The Heir

The Heir 21st June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 21st June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 21st June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Suraiyya asking Bebe to scold her. She says we are blessed and our prayer and curse affects a lot, we can foresee the long run. She asks Raavi can she kill her by her eyes. She says I told Amba to stay Mannu, as there’s a dangerous shadow on him, she must be careful. Amba nods. Suraiyya says I heard somebody kidnaped Mannu, he should always be with Amba, did you understand or shall I explain more? Raavi offers her water.

Suraiyya says I did not ask water for myself, give it to Amba. Suraiyya says I will leave, ask Raavi to give birth to another kid, you may get busy too. Amba thanks her. Suraiyya hugs Amba. Amba says I failed to say anything, you managed everything. Suraiyya says Lord will support you, don’t lose courage and blesses Amba.

Zee World: The Heir 21st June 2019 Update

Amrit talks to Swaroop and cries, saying I could not save you from Harjeet, I m helpless, I regard you as my sister, I love you, forgive me. Swaroop says no, I should apologize, you did a lot for me, I could not understand you, and went to Jagan, that’s why Bau Ji and Biji went, don’t get sad, I understood I have to fight my war myself. She takes a gun and says I will fight my war. Bheerun comes home. He hides some paper in his books. Amba asks when did you come, I was waiting for you. He says it was raining and I stayed at home, I topped and shows the result. She says great, whats that paper. He says nothing. She thinks he is hiding something.

Swaroop goes to kill Jagan. Jagan is with some girl. She asks the girl to leave. Jagan smiles and says you can’t kill me, you still love me. She gives him another chance to leave his wife and come to her. He says no, your beauty got stained. She says fine, I will settle scores today. He gets shocked. He diverts her and takes the gun. She asks how did he get this cheat in his veins, your mum do not look a cheater. He says I was bitten by a snake in childhood and aims at her. She spits on him and asks him to kill her if he has courage. She starts leaving. He shouts and shoots. She says sorry Jagan, but I forgot to fill bullets. He says you will regret. She says you will regret, love is not easy, it’s a sea of fire. She throws kerosene there and lights the place. Jagan gets shocked. She leaves.

The man says I actually have seen the room roof, I’ll work tomorrow, its tough to repair a roof in the rainy season. He goes. Bheeru asks Amba why areasure} you seeing me like this, I actually have that paper which you are finding, you topped in exam, govt is giving you scholarship, you’ll go city and study, you did not tell me, you’re lucky to be a guy, you’ll study further, women are not allowed to study. He says this is not necessary, I don’t need this scholarship. She says so that, you don’t need to leave me. He says I knew you’ll say this, I’ll not leave you, I m seeing your issues, once Mannu grows up, issues will increase, I promise I’ll complete my studies being her. She cries. Jagan breaks the door and comes out. The Heir 21st June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Its morning, Amba asks Bheeru why did the man refuse to come. He says I don’t know. She says I can’t sleep in Bebe’s room. He asks her not to worry, I will do something. Bebe comes home. Amba says I will get tea for you. Bebe says I want my grandson, not tea. Jagan and Raavi look on. Amba says we decided that Mannu won’t go to anyone, Suraiyya told you reason too. Bebe says you told me that, I went to the temple and made puja, I will tie this thread to Mannu’s waist, then he won’t need you. Amba says give me, I will tie it. Bebe says I will tie it. Amba stops Bebe and reminds the attacks on her son, so Mannu will stay just with me. Bebe says so will I not take him, he is my Waaris. Amba says he is my child, I can do anything to save his life.

Raavi tells Amba about believing Suraiyya, and not Bebe. Bebe asks Amba why did she take Mannu out. Amba asks what shall I do if the family tells me about Mannu’s death, and Bajwas give me my baby back. Bebe says you are blaming my son that he wants to kill Mannu. Amba says no, I m just saying why I can’t believe anyone, if anyone gets stubborn, I will leave this house with Mannu. Bebe says you are threatening me, Raavi shut the door. Jagan stops Raavi and asks Amba not to threaten her, go with your baby, my Sukhi will become Waaris. Bebe says I will take my Mannu. Amba says no Bebe, you won’t touch my son, I m saying this for the last time.

  • The Heir 21st June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jagan and Raavi hold Amba and try to get Mannu from here. Bebe takes Mannu and smiles. She tries the thread to Mannu’s waist. Amba gets tensed, that Mannu’s truth will come out. She bites Jagan’s hand and runs to stop Bebe. She asks everyone to move away, if anyone tries to touch my baby, I will jump in this well with this house’s Waaris. Bebe gets scared. Amba says Bebe, I respect you, but I love my son more. Jagan says she is acting Bebe, I will get her. Amba says no one will touch my baby from today and asks Bebe to agree to her words.

Amba telling about the enmity between Pavaniya and Bajwa family. She lied about her third daughter to save her life, I protected this lie till world’s sight, its been seven years today. She tells her daughters Simran and Gunjan help her. Raavi is pregnant again, and Jagan is still ready to fight, Bebe believes Mannu is Shah than being her grandson, my brother Bheeru is still shielding me, he is still the same, he has helped me in my lie to make Mannu a son of this house.

