The Heir

The Heir 13 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 13 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 13 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts with Deema scolding Jagan. She asks did you doubt and went to do abshagun based on this color thread, I was thinking why did you take us to Gurudwara for Shanti Paath, you disappeared on the way, you wanted to do this, I stopped you in morning, you did not agree, you did not wait for one day, you were getting mad.

Jagan says I thought you will understand me, but you went mad, Amba has given birth to a daughter, not son, you can slap me 10 times, but till I don’t see by my own eyes, I won’t agree, that midwife has run away from this village at night, she used to stay here since 40 years.

Jagan says you all used to say Amba can’t birth to a son. Deema says you went mad, no one can see baby before Chatti puja, you have doubt that Amba is lying, if you are saying true, I swear on my dead son, if the baby is not a son, I will kill the baby. Jagan smiles. Amba gets shocked and cries. The baby cries.

The Heir 13 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Amba takes the baby and says they all are your life’s enemy, if your dad was alive, they could not have touched you, I can’t do anything, why did you come in this world, who called you, no one wishes for you, they just regard a son as heir, how shall I save you. She turns and sees Jagan at the door. She gets shocked and hugs the baby.

Jagan says now I won’t see the baby, because your fear is giving me fun. Amba cries. Jagan says I got insulted because of you, now I will not see baby, the world will see the baby tomorrow. He says if I was in your place, I would have run away at night. He goes. Amba prays to Lord to save her daughter. Raavi asks how will Amba get saved now, that’s what I was thinking how did Amba got a son, you should become Shah as you caught a big lie.

Deema comes there and asks for gold chain, which she gave her as Sukhi’s birth. Raavi asks which one. Deema says I gave you 4 earrings too. Raavi says you did not give earrings, you just gave chain. Deema says good you remember chain, give it now, I have to give it to Amba.

Raavi says I don’t remember where I kept it, Sukhi is elder brother, let him have chain. Deema says Mannu is elder son’s son, to be heir. Jagan asks Raavi to give chain, it will come back, once truth is out, then rituals can be seen. Raavi gives the chain. Deema goes. Raavi says no one values elder son here, first Charas was not valued, and now Sukhi. She goes. Veeru asks Amba the truth.

She asks him to leave her alone. He says I can’t tell you I m understand your pain, as I don’t understand, Charan was like my father, he died, and you are not trusting me, I can help you, whatever Jagan said, if its true, you talk to Deema, she can forgive you. Deema hears them. They get shocked.

Raavi makes Jagan ready as village head. He sees his socks spoiled. She says I dried it in microwave. He asks do you have sense, you use microwave for this little thing. He scolds her and asks her to get another socks. She gets angry. He holds her and says Deema slapped me infront of everyone, Amba gave birth to a daughter, I know this, everyone will know truth tomorrow, then Amba won’t be saved, its celebration night. Deema asks Amba to say truth. She asks about the things which should have come from Amba’s maternal home, but Veeru could not get anything on his own, I know all this. Amba says yes.

Deema asks was this the truth, or is there anything else. Amba lies to her. Deema says Chatti will happen, he is my heir. She tells the kids that they are girls, and now a son has come. The girls ask why does Sukhi get everything.

Deema says he is a boy, and now your brother will also get everything. They see the baby. Deema gives the chain and asks Amba to make baby wear chain. Deema says all 5-6 days old babies look same. Amba asks the girls not to take baby out.

Deema says yes, let puja happen, then play with him. Deema goes. Jagan celebrates with his friends. Veeru sees this and asks whats this situation, I will take girls with me to Jagrata. Amba says they will trouble you. He says I will manage, Im their Mama. He takes the girls and leaves. Amba worries. Jagan sees Veeru going and smiles seeing Amba. The Heir 13 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 13 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jagan dance and celebrate with his friends. Amba shuts the window. Jagan knocks the window. She opens the window and he smiles. He says you are doing right, you have sent two elder daughters with your brother, this is the chance for you to run away with your third daughter. He scares her about Deema.

Amba recalls Deema’s words and cries. She sees Charan’s pic and says they will kill our daughter if I don’t leave. She says I have to leave, I won’t let anything happen to all my three daughters. He sees Jagan gone and takes the baby. She packs her bag and tries to leave. She finds the door locked. She tries to run away from terrace. She sees Deema there. Deema takes the baby and is drunk. She says you will beat Lala Pratap. Amba gets worried seeing Deema. Deema asks Amba to sit near her.

Deema asks Amba not to worry if Veeru could not give nek, you gave me grandson, Raavi will be irritated now, I dislike her, she looks a Chudail to me, but she had given son to this house, but now our Mannu has come, now Raavi will know her status. Deema asks Amba does she have to say anything.

Amba cries and apologizes to Deema. She says I lied to everyone, Jagan said truth, I did not give birth to a son, this is my third daughter, I was afraid, I had no option. Deema gets shocked. She drinks more. Amba says forgive me. Deema says I told you I want son, not a daughter. She throws baby. The Heir 13 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Amba shouts and her imagination ends. Deema tells Amba that bad powers try to overpower the baby one day before Chatti, but I m with Mannu, I will sleep with you tonight. Amba gets worried. Later at night, Amba wakes up and sees Deema sleeping. She gets tensed. Its morning, Deema sees the door locked.




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