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The Heir 11 August 2019 Update – Zee World Series

The Heir 11 August 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Sunday 11th, August episode starts with Yuvraaj telling someone that today all the plan will work out. He says this fake scorpion will help me in scaring Bebe, I will save her life and then she will make me Shah. Yuvraaj comes to Bebe. Bebe cries and talks to Lord, that ones she loved cheated him, Charan and Jagan cheated her, it’s my mistake, but I will make it fine. Yuvraaj acts and screams.

Bebe asks what happened to you, what’s in your hand. He throws the scorpion. She asks did scorpion bite you, see your hand. He says scorpion was coming towards you, it would have bitten you. She asks why did you not tell me. He says you were praying so I did not shout.

Amba comes there and gets shocked. Bebe asks Amba to do something. She applies lep on Yuvraaj’s hand. Jagan and Sushila come. Yuvraaj says I know I have hurt Amba a lot, it’s not easy for her to come out of this pain. Amba, Jagan, and Sushila leave. Bebe says the poison will be soaked by this lep. He asks her to hug him, his pain will get half. Bebe hugs him. Mannu sees this and smiles. Its night, Bebe gets angry seeing Mannu.

She asks Mannu to leave. Mannu says I came to talk about Yuvraaj, Lord came me, girl, it’s not my mistake, you don’t want to make me Shah, to be true, I don’t want to become Shah, but Yuvraaj is Charan’s heir, you make him Shah. Amba hears them. Mannu says Yuvraaj’s heart is nice, he saved your life twice, he was leaving the village, his eyes are true,

Charan has hidden his relation, it’s not Yuvraaj’s mistake when Jagan pushed Yuvraaj, you felt bad, when he saved you from the scorpion, you hugged him. Amba cries. Mannu says if you loved me ever, then make Yuvraaj the Shah. Amba says Mannu, come. Bebe acts rude to Mannu. Amba takes Mannu and goes. The Heir 11 August 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Jagan goes to Yuvraaj and beats him. Yuvraaj screams. Jagan takes him and throws him. Sushila stops Jagan and takes him. Yuvraaj thinks Jagan has beaten me, I will not leave him. Sushila asks Jagan not to be angry and think of some solution if you make Yuvraaj leave, Bebe will find him and make him Shah, you hurt him such way that Bebe kicks him out, do something that he can’t become Shah then. Jagan smiles.

Amba scolds Mannu and asks why did you take Yuvraaj’s side. She says you are Shah, you are the heir of this house, no one else, you were going to ruin my hard work of 7 years, I know what I have gone through, I saved you from devils, you have to bear a lot, did you forget. Yuvraaj is no one, he is illegitimate, he is Charan’s cheat.

Mannu asks shall we spoil coming years, you may have done right, but this is not right, else we will lose Bebe, Bebe will never make me Shah, she will make Yuvraaj Shah, he is better than Jagan, he is Charan’s son and will bring peace in the village. Mannu asks her to support him. She refuses and asks him to leave. Yuvraaj sees Mannu and says don’t fight for me, I came to find my family, I got a lovely brother like you, I don’t want anything. Mannu hugs him. Bebe looks on.

Mannu wipes Yuvraaj’s tears. Yuvraaj wipes Mannu’s tears. Bebe goes. Yuvraaj asks Mannu to see what he got for him. He gives guava to Mannu. Mannu says you are so nice. Yuvraaj says she is your mum and has the right to be angry. Mannu eats guava. Yuvraaj thinks Mannu you think Amba is wrong, now that day is not far that Bebe will also find me good, I will not leave anyone who comes in my way to become Shah.

The Heir 11 August 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Jagan sends Sukhi to Yuvraaj. He says now Yuvraaj can’t get saved. Mannu hears Jagan. Yuvraaj meets the man and says why are we changing plan, fine I will pack my bag. He tries leaving. Jagan catches him. He calls everyone out. He asks Bebe to see the result of making a house a Dharamshala, see this guy is running away at night.

Mannu says Yuvraaj was not running. Yuvraaj says Jagan is right, I knew you would not let me go, so I was leaving now. Bebe asks why. He says you all have problems because of me.

Jagan scolds him and says I will show his truth. He shows the money and jewelry from the bag. He asks Bebe to see Yuvraaj’s truth, he is illegitimate. Mannu thinks and says Yuvraaj did this, Sukhi told me. Sukhi asks when did I tell you. Mannu says you told me that Yuvraaj has stolen Raavi’s necklace, you said we will catch him red-handed, now you can say the truth in front of everyone. Mannu shows its Raavi’s jewelry. Sukhi gets confused.

Mannu says if Sukhi says right, Jagan will be proved right. Sukhi says I did not say anything about our plan. Jagan gets angry. Mannu asks what plan. Bebe asks Jagan what was his plan. Jagan says you are coming in Mannu’s words, I caught Yuvraaj from running away with jewelry. Mannu says I will say the truth, Jagan told Sukhi to do this. I was in the kitchen and saw them, Jagan told Sukhi to put money and jewelry in Yuvraaj’s bag. Mannu says Jagan was afraid Bebe will make Yuvraaj Shah, so he did this.

