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The Heir 12 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 12 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 12 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Today’s On The Heir episode begins with Jagan asks Amba if she is mad, get away, Jagan’s wife take her. Jagan’s wife asks Amba why is she blaming Jagan. Amba asks Jagan did you kill Charan to become the ruler? Amba angrily tells Jagan that he will never become the ruler, she tells Jagan that she will give birth to the heir to this family. Amba shouts at Jagan and holds his collar again. The ashes fall down. She cries. Jagan calls her a mad woman and goes. Amba gets labor pain and screams. She falls down and Jagan’s wife does not help. Amba holds the ashes.

Amba’s daughter comes and asks Jagan’s wife to see what happened to Amba. She pretends and asks Amba what happened. She asks the little girl to call her grandmother fast, I can’t do this alone. The little girl runs to tell Deema to save Amba. Deema is still sitting at Charan’s death place. Deema walks home. Amba’s daughter runs looking for Deema. She falls down and her uncle holds her. He asks what happened. She says mummy fell down. He asks where is your Papa. She says Papa died, even mummy will die. He says no, don’t say this, I m here, come with me.

The Heir 12 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

He goes home with the village ladies and sees Amba in pain. Jagan’s wife sees them and starts acting. Amba’s brother asks what happened to my sister. Jagan’s wife says she fell down. The ladies take Amba to the room. Jagan’s wife smirks and says the decision will be taken today, when a girl is born, Jagan will become the ruler . Amba’s brother hears her. He sees Charan’s ashes. The midwife says Lord gives back what he snatches.

Jagan thinks of Amba’s words and is angry. Nekiram tells him about Amba’s delivery time. He says sorry, and calls him land owner but Jagan slaps him. Nekiram says you can slap me again, but I will call you land owner. Jagan smiles. The Heir 12 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Deema comes home. The midwife tell her about Amba. The lady says I will help Amba deliver the child. Deema asks Amba to return her Charan, her heir , you always said it will be a son. The lady says I will inform you whether its a son or… Deema asks her not to mention a girl. The lady asks Deema to go out. The lady asks Amba to keep the cloth in her mouth since the delivery will be painful. Amba says I don’t need any cloth, I will bear this pain, this is my husband’s dream, I will give birth to a son, to this house’s heir.

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The midwife asks Amba to bear some more pain. Deema asks Raavi to get a boy’s mauli and send it to her. Deema then asks her to get boy’s clothes too. Jagan looks on upset. Raavi angrily says that Amba will give birth to a girl child again. Deema asks her not to say this, if Amba does not give birth to boy, I will not let a third daughter stay in this house, I don’t care if the baby dies, I just want this house’s heir.

Amba cries hearing this. Deema asks Amba’s brother Veeru to get the gun. She says this is Charan’s gun, if Charan was alive, the midwife would have told him in his ears that it’s a son, now Charan is not here, so she has to do this work.

The Heir 12 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Deema orders Veeru that when the midwife tells him it’s a boy, then he should shoot two bullets outside the door, its tradition, the whole village will know that their heir has come, Charan’s son has come. Jagan looks on and calls Nekiram. He asks Nekiram to keep water bucket outside. Jagan tells Veeru that if Amba gives birth to girl again, then shoot the bullets in this bucket so that the whole village will know Amba did not give birth to an heir. The midwife asks Amba to bear some more pain as the baby will come in some time.

Jagan and Veeru wait outside. Amba delivers her child. Everyone hear the cry. The midwife takes the baby and goes to Amba. Amba sees the baby crying. The midwife goes outside to Veeru. Deema follows and waits to know whether if it’s a girl or a boy. The midwife tells something in Veeru’s ears.

Everyone looks at Veeru. Raavi smiles and tells Jagan that I think it will be a girl, so there is silence, you will become the land owner. Jagan asks Veeru why did he get speechless, everyone knows Amba can’t get a son. Jagan dips the gun in the water bucket. The Heir 12 June 2019 Update

Veeru takes the gun and shoots twice in the air. Deema gets glad. Jagan and Raavi get shocked. Jagan pushes Veeru and asks are you playing a game with me. Veeru says the land owner is born at Pavaniyas. The people cheer for the new born. Deema is very happy and congratulates them as her heir, her grandson has come. She asks them to dance and play dhol. She asks the midwife to dance along, as she gave good news. Deema dances with them.

Amba recalls Charan’s words and cries. She says whats happening…… Deema asks Raavi to get some sweets, and thanks Lord. She asks Raavi to smile. Deema goes to meet the boy and says my grandson has come. She takes the baby in her lap. Amba gets worried.

Deema sees Charan’s pic and smiles. She makes the baby taste some honey. She asks the midwife about the bangles. The midwife says Amba gave me…. Deema says fine, I will give you much gold. Amba gives a sign to the midwife. The midwife stops Deema from taking the baby outside. Deema says don’t worry, I know what to do with my grandson. Amba and the midwife looks scared.

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