Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire 19 February 2020 Update

Ring of Fire 19 February 2020 Update

Ring of fire 19 February 2020 starts as Anurag asks Shristi if she is fine. She nods yes. Ragini asks Vishu not to worry, she will inform her father and he will teach goons a lesson. She calls Vikral, but does not get mobile network. Shristi says she thinks this is Mukhiyayan’s act, they should see police help. Anurag says he thinks she is right and goes into temple to search landline.

Ragini thinks her mister can do anything for Shristi. Anurag asks pandit about landline. Panditji says landline is not working, mobile network fluctuates here, he can try that, anyways he is in matarani’s darbar and she will protect everyone here. Anurag starts searching network.

Ring of Fire 19 February 2020 Update

Goons surround Ragini and point gun at her. She warns them to back off as she plays with gun since childhood. Goon says his boys were telling she was flying too high. He fires bullet in air. Anurag runs back and pushes goon to floor. He punches goons. Goon overpowers him and trashes. Ragini thinks why he tries herogiri when he cannot. She pleads goons to spare her husband and punish her.

Goons take them aside. She sees ash and signals Anurag, he does not understand. She signals Shristi and she signals Anurag, he understands. Ragini fumes that he understands only Shristi’s signals. They all 4 pick ash and throw on goons and then trash them. Goons overpower again. Parag with Narad reaches on time and trashes goons. Narad fires bullet in air. Ragini punishes goons. Parag asks Anurag to finish pooja, situation is under control. Anurag says they will go home as they are injured.

Pandit stops them and asks not to go as matarani protected them, they should finish havan kund ritual and then go. Parag says he has called mechanic to fix car, till then he will handle goons. Anurag asks to handover goon to police. Pandit asks them to sit for pooja. Ring of Fire 19 February 2020 Update

Revati gets tensed after Purshotam and Vikral calls her and asks about Shristi and Ragini. She tells amma that poor advocate and Vikral made her worried more.

Pandit starts pooja and asks each couple to add wood in havan. Ragini and Anurag do same. Vishu tries but cannot due to his hand injury. Shristi helps him. Pandit says they will go for next ritual and walks into temple. Anurag gets Divya’s call and asks where is he. He says they reached temple and will complete pooja. Phone disconnects due to network failure. Divya informs Revati they are safe. Revati thanks god. Dulari says they must have gone to cinema hall as network is usually weak there. Revati scolds her.

Vishu applies medicine to Shristi’s wound and she feels connected to him. Ragini applies medicine to Anurag’s wounds on the other side. Vishu tells Shristi that he taught they would not win against goons. Shristi says even she thought, but Ragini fought bravely. Anurag says let us go and walks away. Ragini tells Shristi that she crossed first step of winning her husband’s heart, soon she will win his heart completely. Ring of Fire 19 February 2020 Update

Anurag, Ragini, Vishu, and Shristi prays Ichapurti mata. Panditji says they have to follow other rituals to complete pooja. Ragini asks what they have to do. Panditji asks to pick water pot nearby and drop it on one’s wife and then apply mata’s kumkum, he will tell other rituals later.

They all 4 walk towards venue. Vishu walks holding Shristi’s hand while Ragini walks looking at Anurag. Shhristi sits for ritual. Vishu tells Shristi when daadi sent them here, they should complete the ritual. Anurag drops water on Ragini’s head while Vishu drops water on shristi’s head.

Anurag reminisces Vikral pointing gun at Vidhvan and Brijbhan, his marriage with Ragini, etc., thinks he is doing all rituals which he don’t like because of Daadi. Shristi reminisces her father’s words and thinks same.

After ritual, panditji asks husband and wife to exchange garlands. Ragini picks garland first followed by Vishu. Anurag and Shristi pick garlands hesitantly. Ragini drops garland first followed by Anuag hesitantly. Panditji asks to apply sindoor on wife’s forehead. Anurag does hesitantly. Ring of Fire 19 February 2020 Update

Mangalam bhavan Vishnu….plays in the background. Vishu applies sindhoor on Shristi’s forehead. Panditji asks to do pheras around temple holding each other’s hands. Ragini gets very happy. Taare hain baarati, chand ye baarat…song..plays in the background. Shristi thinks she did not think Vishu would be so brave. They all 4 perform rituals.

Dulari while preparing garland for pooja asks Daadi if they will remarry in temple. Daadi says as per ritual they will exchange garlands. Dulari says once they come here, they should have halwa to get some energy. Dulari says ammaji has good plans to reunite couples, even she needs once so that her husband comes back to her from Mumbai.

Daadi asks to fast on Mondays, her husband will come running to her. Chutki asks her to not fill her tummy full if she is fasting. Dulari says she can fast whole life if her husband returns.

All 4 reach kitchen area. Vishu says panditji told about kitchen prasad, they should have it. Ragini goes to take prasad. Cook says she should have prasad in single plate with her husband and drink water from same glass. Ragini images asking Anurag to feed her from his hands and he does. Anurag gets her out of her imagination and thinks this cannot be reality. Cook says Anurag he has to have food in single plate.

Ring of Fire 19 February 2020 Update Ragini happily says okay and says her hands are paining fighting with goon, if Anurag can feed her. Anurag picks food when Vishu coughs. Anurag pays attention to him. Ragini thinks when will rahu and ketu/Vishu and Shristi get out of her life.

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