The Heir

The Heir 13 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 13 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 13 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Episode starts with Jagan telling the man to go to Bajwas and tell his quotation. The man asks what mistake did I do, why are you trapping me. Jagan says no, I m saving you, we will make Harjeet win, but you will do what I tell you. The man says fine, as you say. Jagan says you are gone Amba, see what I do now.

Champa beats a Kinner and scolds her. Dhaniya comes and asks Champa not to worry, everyone does mistakes. She says I got to know about a girl, he looks a boy, his habits are like a girl, I felt his heart is tied, I thought to take your permission and find about him. Champa says fine, find out, don’t do anything, I will talk to their parents, our work is not to kidnap kids, not to get freedom for them and explain such parents. Dhaniya says I won’t do mistake now, just bless me now.

Jagan comes home and calls everyone. He lifts Bebe and says my dream has come true, I have great news, Raavi go and call Amba. Raavi says she did not come till now. Bebe says where is she going all day. Jagan says to leave it, check this tender, I got to know Bajwa’s quotation, the hospital will be made on Charan’s name.

Zee World Series: The Heir 13 July 2019 Update

He says my heart got hurt when everyone got annoyed with me that I tried to do Simran’s marriage in the wrong house, it’s fine, don’t tell Amba, we will tell her later, once this tender passes, I will apologize to Amba. Amba comes. Bebe asks where did you go. Jagan gives tender papers to Amba and asks her to read once, then sign. Bebe asks Amba to check well. He asks Raavi to go and make tea for him. He signs her. Raavi goes.

Amba checks the file. Jagan says we will get tender. Bebe says what’s there to read, sign on it. Jagan says let Amba read, I have sent Raavi so that she does not know the amount, now this amount is known just to us. He thinks I told this to Bebe and Amba intentionally when Harjeet gets tensed, there will be many questions on how we lost tender. Amba signs on the tender.

Jagan tells Raavi that once we lose tender, I will turn all questions to Amba, then Amba will be out of home, and I will be new Shah. Raavi praises and hugs him. Amba stitches doll clothes and looks for Gunjan’s doll. She gets Mannu’s doll and shows Gunjan. Gunjan says my doll is this one. Amba asks whose doll is this.

Dhaniya asks Raavi is she feeling better. Raavi says I feel Amba’s ward sight caught me, she has given birth to a son after 9 years, I gave birth to Sukhi and she got jealous, she never let her son go out of the house, did not let her meet anyone, you do Todka and throw outside Amba’s room. Dhaniya thinks something is missing. Dhaniya says I will come tomorrow, sit outside in fresh air. Amba scolds Mannu for playing with dolls. Raavi says drama started again.

Simran comes and says I have given this doll to Mannu, this is mine. Amba scolds Simran and says you know why I refuse him. Mannu asks her to tell him, why can’t he play with a doll, whats the problem. Amba says I m telling you, can you agree to me or not, you can’t play with dolls. Mannu cries. Amba warns Simran not to give a doll to Mannu and throws it. Dhaniya sees this and says my doubt is getting confirmed. The Heir 13 July 2019 Update

Bheeru tells Simran that the truth is Mannu is a girl, her heart will wish to play girl games, how long can we stop her. Simran asks can’t you do anything. Bheeru says everyone will raise questions if they see Mannu playing with doll alone, but if all boys do this, Amba’s worry will end. She says yes, this can be possible.

Its morning, Harjeet has a leg fracture. He tries to get tea and calls Amrit. The teacup falls. Swaroop says I was coming, you broke this, can’t you have peace, I thought your state will be worse than Raj, Raj walks slowly, but you can’t get up from bed, you cursed Raj, so Lord punished you. He says I will stand on my feet in one month, think and talk, else I will get angry on you.

She says you felt bad, I got a good thing for you. She gets walking support and says its matching like Raj, take this. He throws it. She says don’t get angry, I thought it could help you, I was thinking to go and give tender papers, I will manage work. He says my bad times did not come, I will go and give papers, you go to the kitchen. He scolds her. She teases him and goes.