Mannu is shown. Amba teaches numbers to Mannu and smiles. Mannu says I don’t know these numbers. Amba asks Bheeru not to see like this, you know Mannu can’t go to school, make him exercise. Bheeru asks Mannu not to act lazy, its Sunday today. Bheeru makes him do exercises. Amba takes care of her daughters. The Heir 21st June 2019

Jagan comes and makes Mannu fall down. Mannu looks at Amba. Amba signs him to greet Jagan. Mannu greets Jagan. Amba says elders should present the right example in front of children, he won’t respect you when he becomes Shah, then you will feel bad. Jagan asks Mannu to do counting till hundred, do you know. He smiles.

He says there are still eleven years for this rabbit to become Shah, you are still worried Amba. Amba stops Mannu from going out and asks him to not go alone, till Bheeru or she comes with him, else I will leave loving you. Jagan says tigers roam alone with freedom. Mannu says I m also tiger, right mummy? I will go out with you and climb on the tree, higher than where Papa tied the cloth. Jagan asks really, let me see what your Maa taught you.

Mannu and everyone reaches the tree. She sees the cloth flag named on Charan on tied of the tree. Mannu climbs the tree with ease. Amba, Bheeru, and Jagan look on. Mannu stops. Jagan asks what happened, can’t you go high, have some courage, go. Mannu reaches till Charan’s name and falls down. Bheeru holds him, while Aba shouts. Jagan asks did your Maa teach this, you can’t learn anything more than women, the father teaches all this, its not your mistake, you don’t have a father. The Heir 21st June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Amba says a mother spoils and makes a son. Jagan says the mother does not do anything, just father does everything, see how my son climbs now. Sukhi is fat kid and eats bananas. He gets shocked and asks I? He goes to climb the tree. Jagan smiles and says great my tiger, keep climbing. Sukhi gets scared and sits there. Jagan asks him why is he sitting, get up and climb. He throws sticks.

Nekiram comes and says a truck disappeared again, I have sent 10 trucks and just 9 trucks reached market. Jagan asks is there any ghost, if women manage Pavaniya’s business, it will be ruined. He leaves with Nekiram. Sukhi asks did Jagan go. Mannu says yes, come down now. Sukhi comes down the tree. Bheeru says come, we will go home. He sees Mannu’s hand hurt and recalls her words.

Bheeru ties the cloth to Mannu’s hand. Bheeru says his hands got rough. Amba says man’s hands should not be soft. Sukhi eats a mango. Sukhi says this one is bad, you don’t eat. Mannu says but girls eat raw mangoes, not guys. Bheeru says Mannu did great today. Amba says yes, but he could not reach Charan’s flag. Bheeru says Charan tied it when he was 12 year old, and Mannu is just 7 years old, praise him. Amba says he has to do in this age, its necessary.

Mannu says I m mad, you let everyone sleep, and you make me wake up early, you don’t send me to school, I reached so high and got hurt, even then you don’t love him. Amba smiles hearing his innocent talk. He asks will she get ice gola for him. Sukhi says Taiji said Mannu can’t eat made from anyone’s hands, don’t be adamant, right Taiji? Amba sees Mannu sad. She says we will go home, no need of gola. Mannu says I worked hard. She says but you did not cross that flag. Sukhi says my father would have given me gola, but you don’t have your father. Mannu gets upset.

Jagan and Nekiram see the truck empty and parked somewhere. Nekiram says they looted it again. Jagan asks Panchayat to get Harjeet and ask about looting the trucks. The man asks do you have any proof, ask Amba to sign on the complaint, as she manages Pavaniya’s business, we explained to you before, why do you waste our time. Jagan comes out and calls out Raavi. He gets angry recalling Panchayat’s words. He breaks the water pot. Gunjan comes there and says Bebe, Raavi and Amba went in neighbor’s son’s marriage. Jagan thinks it’s too much now, I will teach a lesson to Amba. The Heir 21st June 2019 Update

Everyone eat and drink in the function. Amba does not let Mannu drink juice. She drinks it juice and tastes it. she then gives juice to Mannu. Raavi asks her to see is their poison in food here. The kids ask Mannu to come and sleep. Amba asks them to go, Mannu won’t come. Mannu asks why am I sitting with women, I m a boy, let me go and play. Bebe asks Amba to let Mannu go. Amba says no Bebe. Sukhi asks Raavi shall I go and play.

Raavi says yes, take this food along. Raavi tells Bebe that Amba does not listen to you. Bebe says her worry is justified, her son will become Shah. Raavi says I also gave birth to a son, I did not see any mother mad about her son. Amba takes Mannu outside and asks him to check if his Gulel’s aim got weak. She locks him and thinks sorry, but I have to take this hard step to hide your truth. Mannu aims with Gulel. He sees a goon tying someone and beating him. He thinks to do something, after all, I m Shah, and can’t see anything wrong happening.

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