The Heir

The Heir 20 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 20 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 20 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Amba and Mannu sleeping. Amba hears some sound and goes out to see. She sees Bebe sitting there drunk. Bebe says I adored Charan a lot, however I failed to tell him, then someday he left me and went away, I cried a lot, once Mannu came, I felt my Charan has come, I actually have cursed myself a lot, i really like Mannu a lot, however I failed to show it even once, simply show me Mannu once, I m his Dadi. Amba gets Mannu and shows to Bebe.

Bebe says my grandchild Mannu. Amba asks her to take Mannu. Bebe says no, don’t provide me, he will be safe with you, you keep him with you, safely, everyone seems to be his enemy, they’re going to kill Mannu, don’t give him to me too. Bheeru wakes up and hears all this. Bebe says you keep him safe Amba. Amba looks at her.

Zee World: The Heir 20 June 2019 Update

Its morning, Amba says it absolutely was not Bebe, who met me last night, she was a mum who was begging for her son. Bheeru says I actually have seen you have given her Mannu, you probably did right. Amba says once Bebe is drunk, she is like a mother, else I don’t perceive what’s occurring in her heart. She offers milk to Bheeru and asks him to possess medicines, once can you come. He says I’ll see my result and our house in the village once, then I’ll come soon. He leaves. Amba thinks a way to leave Mannu alone in the room. She sees a bag locked and goes to the kitchen by protection her area. Bebe sees the room locked and calls out Amba. Bebe sees Mannu within.

Raavi smiles seeing Mannu at the edge of the bed and says come back on, fall. Bebe says call Amba quick, Mannu can fall. Amba comes and sees Mannu at the bed finish. She gets shocked and rushes to Mannu. She saves Mannu and says this won’t happen once more, once Mannu wasn’t with American state, he was abducted, we don’t apprehend who was responsible for this, Mannu has several enemies, I won’t provide him to anyone. Bebe says if you are doing any mistake if Mannu gets injured, I’ll snatch him from you, then I don’t care if you cry and die. She goes.

Raavi tells Jagan that Amba locked the room and went, Mannu was alone and was falling, however, Amba came on time. He says Amba has become careful now. She asks can you simply sit like this, get Mannu out, then we are able to make some plan to get freed from them, Bebe was saying that if Amba does mistake again, she will take Mannu from Amba. They hear the thundering. She says I left papad for drying. He says rains can begin in a few days, we are going to get Amba and Mannu out then, you see what I do. They smile.

The Heir 20 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Harjeet scolds Swaroop for killing Bau ji and says this house is mine now, be grateful that I failed to kill you, get out of this house, return and don’t show your face again. She asks him to go, throw my luggage, but keep in mind this house is mine too, no one will make me leave. He gets angry and drags her. Amrit looks on and goes when them. Harjeet blames Swaroop for all this. She shouts I won’t go anywhere. He gets slipper to beat her. Amrit stops Harjeet. Swaroop says I m also Lala ji’s daughter, i’ll not leave you. Amrit asks her to be quiet.

Swaroop scolds Harjeet. Biji comes in between and asks Harjeet to not beat Swaroop. He pushes Biji and he or she gets wounded. they all get surprised. Swaroop scolds Harjeet and challenges him to induce Jagan. Harjeet’s son look on and acquire frightened. Harjeet pushes Swaroop angrily.

  • The Heir 20 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Biji stops Harjeet and asks him to not beat Swaroop, its my mistake, I actually have created Swaroop go out that day, beat me, punish me, don’t beat Swaroop. Harjeet gets angry. Swaroop says no. Haarjeet says you said right Biji, its your mistake, however Bau ji did mistake by giving importance to a maid. Amrit says Biji is like our Maa, what are you saying. He says my Maa died, Biji is simply a maid. He insults Biji and asks her to get lost.

Swaroop asks square measure you mad, is Biji maid, she raised us, don’t get my anger on her, you make me a maid during this house, but…. He says you felt i’ll cause you to queen, keep during this house, however, keep in mind i’ll not kill Jagan, he will be alive, so that once you see him, you realize your mistake. He goes. Swaroop hugs Biji and cries.

