The Heir

The Heir 03 October 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 03 October 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 03 October 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Raj hugs Sakshi. Inspector comes with manager. Raj asks how are you doing this, what happened. Sakshi says leave me. Inspector says you have to come with us to police station, we got news about prostitution racket. Raj says no, I m from decent family. Inspector calls Mannu and asks is she your wife. Raj gets shocked.

Amba sees the godown door open and looks for Simran. She recalls Simran’s words and goes to find her. Harjeet and Mohini look for Kalgi. Nihaal and Pammi say its nowhere. Harjeet asks how did it disappear. Rohan says one who needs money will steal it. Nihaal says right, but who will need money here. Harjeet thinks of Rohan. Amba looks for Simran. Raj asks Sakshi to wait and goes to talk to the inspector.

Inspector asks him to prove his marriage, else just sit. Mannu comes and gives water to them. Harjeet looks for Kalgi in Rohan’s cupboard. He gets the kalgi and asks Rohan about it. Rohan says its kalgi, what else. Harjeet asks how did this reach your cupboard, you started stealing for wine.

Amrit comes. Rohan says I did not steal, I don’t know. Harjeet slaps him. Jagan asks Amba where is she going. Amba says I just came to godown. Jagan asks her to come home, my guests are coming, I want you to cook food. She thinks I have to find Simran. He insists and takes her. Rohan is thrown out of the house. He falls on car. Simran is inside the car. He says I did not steal kalgi, this is my house soon. Harjeet pushes him and says now you have to work hard to come close to me.

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Amrit holds Rohan and says where will he go, making him leave house is not a solution. Rohan says I don’t need anyone’s favor. Mohini asks Harjeet to forgive Rohan. Harjeet says see what he did by his drinking habit, he is arguing, see his attitude, tell me one reason to keep him at home. Mohini says he is your son. Harjeet says he has to do something, see Raj, he married enemy’s daughter for us, Rohan can come back if he does anything for family.

Mannu says inspector is right, one should not romance anyone in hotel room when he already has wife, tell inspector I m your wife, then I will save you, promise. Raj says I will never say you are my wife. Mannu says lets see what police does with you. A man comes to file report. He sees Raj and says he is Harjeet Bajwa’s son. Mannu signs the man.

The man says Raj is big man’s son, he would not do crime that police catches him. Inspector asks Raj did he know about his marriage. Raj says please try to understand. Inspector says put him in lockup. Sakshi asks what do you mean. Inspector scolds them. They put Raj in lockup.

Mannu comes and says I will give you proof, he is my husband, I m his wife, Raj made me wear this mangalsutra. She asks Raj to say. Raaj says yes, Preet is my wife. Mannu tells the inspector that Sakshi is her friend, she was staying in same hotel. Inspector asks how to verify you arr saying true. Mannu asks him to come to village and check. Raj gets angry.

The Heir 03 October 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 03 October 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mohini apologizes to Rohan and does aid to his hand. She says this happened because of Preet, Harjeet stays angry all the time, Preet has come to ruin this house, once we throw her out, you can come back. She gives him money and car keys, asking him to take care. Mohini thinks I will make them out of the house one by one.

Mannu and Raj are on the way with police. She holds Raj’s hand and says this would have not happened if you were not with Sakshi, husband should be with wife after marriage. Sakshi looks at them. Jagan is with his friends. Amba comes.

Jagan says Amba is cooking really good dishes. Amba worries thinking of Simran. She misses Preet. Raavi pacifies. Amba says I have cooked food, I have to go out. Jagan sees Amba going and thinks what is she hiding. He follows her.

Police stop at the Dhaba. Mannu does not let Sakshi sit with Raj. Raj signs Sakshi. Inspector asks them to order food if they want. Mannu says my hands look dirty, Raj feed me food. She holds his hand. Raj pulls his hand away. He sees the inspector and eats food.

Mannu asks the inspector did he feed food to his wife, when he went on his honeymoon. Inspector says yes. Mannu says Raj is shy and not feeding my food well, he is shy as if Sakshi is his lover, not a friend. Raj sees an inspector and feeds Mannu.