Raman’s friend tells the lines along Raman. Simran looks on. Raman says Mirza died in love. Raman’s friend asks what happened, you were after Simran, what’s the matter now. Raman says I have left loving someone.

Amba tells Simran that Gunjan’s doll is getting married in the game, Mannu should not come. Simran and Bheery go to Sukhi. They fool Sukhi by praising him. Simran says Sukhi’s doll got alone, Gunjan is getting her doll married to another one. Bheeru says this is wrong happening with Sukhi. Sukhi says no, Gunjan can’t do this.

Amba realizes she forgot the hospital card at home and goes back. Mannu gets sad seeing Gunjan’s doll. Sukhi comes and stops her. Bheeru says this marriage can’t happen and asks Mannu to come and play. Mannu smiles. Bheeru tells Gunjan about Sukhi’s doll.

Sukhi gives his male doll for marriage. Amba comes home. Gunjan hugs her doll. Amba stumbles and hospital id card falls from the bag. She says this card was in the bag, I got late. She rushes to the hospital. Gunjan says fine, my doll will marry Sukhi’s doll. Everyone hug. Sukhi says anyone hug me, I m doll’s Papa. Mannu hugs Sukhi. Simran tells Bheeru that his idea is good. Bheery says we will do dolls marriage tomorrow at 4am when Amba is outside. They all dance.

Amba goes to keep jewelry mortgaged. Jeweler asks why is she keeping jewelry mortgaged. Amba says my brother needs money, I did not ask from my inlaws, he will free this when he gets money. He says I need Bebe’s thumb impression, as the receipt is on her name. Amba says no, that’s not needed. She thinks no one should know this, Daima did big favor on me by hiding Mannu’s truth.

Simran and Gunjan do dolls Mehendi. Gunjan makes rangoli. Dhaniya keeps an eye on Mannu. Mannu gets a broach from Amba’s cupboard and gives for the doll. Simran says this is costly and takes it. Mannu smiles seeing doll, rangoli and mehendi. He takes a mehendi cone. The girl says you are a boy, what are you doing among girls.

Mannu says apply mehendi to me. They laugh. He asks why can’t I get mehendi applied. Gunjan asks him to go. Raavi tells Dhaniya that she does all the housework alone, what are you seeing. Dhaniya says our site is fast, we ward off evil sight soon, so I m looking everywhere. Gunjan asks Mannu to leave. Mannu gets sad and leaves. Dhaniya thinks what is the matter, I have to find out.

  • Today: The Heir 13 July 2019 Update

Dhaniya meets Mannu. She says I know to make designs with mehendi, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Mannu asks really. Dhaniya says yes. Mannu gives his hand. Dhaniya asks do you like all this. He says yes, but mummy does not allow me. She says why, I have come, no one will see us. She thinks to check is Mannu boy or from our community. She shuts door and says now no one will know, I will apply mehendi to your hands. She asks Mannu to sit in her lap. Mannu is about to sit in her lap. Simran comes and opens the door. Dhaniya says I was applying mehendi to him. Simran asks her to just be with Raavi, no need to apply mehendi. She takes Mannu with her.

Gunjan dances in doll’s mehendi. Simran thinks its not good for Mannu to suppress desires. She lets Mannu dance with them. Bebe says now house’s boys are dancing in doll’s marriage. The Heir 13 July 2019 Update. Simran says Gunjan’s doll is marrying Sukhi’s doll. Dhaniya looks on and thinks Mannu is dancing with dupatta, like this, his truth is something else. She dances with Mannu. She thinks one chance is gone to know his truth, but I will not lose so easily. Simran and Bebe look on.

Amba asks the nurse to take care of Daima, I will keep coming. Jagan comes and asks what are you doing here, I have come to give tender papers. Nurse says madam is doing great work to help an ill old woman. Amba sends a nurse. Jagan says Amba you lie every day and come here if Bebe gets to know this… She says Bebe does not like this. He says fine, I will not tell Bebe, I will come and help you. She says my work is over, I m going home. She goes. He thinks Amba is so innocent, she does not know how much profit will I get by your lie.