Amba sees the rain. The water falls over the bed, leaking from the terrace. Jagan gets an axe and looks on. Raavi smiles seeing him and thinks currently Amba has to come out, until once can she stay with Mannu in that room.

Amba showing the area to Bebe. Bebe says its water leakage in entire room, you probably did not tell me, its sensible Raavi told me. Raavi says I simply saw this, I don’t have a habit to look inside Amba’s room. Bebe asks Amba to remain in her area, until this area gets repaired, come, square measure you expecting flood to come back here. Amba says i’ll just come back. Raavi smiles and says Jagan did good thing to make them leave the room.

Swaroop asks Biji not to go anywhere, i’ll fight with Harjeet. Biji says no, I m a maid now, I have to obey his command. Swaroop says no, you’re my Maa, you are not my maid, I lost Bau terrorist group, don’t snatch my Maa from me, you won’t go anywhere. She hugs Biji and cries.

Amba makes arrangements for Mannu on the bed. Bebe takes Mannu from here. She says I m his Dadi, not a Daayan, not do the arrangements, I will take Mannu for someday.

Bebe talks to Mannu. Mannu piddles. Amba gets worried and takes Mannu from Bebe. She says i’ll change his clothes and get him. Biji asks Swaroop won’t she leave her until the door. Swaroop cries and says I can’t see you leaving. Biji blesses her and leaves. Swaroop cries. Harjeet’s son comes and says I m here Bua, don’t worry. She says your father may be a bad man, why is he so, my Biji went due to him. She hugs him and cries.

Amba gets Mannu and sees Bebe sleeping. She thinks until when will I be able to do so. Mannu cries and gets up. Amba feeds him and takes care of him. its morning, Bebe wakes up. Amba gets bath and comes with Mannu. Bebe asks why did you not wake me up. Amba says I gave bath to Mannu, then my garments got drenched, so I also took a shower, he got naughty, he was jumping whereas having bath. Bebe gets annoyed.

The Heir 20 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Amba sits doing work and has Mannu aside. Raavi thinks Amba is not leaving Mannu alone, after all our attempts. Amba is usually with Mannu. Amba dries the papads and makes Mannu sleep underneath the bed. Raavi thinks a way to get Mannu off from her. She goes to Amba and talks to her. Amba says Bheeru failed to come until this moment, it would be good if he came. Raavi says I also gave birth to a son, trust me, i’ll manage Mannu.

Raavi says I actually have a lot of work, I m telling you this work as I m busy. Bebe calls Raavi. Raavi says what will I tell Bebe if she asks for food. Amba says I m going to get wheat grinded. Raavi says you’re so good, I continuously say this to Bebe. She asks Mannu to play with her. Amba takes Mannu and says i’ll get wheat grinded and also take Mannu, you know I don’t leave Mannu alone, I can do anything. She leaves.

The Heir 20 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Amba keeps wheat box on her head and also takes Mannu in her arms. She walks by issue. She sees some wicket flying towards Mannu. She gets hit and the wheat box falls. The kinner Suraiyya holds her and asks whats this, you’re doing all the work being Shah’s mother, i thought anyone would have known you have birth to a girl and got killed, its proved that you are blessed by Lord.

Amba cries and says don’t know, Lord is blessing me or not, I got alone. She cries. Suraiyya says Lord is with you, that’s why I came on time and held you, you’d have fallen with Mannu and either of you’d have tied, I told you the trail is hard, you made the choice to run thereon. its been six months now, you’ve got to keep courage, I m with you during this fight. The Heir 20 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Bebe scolds Raavi and asks why did you not go to get wheat ground, why did you let Amba take Mannu on. Raavi lies and says Amba took Mannu along and said she will try this work, she will not let me do anything. Bebe says let Amba come back, i’ll see her. Suraiyya comes home with Amba and says I told Amba to do this.


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