The Heir

The Heir 10 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 10 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 10 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Today’s episode starts with Chandar asking Kamli why was she calling him so many times. She says I m trying to save your marriage, Amba has come and asked me to tell her family about our relationship and stop the marriage, don’t worry, I m with you, I came to take my prize. Chandar says you will get it after my marriage. He ties her hands and pushes her on the bed. She asks will you do this for my loyalty. He asks her to be here till his marriage if Amba comes again and convinces you. She asks don’t you trust me… He says I can’t even trust Bansal.

She says this is injustice, let me go. He says you won’t have a problem here and ties her. He locks the room.

Its morning, Simran goes to Amba and finds her grinding something. Amba says this is herbs, if anyone eats this, it will spoil stomach, I have to convince that girl, I don’t have time, marriage is today, Baraat can stop if Chandar gets unwell, he is staying here, I will add this in his food, I need time to convince that girl.

Jagan scolds his men. Swaroop comes to Pavaniya house. Jagan gets shocked seeing her. She asks did Simran’s marriage gets canceled, did your dreams get ruined. She laughs. He jokes on her and says marriage did not break, panchayat will decide on what Harjeet did, laugh now.

Zee World Update: The Heir 10 July 2019

Inspector talks to Harjeet and asks why did you do all that yesterday night, it good no one has seen you, there won’t be any case, you have to see sarpanch, its no use to do this, marriage is still happening. Raman hears them and says Simran’s marriage did not break. Jagan says marriage did not break, if you have come, I will not let you go empty-handed, you were my mistress before. He throws money on her face. The men laugh. She fumes.

Amba goes to Chandar and says I came to say that Simran is now going to your house, I m sorry, forget whatever happened in past. Chandar says you came to me and made food for me yourself. She says yes, I made it for you, thinking you will forgive me, Mannu and Simran. He does not eat food and smiles. He says I have locked Kamli…. She gets shocked as he leaves the food. He says I have Kamli, she met me yesterday, you met her at Chakla to make her meet Bebe, Kamli can cheat me too, I know you are not wrong, I would have done same to add something in food and postpone marriage for some days, but I have kept fast and I will breakfast when I get my wife, so I can’t eat food, your hard work got waste. Amba gets sad.

Raavi welcomes Chandar and does his aarti. Amba cries and her tear falls on Simran’s hand. She apologizes to Simran and says I failed, I cheated you, you would have got saved if you run away from here and gave life, I stopped you and asked you to trust me. Simran says I have no complaints. Amba says your mum lost, forgive me. Simran says I did not listen to you and all this happened, you are the world’s best mum, I want to become like you.

Babli comes to perform in the marriage function. a man tells something to Chandar. Mannu looks on. Simran gets ready. Chandar goes to Babli. She says this is blackmail and says if you make us away, then everyone will know secrets, if you kidnap our girls, then….Chandar asks so what will you do, I know how to keep women, shoes look good in feet, it can’t be kept on the head, you all have the same status, just think of money. He gives her money. Mannu sees them. Chandar asks her to perform well and leaves.

Mannu goes to Babli. She scolds him and asks why did he come again. He says I heard you and Chandar fighting, you are angry as Chandar has hidden Kamli. She says when you grow up, you will also make a woman a shoe. He says no, I m not such boy. She says I can’t help you. He says I will free Kamli, tell me where is she, I will get her. She jokes on him. She says Chandar did not tell me, but I know Kamli went to meet Chandar, go and get Kamli. Mannu says I will surely get Kamli Didi. She says this won’t happen, if you free Kamli and save your sister, then throw this money on Chandar’s face from my side. She goes and performs on Dil mera muft ka……. Mannu goes to find Kamli. Raavi goes to Simran. Mannu hits a goon with gulel. Chandar dances with Babli. Mannu finds Kamli and asks her to come with him fast.

  • The Heir 10 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kamli gets hurt by glass piece hurting her feet. Raman comes to meet Simran. She gets shocked and asks why did you come here, go from here. Raman asks don’t you want to run away from this marriage, I wanted to meet you for the last time, is there no way to stop this marriage. Simran says don’t do anything, I can’t see my mummy breaking, go from here. He sees her in bridal wear and cries. Bolna mahi bolna…………plays…………….He gets sad and leaves.

Chandar sits in the mandap. Amba brings Simran and recalls Simran’s wish to study. Simran sits in the mandap. Chandar smiles seeing her.

Raman comes in disguise and seeing Simran in the mandap. Bolna mahi bolna…………plays………… Simran sees him. pandit asks for Mannu to do rituals. They all look for Mannu. Bebe says Amba does not care for anything and asks her about Mannu. Amba asks Gunjan. Gunjan says I did not see him since long time. Mannu asks Kamli to come fast. Kamli says my feet is aching, I can’t wait.

The Heir 10 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mannu says they will catch you, come. The goons come and surround them. They decide to tie up Kamli and Mannu. Kamli says we can’t get saved. Mannu recalls goons drinking and playing cards. He says see there, Chandar has come and throws money in the air. The goons pick money. Mannu leaves with Kamli.

Bebe says Jagan will do all rituals. Jagan does Ghatbandhan rituals. Amba cries.

