The Heir

The Heir 11 September 2019 Written Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 11 September 2019 Written Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts when Raj is asking Mannu to go. He scolds Mannu. Mannu goes. Raj holds Rohan and cries. Harjeet says you made me glad, I had to see Amba’s face, Gunjan’s marriage broke. Mohini says I want to snatch Pavaniya’s happiness. He says after a long time, I can see old Mohini in you. She says this win will be complete when Pammi marries Aman. Men get drunk Rohan come. Harjeet asks who fed him wine. Rohan falls down. Harjeet gets angry and asks men to find out who did this.

Mannu recalls Raj’s words and sees locket. Mannu thinks I did not think Raj will change so much. Mannu meets Aman. Mannu thanks Aman for coming to meet. Aman says my dad does not know I came here to meet, I also liked Gunjan, you are Gunjan’s brother and will think she is right, you are saying its misunderstanding, what about the words she told me, take care of her. He goes.

Amba asks Jagan to find Rajveer, he should know the result of staying in our house and doing duty for Bajwas. Jagan says great, I always wanted to beat him. Jagan leaves with his men. Raj recalls Mannu’s words. Mannu looks for Aman. Mannu sees Aman with Pammi.

  • The Heir 11 September 2019 Written Update

Pammi says I use cosmetics and these contraceptives, you like modern girls right, I have many boyfriends, I m hi-fi. I told all this to Gunjan, I gave her this packet to her, Gunjan is a simple village girl. Mannu hears them and says Gunjan took help from Pammi to break a relationship. Pammi says I m very modern, I love you a lot, marry me, please. Aman says I think everyone got mad here, keep these things. He goes.

Pammi worries seeing Mannu. Jagan looks for Raj. Mannu catches Pammi and scares her with a knife, asking her to tell truth. Pammi says I will say. She tells what Raj told her. FB shows…..Raj asks her to tell Aman that she is modern, as Gunjan told Aman that she is modern, so he loves her, go and tell him. She says I taught all that to Gunjan. He asks her to go to Aman and tell him. FB ends. Mannu says Raj was not cheating, he was provoking Pammi so that she tells truth. Jagan’s men catch Raj.

Jagan beats up Raj. He says you stayed with us and became Bajwa’s spy. He asks the men to beat Raj a lot. The men beat up Raj.  Sukhi sees Gunjan and says maybe Gunjan got shocked, she is reading the magazine, Amba is crying, Mannu is worried and Jagan is angry as alliance broke. He asks Gunjan to cry. Mannu comes and says I will say why she is not crying, it happened what she wanted, this alliance broke.

Sukhi says I thought she was joking. Mannu says the way she used to break the alliance, it was wrong, you ruined Amba’s respect, you have put blame on Raj. Gunjan asks what could I do, I asked you to break this alliance, you took me to meet Aman, Amba wants my marriage to be done for her respect. Mannu asks why did you take Bajwa’s help. Gunjan says I did this as you did not support, respect can be earned, life is not got again.

Mannu goes and hears Jagan telling Amba that Raj is beaten up badly. Mannu worries. Amba says lost respect should come back, Gunjan should marry Aman. Jagan asks her not to worry. He calls out Sukhi and asks about Mannu. Sukhi says I don’t know. Amba asks what happened.

Sukhi says nothing, I did not say anything when you trapped Rajveer, if you hide anything, I will not leave you. Sukhi gets scared and says Gunjan broke this relation by planning with Pammi, Rajveer did not do anything. They get shocked. Jagan shouts Gunjan. Gunjan comes to them. Amba stops Jagan. She asks Raavi to get one bowl salt. Raavi gets salt. Amba takes salt and asks Raavi to eat it so that all wrong thoughts come out with the vomit, you cheated the salt of this house.