Mannu taunts Sakshi. Raj coughs. Mannu feeds him water. Rohan thinks of Harjeet’s words. Simran says drive faster. Rohan turns to see her and gets shocked. He says Simmi…. and hits the car to the tree. Simran gets down the car and says you are very bad. Rohan asks her where is he going. He goes after her.

Amba sees Simran and goes to her. She gets hurt. She sees Jagan hiding and looking on. Amba thinks Jagan can see Simran, what shall I do. Rohan asks Simmi is she alive. Simran says I won’t talk to you. Rohan sees Amba and takes Simmi. Amba distracts Jagan and prays for Simran.

Jagan comes and asks why are you sitting here, go. She makes excuse and worries for Simran. Mannu says I will wash hands and come. Simran also washes her hands. Sakshi stops Mannu and argues. Mannu says I m just showing love, Raj loves me, he was making me jealous. Sakshi says things will change after we reach home. The Heir 03 October 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mannu says you have to make stories to come close to Raj. Sakshi goes. Inspector asks them to sit in car. Simran leaves from there. Mannu washes her hands. Sakshi says I can’t bear this now. Raj says even I m thinking the same. The place catches fire. Mannu gets caught inside the fire. Mannu sees Raj.

Rohan catches Simran. She gets scared. Amba comes to meet the old lady. She asks for Simran, did she come here. The lady says I did not see her since that day. Amba thinks where did Simran go. Simran asks Rohan to leave her. Inspector sees the fire and asks them to save Mannu.

Mannu sees Raj. He turns away. Mannu recalls friendship with Raj. She does not move. Raj looks at her. People try to blow off fire. Raj jumps inside the fire ring and saves Mannu. They have an eye lock. Mannu thinks I was not wrong, I have realized you love me. Inspector and everyone claps for Raj. Mannu fails to get up. Raj holds her. Moh moh ke dhaage…..plays…. He lifts Raj. Inspector says they both have love in their eyes, I have no doubt on them.

Mannu recalls their moments. Inspector sends them in the car. Raj comes home, lifting Mannu in arms. Harjeet and everyone get shocked. Amrit smiles and says Raj and Preet together. Sakshi comes. Mohini asks what’s all this Sakshi, Raj went with you. Sakshi cries and hugs her. Raj takes Mannu to room. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt. Raj frees it and goes. Mannu recalls Raj saving her and smiles. Amrit asks when did my son get senses Preet.

Amba thinks how to find out where did Simran go, Preet would have got some way. She calls Mannu. Mannu says maybe she got to know I m very happy. She talks happily. Amba thinks it won’t be good to tell her about Simran. She says nothing, I just felt to hear your voice, so-called. Mannu says you did well. Amba says take care and ends the call. She cries and prays for Simran.

Raj looks in Rohan’s room and thinks where did he go. Mohini says Harjeet has made him leave the house, Preet is behind this. Raj asks how can this happen, she was with me. She says we have seen you lifting her in arms, she is clever, she did her work soon. She says Mannu showed she pities Rohan. Harjeet has thrown Rohan out, Preet did all this, poor Rohan. Raj gets angry. Amrita feeds food to Mannu. Mannu cries and misses Amba. Pammi comes and asks for Raj’s kundli.

Amrit says I will get it, you go. She says Raj saved Mannu from fire and got her home. Mannu and Amrit go downstairs and see pandit matching Raj and Sakshi’s Kundlis. Mannu says he is the same pandit who got our marriage done. Pandit praises their jodi. Mannu asks what are you saying, you got us married, you are seeing Kundlis, what’s this.

Pandit says when marriage did not happen, how to accept it, that day marriage could not fulfill, there was some drama. Mannu asks how can you forget, you got us married, you are the only witness. Pandit says no, don’t make me lie, I m pandit and know everything, the marriage did not get completed. Harjeet asks Raj to kick out Mannu, its no use to keep her here. Mannu gets shocked. The Heir 03 October 2019 Update On Zee World Series

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