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My Golden Home 29 May 2019 Update – Zee World Series

My Golden Home 29 May 2019 episode starts at the hospital, Abha stares at Viren’s back. Abha starts walking towards him. Viren yells how can you ask such a rubbish question? He argues back and forth with the inspectors. Viren is talking with all the inspectors. Abha is now directly behind him. She is about to put her hand on his shoulder when a nurse from behind says Mrs. Prasad.

She turns around and walks towards the nurse and says yes? The nurse says please go get these medicines. Abha says okay. Back at Swarn Bhavan, everyone is still waiting. They seem to be worried now. Pratibha says its been so long. I wonder where they are? Lata says please don’t worry too much. They must be on their way.

Zee World: My Golden Home 29 May 2019 Update
Pratibha says its such an auspicious day. Where are they? The news is on and the reporter say 4-5 people have been injured severely. Pratibha puts her hand on Aruna scared. Asmi changes the channel and the reporter says 2 cars in Ujjain met with a terrible accident. And one woman has died. We don’t have any further information yet so right now we can’t mention any names. Asmi closes the TV. Pratibha says what…Pratibha says the members of the same family disappeared together? I pray to God that they all get well soon.

Sheetal says on such an auspicious day to hear such news, I’m very scared. Pratibha says may God give the family members of that family strength. Aruna says may that woman’s soul rest in peace who died in this accident. The priest seems scared and says a few things. He says something along the lines that no one will be able to tell what will happen next. He seems very scared though.

Please protect them God. He starts praying. In room #7 Nilanjana is lying there dead. A picture of hers with a garland around it is shown. Everyone is gathered for her funeral. Mayank says mamma open your eyes. If you don’t wake up then who will pack my lunch? Who will help me with my homework? Please mamma wake up.

My Golden Home 29 May 2019 Update
He looks at Viren and says you were driving the car right? Nothing happen to you. Then what happened to mummy? The mother starts crying and says Nilu why did you leave us all? Viren all of a sudden says all of you go out. I want to spend some time alone with my wife. No one gets up. Viren says I told you all that I want to spend some time alone with my wife so please go outside. Everyone except the direct family get up and leave. Viren says maa, I want to decorate Nilu with my own hands with her favorite saree. Please take Mayak away. Mayank says no I won’t go anywhere. You took away my mom from me. My Golden Home 29 May 2019 Update

Every time you always want your way with things. But today…The mother says no Mayak. You don’t say that. If your sister hears then it’ll be trouble. For your sister’s sake be quiet. The grandfather of Mayank takes him away. The mother leaves as well. Mayank leaves crying. Viren says Nilu I remember all of your likes. The clock rings. Pratibha says its been so long. Where are they all? Priyanka says mummy please don’t worry. They all must be reaching soon. Shelly says Priyanka try calling again. Priyanka says okay. I will do it now. She dials.

My Golden Home 29 May 2019 Update
One of the guests at the funeral tells Nilu’s father that is has been a while now and they need to continue with the last rites of Nilu. The father says okay. He looks over at Viren who is holding Nilu in his arms. Tears start falling down his eyes. He puts her down on the ground. He starts remembering their moments together. He sees Nilu and walks towards her. Of course its only his imagination. The background song is the same song Nilu sung in the car. He follows Nilu. He comes back to reality when the father says Viren…It’s time to take Nila. Abha is worried sick at the hospital.

The doctor comes to Abha and says we will have to do a second operation on your husband. He is losing a lot of blood. His blood group is AB- which is very rare. If you could arrange with someone in your family who has the same blood group then that would be the best. Because your husband’s life is in danger.

Madam there is no time to think. Please hurry up. Call someone. Abha is crying and the doctor comes to Abha saying that we need to do a second operation on your husband. He is losing a lot of blood. His blood group is AB- which is very rare. Please try to arrange with anyone from your family who has the same blood group that would match. Your husband’s life is in danger and there is no time to think. Please hurry up. Call someone.

My Golden Home 29 May 2019 Update
Abha is crying and a nurse says madam, please get these injections, its very important. Abha runs out to get it while Archana and Manav enters the hospital and they do not see each another. Archana stops a nurse and asks if Tejaswani is here and the nurse says madam, look here.

A major accident has taken place and many people are hurt and are admitted here. I don’t have much time, please and the nurse leaves. Abha goes to the pharmachy and gets the medicines as per the list and the pharmacist says all is for 3000. Abha counts the cash she has with her and says i only have 2000. The Pharmacist says no madam, you need to pay in full. Abha says please look, my husband and family are in serious condition. Its a matter of life. You can take my number and i would pay you later.

Please. The Pharmacist says no madam. Abha looks at her bangles and says please keep this, its gold bangles.

The Pharmacist says there is no need for it madam, please leave your name and address. Abha says Abha Karan Prasad from Swarn Bhavan, Ujjain. At Swarn Bhavan, Aruna comes to Pratibha and says its getting late for the prayers. Why don’t Raj and Lata start the prayers? Pratibha says you are right.

They both are also our family. The house phone rings where Abha is calling while Pratibha calls Raj and Lata to sit for the prayers. Shelly notices the phone ringing and picks up the call. Abha hears everyone getting ready for the prayers and cries while Shelly keeps saying who is it? Please say something as i can’t hear anything. Abha says Shelly… Shelly can’t hear and hangs the call. A nurse comes to Abha saying madam, the patient in room number 7 is very serious.

My Golden Home 29 May 2019 Update
Abha says number 7? Vimal? The nurse says yes, we need to do an operation for him and we need you to sign these papers. Abha takes the papers and the nurse says you need to pay money and till then, nothing much can be done. Abha gets angry and throws the papers shouting Money! Money! Money! Money is so big for you?Is this a hospital or a bank? Saving life is your duty and you have to do it.

What sort of hospital is it that you don’t even have blood in the blood bank. My family is fighting for their lives and only money is your concern. Look here, you will get your money. I will wait here and not go anywhere. Please do something! Manav and Archana is searching if Teju is admitted and the doctor says look here, a major operation has taken place and many people are injured.

Just give me some time and i would search for her. Archana turns and sees Abha shouting. Archana says Abha? Archana goes to Abha and says Abha! What happened? Abha hugs Archana and cries? Archana asks what happened? Why are you crying? Manav asks Abha, where is Karan? Abha cries and a doctor comes saying Mrs Prasad, have you found the blood? Manav says blood?

Doctor, what happened? The doctor says she was coming back with her family and her car meet with major accident. Her husband is critical and he needs a lot of blood. His blood group is AB- and we do not have that blood group. Manav says AB-? Plese prepare to get the blood. My blood group is AB-. Abha looks at Manav and folds her hands before him. Manav says don’t worry Abha. Nothing will happen to Karan.

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