Raavi worries. Amba says I gave you a chance to say the truth, but you lied, this is your punishment, you will have this bowl of salt. Gunjan eats salt and coughs. Amba says eat it. Gunjan eats and cries. Mannu looks for Raj. Mannu calls out Raj. Mannu gets tired. Mannu sees Raj’s locket. Mannu sees Raj wounded and fallen on the ground. Mannu shouts Raj. The Heir 11 September 2019 Written Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 11 September 2019 Written Update On Zee World Series

Mannu asking Raj to wake up. Raj asks Mannu to leave. Manu says forgive me, come with me. Raj says you made Jagan beat me, getaway. Mannu says no, I did not know this, come with me. Raj says you cheated me, go from here, I told want Pavaniya’s favor and support, I can manage myself. Mannu cries. Raj leaves. Mannu recalls Raj’s words. Mannu says what if Mannu can’t help, Preet can help.

Gunjan coughs and vomits. Amba looks on. A man comes and asks Amba to come, sarpanch called her. Amba asks Jagan to see Gunjan. She goes. Jagan asks Raavi not to give water to Gunjan. He scolds Gunjan for joining hands with Bajwas to break a marriage, you will get mehendi of Aman’s name in hands, even if you stay alive or die. Raavi says she is young. Jagan says now marriage will happen or she will die. He drags Gunjan and takes her in jeep.

Raavi worries. Jagan leaves. Raavi asks Sukhi to call Amba. Pammi thinks if I tell mummy that I met Aman, she will beat me a lot. She says Mannu met me on the way and threatened me, I told everything that we have sent Gunjan to Aman. Mohini says we have to go to Pahuja’s house fast, come. She asks the servant to get shagun plate. She leaves. Harjeet looks on. Raj is hurt and stumbles. Mannu comes there as Preet. Raj sees Preet. Mannu holds him. He says it means you really come. Mannu feeds him water. Raj laughs. Mannu takes care of him. Raj talks to her. Mannu smiles. Jagan gets Gunjan to Pahuja’s place.

Pahuja asks what’s all this. Jagan says Bajwas did all this, Gunjan is innocent, they made her do this to break marriage, those gifts are sent by Bajwas, they tried to ruin our respect, I came to clear the matter, why all this annoyance, fix the relation back, about Gunjan, she did mistake, she will apologize. Pahuja says marriage does not happen this way, thank God we got saved, we have respect, you want we fix relation again, we are leaving tomorrow, enough of this joke. Jagan says joke did not get over, it will get over now. He pours kerosene on Gunjan. Pahuja and Aman ask Jagan to stop it. Jagan threatens to burn Gunjan.

Jagan says if you don’t accept this relation, then Gunjan will burn herself in front of you all, this is her punishment. Aman worries and says what nonsense, will you kill her. Jagan says if you worry for her, then marry her, it’s her punishment. He gets the matchstick. Mannu as Preet does aid to Raj’s wounds.

Raj says why did I not get you before. Mannu says I was hiding from you so that you live for some time. He smiles and gets her close. Inna sona…..plays. …The Heir 11 September 2019 Written Update On Zee World Series…

Mohini comes and claps. She says Pavaniyas always do drama. She gives shagun to Pahuja.She gives Pammi’s proposal for Aman. She says Pammi likes Aman, we assure you will never be hurt by our side. Jagan laughs and scolds her. Pahuja says stop it, you all started again, I can’t think Aman’s relation, Gunjan will burn herself. Pahuja’s wife says I told you mahurat is not good, we left home in rahukaal, when will this bad dream end. Jagan says its like bad dream, forget this, fix marriage date. Pahuja says listen to me. Harjeet comes there.

Pahuja says just you were left out. Jagan says don’t worry, I m there, just fix their marriage. Harjeet asks Mohini what’s happening, game is changing. Raj says I will not let you go away now, why are you afraid. Mannu does aid. She says I think happiness is like bandage which hides inner wounds, what wounds are you hiding by your happiness. Raj says why do you think so, I have wounds on my heart. Mannu taking care of Raj. Inna sona …..plays… She applies ointment to his wounds. He smiles. He talks of Mannu, who cheated him. She feeds him water. She says friends don’t cheat, misunderstandings cheat, if you have complained with any friend, go and talk. He says you are saying as if you know my friend, you became my friend, tell me your name. She says what’s the use, you don’t clear misunderstanding, if we have misunderstanding, I will be gone in friendship. He holds her dupatta and stops her.

