My Golden Home

My Golden Home 31st May 2019 On Zee World

My Golden Home 31st May 2019 On Zee World

My Golden Home 31 May 2019 Update - Zee World

My Golden Home 31 May 2019 – Zee World

Today’s episode starts with Abha saying that I understand that a male who is either father,son or husband does this. But circumstances have led to this decision. From today onwards, I will take all household responsibility.

All women will perform in lighting the bodies. Abha takes the water pot and goes around and then breaks it. Raghav gives Abha the fire wood and she calls pratibha to help her lit the body of jagmohan. Then she moves over to Prakash , Lata and kanika help Abha. Then Abha and Priyanka does it for Veer.

  • My Golden Home 31st May 2019

Abha looks over to Shelly and brings her and somehow make her lit the body of vimal. Then all leaves. Abha receives the phone call and the nurse tells Abha that all specialists declining to do operation as it is a very critical case. Dr. Roy has declined to do operation also. Abha is shocked and says she will talk to Dr. Roy.

My Golden Home 31st May 2019 on Zee World

Viren is sitting quietly. Phone is ringing. Mishti tells Viren to take call and tell mom to come quickly or else she won’t talk to mom. Viren takes the call and says Nilu to come asap or else I and Mishti won’t talk to you. Viren is crying and ends the call. Mishti is happy and she says that watch mom will return now. Now she won’t get yelled by teacher and her lesson will be complete. Viren asks which lesson and she says moral of the story.

Viren tells that if somebody slaps you or hurts you then you do the same. If somebody takes away your precious thing then you do the same.

Mishti says that dad you are saying everything wrong and mom already studied this lesson with me and you know nothing. Viren gets angry tells that he is right and you will follow his steps. Grandma is watching all this and crying. Kanika hugs Abha. Kanika asks how is Karan brother and Abha says her friend nilanjana’s husband, Dr. Roy will do the operation.

Zee World Series: My Golden Home 31st May 2019

Kanika tells Abha that we can’t loose Karan and you are the only one who can bring him back. Abha says that you are right and prays to god that only last ray of light left and please save my Karan.

Abha starts singing “Prabhuji sada hi kripa banaye rakhna”. Kanika,lata, priyanka,pratibha and Sheetal joins in. But then in middle of song starts crying. Swarn Bhavan phone rings. Abha takes the call and nurse says that all doctors are saying no. Only Dr. Viren Roy can do operation. Abha tells herself that if Karan can be saved by Dr. Roy then he will do the operation.

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