The Heir

The Heir 16 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 16 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Episode starts with pandit saying now engagement can happen on time. Mrs. Pahuja asks Mohini to do arrangements. She goes. Mohini gets angry. Mannu thinks maybe Raj will forgive me now, Raj may not listen to Mannu, but he will listen to Preet. Jagan sees Mannu and asks Amba to see. She says he is some Sardar. Jagan says he is planning a wedding in Bajwas house. Amba says he knows it can be danger. They follow Mannu. They see some other man.

Amba apologizes. Harjeet scolds Mohini. She says I m more fed up, Pahujas are superstitious. He says Pammi’s relation will happen in their house, keep them happy, our respect is linked to it, come we have to return before Pahujas come. She thinks now nothing will go wrong. Mannu meets Raj as Preet and asks him to talk to her. Raj recalls Preet. Pahujas are leaving for engagement and leave in the car. Jagan drives. He stops the car. He asks them not to worry, nothing wrong is happening with you, I have to show some truth, it will be gift from our side. He takes them to police station.

Amba asks them to come along with her. Raj asks how many times will you cheat me. Mannu says I was helpless. The Heir 16 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Raj says I don’t want to listen to anything now. She stops him. She says you can’t go without listening to me, just listen. Then do anything you want. Raj reminds he is a guy and has more strength. Her dupatta falls down. She gets tensed. Raj looks at her. She stops him from going. They fall on the bed. She catches him and says girls have strength like men, some men forget this. He asks really and gets over her. He gets close. Mannu moves him and gets up. She asks did you get mad, what are you doing. Raj asks did you see difference between guy and girl.

Sukhi calls Mannu. She answers call. Sukhi says Amba and Jagan went to police station, reach fast. Harjeet and Mohini go to meet Nihaal. Nihaal is brought there. Amba and Jagan show this to Pahujas. Harjeet does Nihaal’s bail. Mohini thanks Pahuja for helping her. Amba asks did you know this. FB shows Mohini telling Pahujas about Nihaal, he is in jail, it was not his mistake, he is framed in wrong case because of Pavaniyas. Mohini emotionally blackmails them. Pahujas help her in freeing Nihaal. FB ends. Pahuja says it was our duty to help you. Raj and Mannu come there. Harjeet taunts Amba. Mohini says you framed us and then got you here, they are so fallen.

Harjeet says come, we will prepare for engagement. Harjeet asks Raj and Mannu to come along and see arrangements. Mohini says whatever you do Amba, you can’t make me lose. She insults them. She taunts that Pavaniyas don’t have marriage in fate. She reminds how she insulted Simran, whom will you send this time Amba. Mannu recalls Simran. Raj goes. Nihaal collides with him. Raj sees him. The Heir 16 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Raj comes to meet Mannu at the shade. Mannu says you have right to get angry on me, but if you keep yourself in my place, you can understand, I don’t have more time to apologize, I have to settle scores with Mohini, I have to break this marriage any way, I can’t think of forgiveness now, I don’t expect you to support me. Mohini leaving from jewelry shop. Amba comes there. Mohini and Amba argue.

Mohini says you can’t do engagement, Pammi will get engaged in some time, I wish you could come and see Bajwa’s Jashan. Amba asks what Jashan, there won’t be any Jashan, I kept big Yagya, so that Naagdevta ruins your happiness and this engagement breaks.

Mohini says do anything, I will get this engagement done today. Amba says I will see and leaves. Harjeet calls Rohan and asks him to get shoes. Nihaal gets the shoes and gives him, saying Rohan is drunk. Rohan comes there drunk. They hold him. Rohan falls on bed. Nihaal says I will manage him, Mohini went to get jewelry for Pammi. He keeps the shoes for Harjeet. Harjeet wears shoes.

Nihaal cleans his shoes. He thinks I will win your heart serving you this way, I will become your heir, you won’t know you are fooled as my mummy did 10 years before.

Mohini thinks of Amba’s words and gets angry. She says Mrs. Pahuja is troubling by pandit, what shall I do. Mannu gets pandit and asks her to meet, pandit came early for puja, why are you worried. Mohini shuts door and talks to pandit about Yagya. Pandit scares her about the Yagya. Mannu winks to pandit.

Pandit says I have solution of all problems, I can’t stop Yagya, but I can fail its effect, if any woman does dance and impresses Naagdevta, then the bad effect will not fall on you. Mannu says this is a different solution. Pandit tells about Vishwamitra and Mohini. Mannu asks who will dance. Mohini says I will dance, I have to get Pammi engaged, I will take risk. Guests start coming home. Nihaal tells Harjeet that Pahujas have come. Harjeet welcomes them. Pammi comes and sits with Aman. Mrs. Pahuja asks about Mohini. Harjeet says she will come. The Heir 16 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mannu gives the dress to Mohini and song CD. She asks him to dance and please Naagdevta. Mohini asks why is these clothes bad. Mannu asks her to do dance well and not take the risk. Mohini thinks to do this to get Pammi married. Pandit asks the groom and bride to keep engagement rings. Nihaal gives the ring box to Harjeet. Harjeet keeps the ring. Mrs. Pahuja asks will rasam happen without Mohini.

Pammi says I will get her. Pandit says no, sit down, you are the bride. Mrs. Pahuja says I will go and see her. Harjeet says don’t know where did Mohini go. Mohini plays snake charmer music, and dances in the room. Mannu goes. Mrs. Pahuja comes upstairs.

Mannu recalls Harjeet asking Simran to dance, and Mohini insulting Simran. Mannu says you made my sister stand with dancers, see what happened with you. Mrs. Pahuja asks where is Mohini. Mannu says she is in her room. Mrs.

Pahuja and everyone hear the music. Harjeet says I will go and see. Everyone goes to see. They get shocked seeing Mohini dancing. Mannu smiles and thinks this is a punishment to insult my sister. Mrs. Pahuja asks is she mad. Harjeet gets angry and asks Pahuja to let him talk to family in private. Pahujas leave. Harjeet slaps Mohini and scolds her. He goes.

Nihaal asks Mohini what happened. Mohini says this happened because of Pavaniyas. Mannu recalls telling the plan to Amba. Mohini says Pammi should get engaged today, Mrs. Pahuja is mad and is calling me mad. Mannu records their talk. Nihaal asks why did you not tell us. Mohini says I told Sartaj/Mannu to stand outside.

Nihaal catches Mannu red-handed and scolds Mannu. Mannu tries taking the phone. Nihaal drops Mannu. Mannu’s beard comes out. They get shocked seeing Mannu. Mohini asks how dare you get here. Mannu says you insulted my mum, I showed you your real place today. Nihaal gets angry. He says Mannu has come here, but can’t leave from here. Raj stops Nihaal. Raj says don’t do the mistake of raising a hand. Mannu and Raj smile. The Heir 16 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

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