The Heir

The Heir 18 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 18 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Today’s episode starts with Mannu asking the hostel guy about Bheeru. The man says Bheeru came yesterday and left. Mannu asks for Sandeep. The man says he does not stay here now. Mannu thinks how to find out.The Heir Update 18 August 2019

Amba asks how did I come here, who are you. Gunjan asks what happened to you. Jagan asks them to go out. Gunjan and Simran go. Sushila says those girls were joking, leave them. Amba asks who are you two. Sushila says I m your mum’s relative and Jagan is my son in law. Amba asks why did my mum send me here, for marriage right? Sushila says yes.

Amba says I explained mum I don’t want to marry me, you are my mausi right. Sushila says yes. Amba says don’t get in my mum’s words. Sushila says I will find the guy you will like. Amba asks where is my brother Bheeru, its his 8th birthday tomorrow, I have to do many arrangements. Jagan and Sushila get shocked. Jagan asks 8th birthday? What is she saying, how many years back?

Bheeru is in hospital and treated by doctors. The man prays Bheeru gets fine. Mannu steals samosas. The man catches Mannu. Mannu sees a wallet. The man picks it and takes money. Mannu sees the wallet owner there and says this is not yours. The man asks what’s your name. Mannu says Preet, but this wallet is not yours. The man says I m Jai, glad to meet you. He throws wallet. Mannu stops him. Jai asks do you want share.

The Heir 18 August 2019 Update on Zee World

Mannu says no, my mum says stealing someone’s one rupee lessens our hardwork’s thousand rupees. Jai asks about stealing samosas. Mannu says I was hungry. Jai gives samosa and says stomach should be full to show honesty, have it. Mannu takes samosa and asks did your mummy say this. Jai says its not necessary that mum teaches everything. He turns seeing police and goes to hide. Mannu also hides seeing police. Jai sees Mannu hiding. Mannu says it means we both are hiding from police.

Amba dislikes clothes. Simran and Gunjan come to her. Amba calls out Sushila. Simran says we are your daughters. Amba says I did not marry yet. Sushila asks them to leave. The doctor says Amba’s health can get bad, she can get brain stroke, don’t try to make her recall. Jagan says it was wrong, now I have to take decision for house’s good, you both go from here for few days till Amba gets fine, come later. Gunjan says I won’t go, I don’t trust you all. Jagan says Bebe died because of Mannu, even then I m letting you stay, don’t provoke my anger, go. Simran stops Gunjan.

Sushila says police will catch Mannu, Amba lost memory, send the girls far. Police jeep leaves. Jai goes to Mannu and says we don’t know each other, it will be better for us to go our own ways, fine. He goes. Raj gets shocked seeing Jagan taking Simran and Gunjan in his jeep. He says where is Jagan taking them with bags, police arrested Mannu. He prays for Mannu. The Heir 18 August 2019 Update on Zee World

Its night, Mannu hears men at dhaba talking that they are going village. Mannu sits in dickey. Mannu comes back home and says no, I can’t go to meet them like this. Mannu sees Amba coming out and meets her. Mannu cries and runs to Amba. Waaris…..plays……….. Amba looks on and holds Mannu. Amba and Mannu cry.

Amba says Mannu where did you go leaving me, I will not let you go away. Mannu’s imagination ends. Amba comes out. Mannu runs to her and smiles. Amba does not identify Mannu. Amba goes. Mannu calls out mummy and gets shocked. Mannu says what happened, why did mummy go, her head has bandage, she did not identify me.

Mannu lies that Jai told her about Raj. Jai says she is right. Amrit says come, I will show your room, meet Raj when he comes. Jai asks are you thinking something. Swaroop says even you are thinking a lot. He says yes, I m raising my daughter alone. Swaroop says your Preet will be fine here. Jai says how did Preet come here, she is smart, how does she know about kids. Jagan asks his men to listen, Amba lost memory, she thinks she is 18 year old, I have to get her married to someone who takes her far, this work should be done soon, you will get money. Raj gets shocked hearing this. He says how to pass this message to Mannu, Amba is in big problem.

Jai asks Mannu how did Raj come in between, tell me who are you and what do you want. Mannu argues. Jai says we spoke to go our own ways. Mannu says I found out everything. FB shows someone asking Mannu where is her house. Mannu sees Jai and says he is my dad, I came with him, I will go to him. She goes to Jai and hears him talking on phone. Jai says I got a girl to impress, and place to stay, Bajwas are rich, I will get away with money and jewelry. FB ends.

Jai asks do you want share. Mannu says you are smart, don’t think of breaking Swaroop Bua. He asks how do you know. Mannu thinks to take help from Raj. Mannu says I do all my work well, I found out everything before coming here. Mannu misses Amba.
Jagan and Sushila come to Amba. Sushila says Jagan got a good proposal for you, groom’s family is coming to see you tomorrow. Amba says fine, but guy should be loving, educated and respect women. Sukhi says mummy is having problem, come. They leave. The Heir 18 August 2019 Update on Zee World

Mannu looks for Raj. Jai looks for Swaroop. Amrit talks to Swaroop about Jai, and says Jai is nice, even his girl is good, his daughter needs a mum, think of Jai. Swaroop says all men are same, they think women are like shoes. Jai comes and asks what’s cooking, you have taste in hands. Swaroop taunts him. Amrit asks him not to care. Amrit’s hand burns. Jai applies ice and worries. Swaroop applies ice to her. He closes the stove and says this good dish would have got burnt. Harjeet asks for tea. Jai says Amrit’s hand burnt. Harjeet says so what, and what are you doing between women. Jai says I came just like that, I will make tea. Harjeet says its women work, they will get it come. Jai says its house of everyone, men and women are same, I will get tea. Swaroop looks at him. Jai smiles.

Nurse gives reports to doctor and says girl’s legs are long. Doctor says we can’t tell child gender like that. Raavi hears this and cries. She says it means I have girl in my womb. She recalls Jagan’s words.

Harjeet and Jai drink. Jai asks about Amba. Harjeet says she is my enemy’s wife, she lost memory and thinks she is 18 year old, my wife likes Amba. He says Amrit, Raj got the news, Amba is thinking of marriage, she forgot everything. Mannu hears this and gets shocked. Harjeet laughs and says shall I get her here as your sautan, she is a cheap woman, she insulted me, now fate will insult her. Mannu cries. Amrit and Raj worry. Harjeet sings.

Mannu recalls meeting Amba and says does mummy not remember anything. Jagan and Sushila get Raavi home. Sushila says doctor said everything is fine. Jagan says take care of Raavi, my son should not be weak. Sushila says I love my grandchildren.

Mannu sees Raj and calls him out. Raj opens a window. Mannu asks where are you going, what else do you know about Amba. Raj says I m going to find my friend, this is my house, Amba is my friend’s mum, don’t tell anyone. Mannu says I have to stop Raj. Mannu removes wig and is about to call Raj.

The Heir 18 August 2019 Update ends as Mannu sees Harjeet coming and wears wig back. She tells Harjeet that Raj is running. Harjeet stops Raj. Raj drops a pic. Harjeet picks it and sees Mannu’s pic. He scolds Raj and slaps him. Mannu worries. Jai comes and looks on. Harjeet beats Raj. Mannu cries. Jai asks what do you want, what are you hiding, what’s the need to interfere in their matter.

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