchod’s face is full with color and Ranchod moves from him and tries to reach Karan and his phone rings at the same time. Karan and Kanika prays.

Ranchod comes and cleans his face and carries a small boy from another person whom he asked to hold and as Ranchod is carrying him, Ranchod tells the boy to sleep and Ranchod sees Karan’s car and says this is Karan’s car and he somehow managed to open Karan’s car boot and places the small boy in the car. Ranchod then sees the goons and hides behind the car and runs into the bushes and they see him running and starts chasing Ranchod.

After running, Ranchod gets tired and hides and the goons goes in a different direction. Ranchod then runs and sits on a rock while one of the goon sees Ranchod sitting and quietly goes behind him without Ranchod realizing and raises his hands with a knife to attack Ranchod and Ranchod avoides and kicks him down and while attacking one of the goons, another guy hits at the back of Ranchod’s head. My Golden Home 14 June 2019 On Zee World Series

The hired gundas are about to tell their boss that they have captured Karan. They also say that they have to keep an eye on him because he is very sharp. Shelly is playing with Nishant while Sushant comes and asks for Priyanka. Shelly tells him that she is in kitchen. Shelly asks him that he is very concerned about Priyanka because family members are ignorant of Priyanka sorrows. Shelly says what about Nishant.

Sushant says that Nishant is my child. He hold Nishant. Shelly says that Nishant has pooped in his diaper, so I am going to get diaper while you take care of him. Sushant is shocked. Abha is at Raj’s place and Uday comes and asks about Lata. He asks how is she. Raj tells that Lata and baby both are fine. He tells Uday to go and have rest as he is not well either. Uday says until Lata gains conscious and he sees Lata is alright. I won’t leave from here. Abha makes Uday sit and asks about Karan because she has been trying to reach him. Uday says that Karan has taken Kanika to the temple so it must be noisy there so he has not heard the phone.

Abha says let me try one more time. Sushant can’t take the poop smell. Shelly tells Sushant to change diaper since her hands are wet and baby can get infection. Kanika comes and gives offering to Shelly. Kanika says that it was good to go to temple. Sushant is shocked and says What. Sushant says that it must be crowded, but Kanika answers that it was afternoon time, so crowd was less. Shelly asks about Karan and Kanika says that Karan got call from Abha so he has gone to Lata’s home.

Kanika leaves to get some rest and shelly takes the Nishant and she will do it. Sushant calls some number. Grandmother is sitting next to Lata and Lata is shown on oxygen mask. Grandmother is telling Lata that you lost and Aruna went to jail. Now nobody suspects me. Lata opens her eyes and grandmother is worried. Grandmother wonders if Lata heard her talks. Grandmother pretends and says finally you gained conscious. Lata asks for Raj.

Grandmother says that let me go and get him. The goons are playing card game. Ranchod has gained consciousness. He is trying to untie himself. Ranchod sees the mobile phone next to one of the goon and he is using his feet to drag it to him. Ranchod gets the phone close to his tied hands and dials Swarn number. Pratibha takes the call. Pratibha hears the talks, but Ranchod somehow manages to mention his name so Pratibha can know it is Ranchod.

The goons says that you talk as if you have played lots of card games. Pratibha is saying Ranchod and asking from where he is calling from.Shelly comes and asks Pratibha why was she talking so loud. Pratibha tells that it was too noisy and she could not hear clearly but she heard Ranchod’s name. Shelly says if it was Ranchod then he would have talked with you. Pratibha says that let me call him once. She dials Ranchod’s mobile number but it is switched off.

TodayUpdate: My Golden Home 14 June 2019

Abha, Uday and Raj are waiting while Lata comes out. Lata asks about her child and she is crying hard. Raj tells her that our child is safe. Lata hugs her father and Uday tells her that forget it all and take care of yourself and his grandchild. Grandmother is pretending that she cares for Lata and says that puja was left incomplete. Lata looks as if something is missing and she asks Raj where is Aruna?

She asks Abha, but Abha and Uday are quiet. Grandmother speaks and says that Aruna is where she needs to be and that is in jail because she tried killing you and the child. Lata is shocked and not happy and she looks at Abha. Priyanka is playing with Nishant and says that dad will come and bring a toy. That is when Sushant comes and brings the toy. Priyanka is surprised. Sheetal is also in the room and watching all this.

Again Sushant uses emotional dialogues saying that as Nishant grows then his needs will increase. He brought insurance papers of Vimal which can get Priyanka 10 lakhs. Sheetal’s eyes sparkle hearing 10 lakhs. Priyanka says that it is the right oh Shelly. Sushant says that Shelly will be getting married into a big and rich family, so Shelly’s and her daughter Asmi future is secured.

But you have to worry for yourself and Nishant. Sheetal says that you saw how old guy as a match they brought for you. Sushant is again making Priyanka go against Abha and Karan. He tells her to get signature of Shelly and transfer money in his account , so nobody suspects you and I will get you the money then. Sheetal also tells Priyanka to go and get the signature. She says you do this while I go and talk to Raghav.

We see a woman’s hand and seems someone heard their conversation. Lata asks is that true that Aruna did this to me. Abha tries to speak, but grandmother intervenes and says that yes Aruna did this. Even doctor tells her that grandmother threw water on you to save you. Raj says that he will punish Aruna for hurting his wife and kid. Raj tells Lata to stay away from Aruna. My Golden Home 14 June 2019 On Zee World Series

Grandmother says that she agrees with Raj and we should do something so that she can never come out of jail. Raj says that he will go to court and fight against Aruna Singhania for his wife and kid. Everyone is shocked except Grandmother is happy hearing this. Karan enters. Raj tells him to fight for him as he is a father too and knows how parents feel when it comes to their kid. Karan is quiet and Raj tells him that if he fights for him then he is ready to give him 10 crores for this case and he knows that you’re the best lawyer. Everyone is shocked.

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