The Heir

The Heir 10 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 10 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 10 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

A man asks Charan is he giving them lecture by entering their fields. Charan looks at his rival’s son. Lala ji’s son stop Charan in his fields. Amba gets tensed. Harjeet says you came wrong way Charan, if you came, you should have not got caught this way. Charan says you don’t take ahead, we decided we will celebrate Baisakhi together.

Harjeet says the matter has gone ahead now. Charan stops and looks on. Harjeet says I get peace seeing fear on Pavaniya’s face, I get fun in fighting with your brother, not you, you could not make your wife give birth to a son, what to talk about manhood to you. Amba says real man is the one who stops the fight and initiates friendly talks. Harjeet says your wife is proud of your manhood, what do you do with her. Charan gets angry and holds his neck.

Zee World: The Heir 10 June 2019 Update

The men catch Charan, Amba and their daughters. Amba says leave them. Harjeet beats Charan. Charan says you are very weak to attack on children. Harjeet says you mean you are strong, from today you can’t show your manhood to anyone. He asks Amba to make her husband wear her jewelry and also dupatta. Amba refuses and cries. Harjeet asks Amba to do this fast, else …. She cries and asks them to leave her daughters.

Charan cries and nods. He goes to Amba and removes his Pagdi. She cries. She stops Charan from taking her maangtika. She says no, our respect is with your respect, we will die, but not do this. He says one is not a man who can’t protect his wife and children. He takes her maangtik and wears it. Harjeet laughs and joke on Charan. Harjeet asks his goon to take Amba’s dupatta and make Charan wear it.

Charan gets angry and fumes. The men catch Charan. Charan beats the men and stop them from taking away Amba’s dupatta. Charan and the rival guy fume to start the fight. They all stop saying Lala ji has come. Lala ji gets down his car and walks to them. Harjeet complains that Charan was hitting our pind kid with his car. Lala ji asks where is the kid. He asks the kid did she get hurt by the car.

The girl says no. Lala ji slaps Harjeet and says kids just say the truth, Charan is not our enemy, he is helpless, his car got struck in pit, he has his family with him, you all want to take advantage of this, leave them. Charan apologizes to Lala ji and says its my mistake too, I also raised hand, it was about my wife’s respect, I could have dealt with this better way too.

  • The Heir 10 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Lala ji apologizes and says such bad thing happened with you in our field, I m sorry. Charan says no, you are elder, just bless me..Lala ji asks Harjeet to hear Charan, power is not in beating others, but in protecting family. He asks his men to push the car. Amba takes Charan’s Pagdi. The men push the car.

Charan gets his car out of pit. He asks Amba to come and greet Lala ji. Lala ji wishes congratulations for the coming baby, and asks what name did you think. She says son’s name Manpreet. Lala ji says great. Charan says Lala ji, we will wait for you in fair. Lala ji stares at Harjeet. He returns Charan’s pagdi to him and smiles. Charan leaves with his family and reach the fair.

Charan tells Amba that I can’t tell everyone the truth, you can tell them if you want. Jagan gets this news and asks did you touch Parjai, how dare they, is this news sure. He fumes. Jagan’s wife gets jealous seeing Amba and shows off her jewelry which she got for giving birth to a son. Charan and Amba hear the taunts. Jagan sees Charan and his family coming.

He goes to Charan and asks how did you take so much time to come, you got stuck in rival’s fields, how much more respect will you lose, you got stuck in Bajwao’s field. Amba says the jeep was stuck, they helped in pushing the jeep, we can’t help if you want to fight without any reason, we shall sit now. The Heir 10 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Bajwaos come there. Jagan gets angry. Lala ji comes there and everyone greet him. Harjeet says friendship with Pavaniya should end, you like to have peace, Charan trapped you, if Pavaniya can have roof on their heads, why is my wife sitting in sunlight.

Lala ji says last year, you did not arrange water for Pavaniyas, if you slap once, they will slap you then, Charan and I are trying to get peace in this pind, and about his third child, I will pray he gets a son so that he stays a Shah, Jagan and you can’t do anything. Harjeet says your wish, I will not let my wife Amrit sit here in sunlight. He asks his wife to come…. Jagan shouts and stops him taunting on Bajwaos. He asks Harjeet is he running away.

Harjeet gets angry and Lala ji stops him. Charan says I got both families for Baisakhi…. Amba tells some plan. Bebe looks on. Charan smiles and goes to Lala ji. Bebe asks Amba what did she tell Charan. Charan asks Lala ji to sit with them, they will be glad. Harjeet scolds him and asks why did he not show greatness in his fields. Lala ji asks Harjeet to shut up.

Charan asks Harjeet and Amrit to come. Jagan says once Bebe makes me Shah, I will show them Shah’s power. Jagan’s wife says Parjai will give birth to a girl again, then you will become Shah. Charan get Lala ji to his family. Lala ji wishes happy baisakhi to Bebe. Bebe says you can celebrate such 10 baisakhi, my baisakhi will happen that day when I see your family dead, I will dance that day, sit here, but remember I did not forget anything.

Amrit asks Amba how is she, how is baby, he would be kicking, it will be a boy. Amba smiles. Amrit says I got three sons, I wish you also get a son by my fate this time. Jagan’s wife says its some less now, Bebe will make Jagan the Shah, as Amba can’t give a son. The Heir 10 June 2019 Update

Amba says yes, its matter of some time, the one who dreams with open eyes are fools. Amba asks Amrit about her sister in law Swaroop, she did not come in Baisakhi, I heard she dances well. Jagan’s wife says with whom will Swaroop dance, I will dance with Jagan. Amba takes Lala ji’s blessings. Bebe scolds her. Charan asks them to sit. Jagan gets angry.

Lala ji says its deep wounds Charan, it will take many years to heal. Everyone clap for the kabaddi match. Harjeet is the captain of Bajwa’s team. Jagan gets angry. Amba says this is the time to use anger right way, play as a game and win as a Shah. Jagan goes. Jagan goes as captain of Pavaniya’s team. Everyone clap.

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