The Heir

The Heir 15 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 15 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 15 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Bebe says when I became Shah’s mum, my mum in law gave me all this, I keep you bahus so well. She shows the ancestral bangle. Raavi smiles seeing it and likes it. Bebe says I will give this bangle to the new Shah. Raavi says but its big for Mannu. Bebe asks her to stop her greed now. She asks Amba to keep all this safe. Raavi says you always scold me, you did not give me anything. Amba asks Raavi not to worry.

Bebe says you got much before, Amba’s son is becoming Shah. Raavi asks Bebe to make same bangle for Sukhi. Bebe says he is just son, not Shah and scolds her. Amba says I never differentiated between children, Sukhi has same right.

Zee World: The Heir 15 June 2019 Update

Raavi argues with her and says Jagan and I will do everything for Sukhi. Bebe asks Raavi to decorate the cradle. Raavi is angry and says Amba can’t even feed the baby, see what I do, Kaikeyi sent Ram on Vanvas, see where does your new Shah go. Bebe says Raavi is doing drama, and Amba you are getting respect because of this heir, get ready to go to the temple, keep this bangle safe.

Jagan comes and Bebe scolds him asking him to manage his wife. She says this is why the Lord gave a son to Amba. He gets angry and goes to Raavi. Raavi sits crying. He holds her hair and asks her not to make him madder. He asks why did she argue with Bebe.

She asks him to kill her. She says my heart broke, you know Bebe is doing everything for Amba, can’t you see, I can see everything, I asked Bebe and she got angry, Bebe is giving everything to Amba, she is forgetting us. He scolds her and asks her to see, Amba got a son and he will become Shah, this was decided. She asks who decided this, I want my husband and son’s right.

He asks what can we do now, the baby will become Shah in evening today. She says so what, Charan was also Shah, when he died, Shah’s place got vacant. He says let Mannu become Shah, I will kill him. They smile. She asks him to agree and she can tell Bebe the truth of Amba not feeding the baby, I have a solution.

Amba talks to Charan’s pic and says Bebe was regretting that she did not give this bangle to you, now she is giving this to Manpreet, the new Shah, its strange ritual of the world, if gender is unknown, then girl can become Shah, the heir, else girl can get killed, for the first time, my daughter will become Shah, this is my promise, Mannu will fulfill your dreams, my son will become bigger Shah than you.

Bheeru comes and asks what are you saying. She says Mannu has to do this, there is no other option. Bebe asks them to come to temple. Bebe calls everyone. Amba goes to her. Bebe taunts Jagan. She asks did you control your wife. The Heir 15 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Raavi comes and says I was not getting my earring. She acts good to the baby. They all leave. Bebe and everyone reach temple. Bebe asks Jagan to donate money, till then we will do puja. He goes. Amba takes the baby to the temple. Waaris……plays……….. Bebe asks Raavi to get Amba’s shoes. Amba gets shocked. Raavi asks what? She fumes with anger and stares at Bebe. More Soon

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