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NSPPD Live 13th February 2024 with Pastor Jerry Eze 

NSPPD Live 12th February 2024 - Pastor Jerry Eze 

NSPPD Live 13th February 2024 with Pastor Jerry Eze 

Pastor Jerry Eze LIVE Today 13 February 2024 on NSPPD FIRE ALTAR 🔥  New Season Prophetic Prayers And Declarations


NSPPD Live 13th February 2024 – Pastor Jerry Eze 

DO YOU KNOW THAT? NSPPD is the highest-viewed prayer platform on time and has become a household name with this popular slogan: WHAT GOD CANNOT DO DOES NOT EXIST

About Streams of Joy International
Streams of Joy is a church made up of people from many ethnic backgrounds and nationalities with strong passion to serve God, love one another, saturating our environment and the world with tangible proofs that What God Cannot Do Does Not Exist!

What Does Prayer Do?
Prayer is simply communicating our thoughts with Him by expressing how we feel or what we think or desire at every point in time. It’s important to bear in mind that prayer is our medium to responds to God.

Why We Speak A WORD?
Make a commitment today to deliberately watch the things we hear or see or expose our minds to, as this would help us yield continually to the Holy spirit who’s committed to help us.

Why We Worship
By Worshipping God, we are reminded of the greatness of God! His power and presence in our lives is reinforced in our understanding  NSPPD TODAY LIVE 13 FEBRUARY 2024

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