The Heir

The Heir 2 November 2019 Update – Zee World Series

The Heir 2 November 2019 Update - Zee World Series

The Heir 2 November 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Chandar ask his men to kill Rohan. Amba thinks to find Simran and save her. Raj asks Mannu to come fast. She asks him to go, Rohan needs him. Rohan and Simran hide and run away. He sees a temple and recalls Amba’s words. Mannu says Chandar can kill Rohan, we can’t lose him, go to him. She sends Raj.

Raj goes and thinks Mannu shall wait for his return. She thinks Raj shall come before marriage. Rohan sees Simran and holds her hand. He proposes her. Simran agrees and hugs him, saying he is her friend. Amba looks for Simran. Mannu comes for marriage and gets shocked seeing some other pandit.

Chandar asks what happened, did your pandit not come. He holds Mannu’s hand and asks her where is Simran. He scolds her. Mannu gets tensed. Amba comes to the temple and shouts Simran. Raj also comes there and sees Amba. Rohan and Simran sit to get married. Raj comes in between. Amba aims gun at him and says I want my daughter back. Raj says no, you shoot me, don’t stop this marriage, I will see who stops this.

Amba says history will repeat itself, you fooled my daughter and married her, I will write history today, last time Bajwas lost their young son, this time I will shoot you, you used my daughter for enmity, today my daughter will not get sacrificed.

The Heir 2 November 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Raj asks her to see there is no way to save Simran. She says I will not leave anyone today. He says I will see who stops this marriage. Mannu recalls having a poison knife with her. She thinks if Raj doesn’t come, I will not give myself to Chandar. Raj asks Amba to take Simran and leave Rohan. Rohan asks what are you saying.

Amba falls down. Raj fights with the goons. Mannu worries thinking Raj didn’t come till now, will Simran be fine. Chandar gets news from his men that they got Simran, and asks pandit to hurry up. Mannu thinks I will kill Chandar and myself.

Amba fights with Chandar’s men. Rohan and Simran take the wedding rounds, till Amba and Raj get busy in fight. Mannu and Chandar also take wedding rounds. Pandit asks them to take vows. Rohan and Simran’s marriage gets completed. Simran gets glad. Raj asks the men to see marriage has happened, there is no use to fight now. Amba hits on Raj’s head. Raj falls down. The Heir 2 November 2019 Update…

Raj, Rohan and Simran come home. Raj asks Mannu to see, Simran and Rohan got completed, now she is free from Chandar forever. Mannu smiles. She breaks her ghatbandhan. She hugs Simran and thanks Lord. Raj asks Amrit to get aarti. He sees Amrit gone and worries. Raj sees Chandar gone too. He says did Chandar kidnap mummy.

Raj gets angry on Chandar for kidnapping Amrit. He ruins the place and sits crying. Mannu says its Chandar’s call. She answers. Chandar threatens them and says my heart is big, I will give you another chance. She asks him to leave Amrit, the fight is between them. He says no, you have to do what I say if you want to save Amrit. Raj says what does he think of him.

The girls come and say Chandar asked us to get Mannu ready. Raj says I will find some way to save Amrit. Mannu says I have to marry Chandar to save Amrit, don’t forget she is most imp to you. They cry.

Mannu gets ready. A girl helps her and tells about Ram leela grounds. Mannu says Raj we should go there once. Raj and Mannu reach the place and look for Amrit. Raj says we have time, we can find Amrit, I m sure we will get some clue. They meet Angifera couple Ragini and Anurag, and try to find Amrit. Mannu thinks Chandar’s mean games should end now.

She sees Amrit and tries to wake her up. Its tome for Lanka daahan. Mannu asks Amrit to wake up. Raj and Anurag come there. Raj asks Amrit to wake up. Ragini says I will try to stop daahan. Ragini says I have broken the fuel pipe, you will get some time now. Raj thanks them. Anurag says we will go and see Shekhar now. Mannu goes to see if Chandar’s men are around. He catches Mannu and jokes. Raj asks him to leave Mannu.

Chandar points gun at her. Amba comes there and gets shocked. Simran looks on and recalls Mannu. She gets flashes and shouts. Chandar tells Mannu that he will marry her. Raj attacks and takes gun from him. He says your game is over. Chandar’s men catch everyone. Chandar says I will kill Raj and marry Mannu now. Mannu pushes Raj and gets shot. Everyone gets shocked. Raj and everyone reach Mannu and hold her.

They all tie Chandar to the Raavan and aim arrows at her. He asks are they mad to kill him. Mannu says Raavan kidnapped Sita, but today’s women know to safeguard herself. They ignite the Raavan. Chandar gets shocked. police comes and arrests Chandar. Raj says good had won over evil, I want to tell in front of everyone that I love Mannu faints.The Heir 2 November 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Amba asks Mannu to get up. Raj cries. They take her to hospital. Amba stops Raj, and says no Bajwas should be seen here. Raj sees Mannu’s operation going on. Raj says she is my wife. Amba says she was your wife, marriage broke, divorce happened, now she is my daughter. Simran looks on. Amba scolds Raj.

Raj says you can’t do this. Amba says I can do anything, Mannu is in this state because of you. Raj says we were finding Amrit, she is also admitted here, we are fighting against one enemy, why don’t you want to end this enmity. Mannu’s operation gets completed. Raj goes to her and asks is she fine. Doctor says it will be good if she gets conscious soon.

Raj begs Amba to let him go to Mannu. Amba asks him to die, but not go to Mannu. She goes. Rohan comes to Raj. Raj says I have to go to Mannu, I couldn’t tell her how much I love her, I have to tell her. Rohan says I understand, this time is to keep patience, I will talk to Simran, stay here. Raj worries. He takes doctor’s disguise and talks to Mannu to wake her up. He asks Mannu to beat him and fight, but talk, keep friendship and give a chance to love, I will die without you, I love you a lot.

Rohan goes to Simran and asks her to help Raj, he wants to meet Mannu. Simran shouts on him. She scolds him. Rohan says our marriage…. She gets angry and says you took advantage of my state, I will prefer to die before marrying you, my husband was Raman, you all killed him. Rohan gets shocked. Amba comes there and asks her men to throw Rohan out. The men take Rohan. Amba thinks where is Raj. Raj asks Mannu to get up once. Amba comes there and slaps Raj. She asks men to throw Raj out. Raj calls out Mannu. Mannu gets conscious. Raj and Rohan fight with the men. Simran asks the men to beat them more.

Raj asks Amba what type of women is she, we promise we will take your daughters home. Amba asks the men to break their bones. Mannu comes there. Raj gets glad. Amba asks her to come in. Mannu says I want to talk to Raj. Simran holds her and asks her to talk to Raj if she wants, but she doesn’t accept her marriage. She makes Mannu sit. Raj tells her that he is very happy. Mannu says I also had anger that you kept enmity by love. Raj asks did you hear me. He gets a rose and confesses love to her. Mannu taunts him. Raj promises to always love her. Mannu says you made promises when you married me, but did you support me for a moment. Raj looks at her.

Zee World Update: The Heir 2 November 2019

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