He says the friend who cheated did a favor, if he did not give wounds, we would have not been together. She takes her dupatta. She says Mannu did not cheat you. He asks what do you know about Mannu, I did not take his name.

Amba comes to Pahuja. She asks Jagan is he mad, this is not a joke, you know meaning of kerosene oil, little spark can make Gunjan die. Jagan says it will be final today. Mohini hears them and pours kerosene oil on Pammi. She says you don’t threaten us, Jagan, even my daughter can burn herself if she does not marry Aman. Pammi refuses. Mohini asks her to stand quiet. She asks Pahuja what decision he took.

Jagan says I will not let them win, Pahuja you decide you want to get Aman married to Gunjan or not, its clear Bajwas tried to break this alliance. Sukhi says just Mannu can do something now. Mannu says who does not know about Mannu, he is our Shah, he is a nice person, he helped me, if he did friendship with anyone, he keeps it till death. Raj says he was such in childhood, he changed now, none matters to him than family. She says you would have heard about Bajwas’ son, he was Mannu’s friend, everyone knows about their friendship, they loved each other a lot. Raj recalls childhood. Zee World Series: The Heir 11 September 2019

Mannu says maybe people’s bad sight caught them, the families’ enmity snatched their friendship, Mannu is my good friend. He says just friend right if he is someone else, my enmity with him will increase. She says just friendship, nothing else. He says don’t be scared, Mannu is like a girl, there can’t be anything than friendship, such beautiful girl talks to him, and he is just a friend, if I was in his place, I would have taken you. She smiles. She says enough and pushes him. She gets Sukhi’s call. He asks is it Mannu’s call. She says maybe. He asks her name, when will she meet again. She asks what’s the use, I won’t fall for city guy, you are going back. She smiles and goes. He says you will kill me. Jagan and Mohini pressurize Pahuja.

Pahuja says I won’t agree to any of you. Mannu comes with kerosene and says Gunjan and Pammi will not get burnt. Aman is the root of all problems. Mannu pours kerosene on Aman. Everyone get shocked. Pahuja gets angry and asks what’s happening Jagan, will you all do anything, even we know to use powers, we did not come here to give son’s life.

Mohini asks Pammi to do drama. She asks Pammi do you want to say something. Pammi cries and asks Mannu not to do anything to Aman. She acts and says I m ready to move back, go Gunjan, live your life, marry Aman. Jagan says look Pahuja, Lord makes pairing, now no need to argue, congrats, Aman and Gunjan will get married.

Harjeet says Pammi is saying nonsense. Mohini says Pammi truly loves Aman and wants to get away from him, she can’t see her love dying, there is big difference between us and Pavaniyas, we don’t make relations on gunpoint, Mannu is ready to take Aman’s life, this is the value of relations for them. Mannu says Aman has no risk from my side, I have poured water on Aman, not kerosene oil. He asks Sukhi to take Gunjan home.

Jagan says now decision is done, tell us when are you getting Baraat.  Aman’s mum says enough now, Aman won’t marry Gunjan, none can love him more than Pammi, Aman will marry her if the decision is to be taken between two families, this is the final decision. Pahuja asks Jagan to go.

Harjeet and Mohini smile. Mohini gives sweets. Amba, Jagan and others leave. Mohini says Mannu, have sweets. Mannu comes to check Raj. Mannu sees Raj gone and apologizes to him for doubting on him. She prays to get Raj back. Mannu gets a call from Amba and thinks why is she calling. The Heir 11 September 2019 Written Update On Zee World Series

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