Bebe pays money to Dhaniya. Dhaniya asks Bebe to see Mannu is so weak, he is Shah, are boys such. Raavi says our Shah is such, his mum thinks all people here are fools. Dhaniya asks shall I do Mannu’s massage, our hands have effect. Raavi says Amba decides about him, we don’t have right, go. Dhaniya asks why, Bebe is Mannu’s Dadi, can’t she decide. Bebe asks her to do massage. Simran looks on worried. Bebe says I can decide about Mannu. She calls Mannu and asks Dhaniya to do Mannu’s massage in Amba’s room. Simran says Mannu’s truth will be known, I will stop. Bebe says I will also come. Simran says they will doubt if I stop them, I will tell Bheeru. She runs to Bheeru and tells everything.

Bheeru worries. Dhaniya asks Mannu to lie down. Bebe says you get massage done, remove shirt. Mannu says but Amba said not to remove clothes infront of anyone. Bebe asks am I your enemy, I m standing here, remove clothes. Bheeru shouts to them and says I have fell down, someone help. Mannu rushes to Bheeru. Bebe asks how did you fall. Bheeru says someone has put water bucket on me, I really got hurt. The Heir 13 July 2019

Bheeru says I was coming to Mannu. Mannu says Bebe was getting my massage done. Bheeru asks by whom. Dhaniya says by me. Bheeru says great, massage my shoulder. Dhaniya says fine. Simran asks Mannu to come and get doll items for Gunjan. She smiles and goes. Bheeru acts. Bebe asks Dhaniya to do Bheeru’s massage. Bheeru smiles and asks Dhaniya to do it slow.

Amba says Jagan have seen me at hospital, if he saw Daima, everything would have got known, we have to do something Bheeru. He says I think we should keep Daima at home, he is very clever and can do anything. She says its tough to understand Jagan, he is taking my side since few days. He says Mannu’s truth was coming out today, Bebe was making Dhaniya massage him, Simran and I stopped him. She worries and says we have to do something, Mannu is Shah.

Bheeru tells Simran that Mannu will wish to do what girls want, but Amba is doing right, its our mistake that we have made Mannu take part in this. Simran says till when will we explain Mannu, he may feel we don’t let him do anything.

its morning, Mannu tells Simran that he will get gift for Gunjan’s doll. She asks him not to play with doll now. He says you are talking like Amba. She says Amba is elder, if she is refusing, she would think something. He asks what’s wrong to play with dolls, Sukhi is a boy and has a doll, why is everyone stopping me. He runs. Swaroop stops the jeep. Simran runs to Mannu. She sees Swaroop, Raman, and Raj in the jeep.

Mannu asks Simran why is she not talking to Raman. Simran says I stopped talking as mummy does not like this. Raman says I have thought well. Simran asks Raman can we practice. Raman asks Juhi to practice with him. Raman gets angry and tells Simran that he has seen many dreams, he is fed up of enmity, he has no expectations from her, both side’s people died, you feel Bajwas people did not die, I love you, I did not see your family name, Simran cries. Raman tells his friend that he is saying lines. His friend says you said your lines, there is nothing such written.

Jagan follows Amba at the hospital. Amba recalls Bheeru’s words that Jagan will follow you, but don’t let him doubt you. Amba roams in hospital. Bheeru says I will use this chance. Bheeru tells the doctor that he will get Daima back when he has much money, as of now I want to get her treatment done at home. Bheeru takes Daima. He sees Jagan looking for Amba and smiles. The doctor sees Bheeru and asks is everything fine. Bheeru says yes.

The Heir 13 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jagan comes home and tells Raavi that Amba did not do anything that I can link Amba with Harjeet, she just roamed in hospital and took your camera also. Raavi asks what good thing is Amba doing, is there anything wrong, is she hiding something. Bheery asks Daima to hide the secret, we promise we will get your treatment done, we got you here as no one can doubt you in the village.

Gunjan’s friends come in doll marriage. Sukhi asks Mannu to come. Mannu says no, Simran refused. Sukhi asks him to go and ask Simran once. Simran recalls Raman’s words. She asks him not to talk and leave. Mannu recalls Amba’s words. He thinks what Shah I m that no one allows me to do what I want, why is this happening with me. More Update Coming Later…

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