Simran and Raman are sad. Kamli says I can’t walk more, you saved me, you have courage, I don’t have courage, I can’t give a statement to save your sister, will you forgive me. Mannu says Chandar beats you, if he marries my sister, don’t know what will he do, I can’t force you, I lost, take care. He cries and leaves. Kamli looks on.

Pandit asks Chandar to take the ring and fill sindoor in bride’s Maang. Mannu comes there. Amba asks where were you. Bansal asks did you get police again. Everyone laugh. Bebe tells Amba that I won’t leave you if your son does something. Chandar asks pandit to make Mannu do rituals. Pandit asks Mannu to give sindoor box to Chandar.

Mannu sadly does so. Chandar says I was waiting for you, give me this box fast, I told you I will marry your sister, see I will take her with me. Mannu gets angry and throws sindoor box in the havan kund fire. Everyone gets shocked. The people say what did Shah ji do, will this marriage happen or not. Bansal asks what is this. Mannu tells Bebe that he is breaking this marriage, and shows Babli and Kamli to them. Chandar gets shocked and says how did she come here.

Babli recalls Chandar’s words. Amba says I will tell Bebe, this is Chandar’s truth, I told you this man is very bad. Bansal says enough, I won’t bear this insult, keep Simran at home. Amba says I will keep Simran at home all life, but not give my daughter to animals like you. She tells Bebe about Chandar ……. Kamli says don’t stop, I have no shame to tell that Chandar spends nights with me. Bebe and everyone get shocked.

Babli says not just nights, Chandar gets fun to crush all women under her feet, this girl’s wounds are proof. Kamli says I have wounds all over my body. Chandar gets worried. Raavi asks Kamli to say who is she. Babli says you did not identify, we are Kotha women, I run a Chakla and Kamli works there.

They all get shocked. Babli says your husband Jagan were roaming around me when I was dancing. Raavi says its men’s work to dance, what happened to Amba, when did Amba go to Kotha, you took Shah there, strange, shall we believe these women and stop the marriage, marriage won’t stop. The Heir 10 July 2019 Update

Raavi says our family has respect, we don’t know about you. Chandar says I don’t know these women, what is Amba doing, are angry with me, you got these women to throw mud on me. Babli says when mud is thrown, your face lotus will blossom. She calls Chandar and says this is my phone. She asks them to see what Chandar saved her name as. Mannu shows phone and tells Bebe the name, Babli Chakle wali. Bebe gets shocked.

Babli asks shall I give missed calls from Kamli’s phone too or did you remember us, we denied to recognize us. Babli and Kamli smile. Chandar says these women do so much for money, we will do rituals. Bebe says you said you don’t know them, how did number come in your phone. Raavi says Chandar knows them, but look at them, if men don’t go to such women, will we go. Babli says fine, then get Chandar married to Simran, what will you do when Chandar hurts and beats Simran. Raavi says man raises hand sometimes, it does not mean he is mad.

Bebe asks did my son raise hand on you, I have slapped you for your mistake being like your mum, one who raises hand on woman is not a man, I will not fix my granddaughter’s marriage with such bad man. Chandar says enough of insult, I will do what I want, I came to get girl and I will take girl.

He holds Simran’s hand and takes around with her. They all get shocked. Amba asks Bebe to stop them. Jagan asks Chandar to listen. Bebe gets a hunter and beats Chandar. Chandar holds the hunter and pushes Bebe. Raman holds Bebe. Jagan shouts Bebe….. Everyone get shocked

Bebe asks Jagan to not let Chandar go if you have Pavaniya’s blood. Jagan shouts to Neki and servants to catch them. Chandar says old woman, I will see who can stop me now. Amba holds hunter and says don’t dare to touch my Bebe. Simran pushes Chandar. Mannu throws sindoor on Chandar. Amba beats Chandar with hunter and asks how dare you beat my Bebe. Bansal scolds Amba.

Bebe says Chandar is mean and you all are liars, I will not leave him. Bansal cancels the deal with Jagan. Bebe says we won’t do deal with you. The kids beat Bansal. Raman tells Simran that I told you everything will be fine. He goes.

Bebe asks Chandar to get lost, if you come this way, you will not go on legs. Mannu says this is Babli’s money and throws on Chandar’s face. Babli smiles. Chandar fumes and sees Babli. He says game did not get over, I will come again. Everyone leaves. Amba cries and says everything got fine. She hugs her children. Amba says I lost courage, my son has….. Simran says my brother saved me. They all smile. Gunjan asks is Bebe happy or sad by breaking this marriage.

Zee World Series: The Heir 10 July 2019 Update

Jagan gets angry and says this happened because of Mannu. Raavi says I told you to leave deal and kidnap Mannu, you were not listening. He gets angry. Bebe shouts Jagan, you stained our family. Raavi says I feel Bebe is cursing you. Bebe throws things and says Jagan you ruined our name. Jagan asks what are you doing. Bebe is drunk.

She slaps him hard and says I should have done this earlier, Amba was shouting and said Jagan did not do fix right relation, I asked you about checking guy, what did you say, you said you are like Simran’s father, you have done her deal, which father does this, tell me, you were selling Simran to Bansals for your profit, if you and your wife hurt any family member, then I will disown you and your wife from this house’s property, remember this. Jagan and Raavi get shocked. Bebe cries. Amba hugs her children. More Update Coming Later…

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