Jagan scolds Sukhi. He says I was doing good for you. Bebe says yes, I m innocent and anyone can fool me. She sees Amba. She asks Jagan not to worry who will become Shah, I will end matter today, I declare that new Shah of Pavaniya will be Yuvraaj. They all get shocked. Bebe says he is Charan’s son, elder son, my heir. Mannu hugs Yuvraaj. Bebe says I did not forget that Jagan did with me. Jagan gets angry.

Amba goes to talk to Bebe. Bebe asks her not to say anything now. Amba argues with her. Bebe says Yuvraaj is illegitimate, but he is Charan’s son, heir, which Mannu can never become because Mannu is a girl, Mannu declared that Yuvraaj deserves to be the heir.

Amba says your son cheated me, he had a family, you find it right, why don’t you accept his mistake, if you accepted bahu and said forgive Charan, instead you are saying Charan was right, you want to make Yuvraaj heir as he is son, if I did this and had illegitimate child, what would you do, would you forgive me and accept my child, leave it, I m someone else’s daughter, if your son in law did this, what would you do.

Zee World Series: The Heir 11 August 2019 Update

Amba says you have no good fate that girl gets born to you, you would have killed her. Bebe says enough, about woman’s right, we are from society, society is not by me, I can’t break this rule, a girl can never stand equal to boys. Amba praises Mannu. She says you know Mannu failed Jagan and Harjeet, she did not lose as I trusted her, I encouraged her. Bebe asks her to leave. Amba says you proved the woman is woman’s enemy, I regret you are my Maa, you did wrong, I pity your thinking. She goes.

Amrit cries seeing Raj injured. Swaroop asks how did this happen. Raj says I fell down temple stairs. Raman comes and asks them to go and have food, till then he will sit with Raj. Swaroop takes Amrit. Raman takes care of Raj and asks him to say the truth. Raj lies.

Raman says I know you are lying, tell me. Raj tells about Yuvraaj. Raman gets shocked and angry. Raman says how dare he does this, I will teach him a lesson. Raj says no, Mannu and his mummy are worried, the matter will get worse, we will find some other way to make truth reach Mannu.

Jagan says I was kicking out that boy, but Sushia stopped me. He sees Yuvraaj going out. He says where is he going, I knew he is a fraud. He goes after Yuvraaj. He sees Yuvraaj with someone and goes to see. He takes a stick to beat them, and someone hits Jagan. Jagan falls.

Raman comes to Simran’s house at night and stops her. She gets shocked. He says listen to me, call Mannu, I have to tell imp thing about Raj. She asks are you mad to come like this, it’s not the right away. He says I m not joking, call Mannu fast. They hear Raavi and Sukhi. Raman says listen to me. Simran asks him to just leave and shuts the door.

Sushila gets Jagan. He asks what are you doing here. He catches Yuvraaj. Sushila says leave him. Jagan says he is working for someone, Bebe is making him Shah. Sushila says leave him, I know his game. Jagan asks what, who did he meet, how did you come here. She smiles and says you are not such fool like you look.

He asks her to say the truth. She says I m that mastermind. He gets shocked and says so you played this game since when is this going on. She laughs and says you asked a good question, it’s going on since Amba got that letter, which Charan’s fraud was written, you remember Raavi had sudden pain in the stomach, so Bebe took her inside the house, there was no pain, Raavi went there to keep the letter. FB shows Raavi keeping the letter in Charan’s bag. Sushila says that letter was fake, Charan was a saint man, but I did this.

Jagan says it means Yuvraaj is not illegitimate child of Charan. Sushila says no, I have planned this, I went to Barnala and played the game, and got Yuvraaj with Mannu, Mannu thinks he is very smart, but he is not, he believed Yuvraaj is his brother, and Bebe agreed by fake scorpion incident, I used Harjeet to insult Bebe so that she gets angry on Amba. Jagan says you cheated me and wants him to be Shah. The Heir 11 August 2019 Update – Zee World Series

She says no, I wanted to use your real anger, I provoked you, seeing you fighting, Mannu did not know his truth, even Amba feels Charan cheated her, Amba did not doubt on Yuvraaj, now once he becomes Shah, we will rule on that chair, we will see Mannu, Amba and everyone, you apologize to Yuvraaj in front of Mannu tomorrow. Jagan laughs.

Its morning, Simran tells Mannu that Raman has come at night to say something imp, I was scared and sent him back, mummy is upset. Mannu says don’t worry, Yuvraaj will become Shah, Bebe will be happy, Yuvraaj is good. Bebe asks Jagan to apologize to Yuvraaj. Jagan apologizes. Sushila says Jagan acted well. Bebe asks Mannu to go and take Yuvraaj’s clothes to make new clothes for his Shah Poshi.

Yuvraaj thinks to stop Mannu and says I will get it. Bebe says you are would be Shah, let your brother do these little things. Mannu goes to get clothes. He sees the scorpion in the bag and gets shocked. He checks why is he not moving and finds out is a fake one. He thinks of Yuvraaj. Mannu gets Raj’s letter in his bag. He reads Raj’s letter and gets shocked. He says Yuvraaj did not give me this letter, it means he is not a good person.

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