The Heir

The Heir 22 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 22 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Sunday episode Gunjan toss the coin and askMannu what life she wants to live. Mannu says heads. Gunjan smiles. She throws the coin. Mannu says you did not see the outcome. Gunjan says it does not care you, you chose heads, you decided for your life, you can decide for yourself now, I m very happily, you will live life as you want, I got my sister. Mannu cries and hugs her. Amba gets a note again. She reads…. you played a good game by acting of marriage, anything can happen in one month, maybe Mannu accepts truth in front of everyone, maybe she falls in love with a guy.

Amba says no, Mannu can’t do this, how are the letters coming here. She reads… don’t try to find about me, focus on your daughter, the truth will come out in front of everyone. She worries. She goes out and shouts Jagan. Mannu says I need to talk. Jagan comes. Amba says, Jagan. Mannu’s marriage will happen today itself, along with Gunjan’s marriage, engagement will happen right now. They all get shocked.

  • The Heir 22 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jagan asks will we do his marriage like this, without any arrangements. Amba asks what arrangements, the family is here. Raj comes and looks on. Amba says just one more mandap is to be made, start preparations. Raj angrily goes.

Raj asks did you see Amba’s truth, she can go to any extent to prove herself right, I did all this to show truth, I wrote all this to show you. Amba comes there. Raj hides the notepad. She asks him to come with her to market, they have to do arrangements. Mannu stops Amba to talk. Amba says we will talk later, go and do arrangements for marriage. She gets a call. Raj asks Mannu to see Amba’s truth, do something, don’t spoil three lives. Raj and Amba leave.

A man looks on and informs someone about Raj. Mohini sees Raj and Amba and stops them. She asks why did you change way seeing me. Amba says I m busy, move away. Mohini holds her hand. Amba pushes her. Nihaal holds Mohini. He says how did you push my mum. He pushes Amba. Raj holds Amba. Mohini thinks where is Harjeet.

Raj asks Nihaal to apologize to Amba. Nihaal says I won’t. Raj raises hand.

Amba stops him. Harjeet comes there. Mohini starts drama and says you fight with us always. Amba says I have no time for all this. Raj leaves with Amba. Mohini asks Harjeet to see Rajveer, he insults us always, he broke Pammi’s relation, see he is becoming Pavaniya’s bodyguard. Harjeet goes. She thinks to make Raj fall in Harjeet’s eyes. Amba comes home. Mannu comes to her. Amba asks her to say.

Mannu asks what are you doing. Amba asks what, I m getting my son married. Mannu asks which son. Amba says its imp to remind my son that he is a son. Mannu says I remember my truth well when the girl knows my truth after marriage, what about that, I m your child, you can do anything with my life, we can’t put someone’s life at stake, what right do we have. Amba says you don’t worry for them, I bought their lives, I paid much money to them, Neha won’t say anything, come get ready for engagement. Mannu looks on and cries. She says I always supported you, mummy, I m living with the identity you gave me.

The Heir 22 September 2019 Update Amba asks did you do favor on me, you all are alive and living with respect, you are alive because of that lie, whatever I did is for you all, for you and your sisters, not for me, what were you going to do, you were going to fall in love, you were leaving me.

Mannu says I regret you did not understand me, I was not going anywhere. Amba says talking of trust does not suit you, I remember you are my daughter, I had one more daughter, who fell in love and cheated me, you were going to do same, you are a daughter after all, I don’t trust daughters, you have objection with my decision, go I free you, take your decision but after my death. Mannu cries. Amba shows the poison bottle. Mannu gets shocked Seeing poison.

Jagan says why did Amba fix Mannu’s relation with poor people. Raavi asks him not to say all this. Raj sees Gunjan and says now nothing can happen. Gunjan worries seeing Neha. She says everything will get fine, I spoke to Mannu, she knows what she wants. Mannu stops Amba from having poison. Gunjan says Raj be ready, Mannu won’t do this marriage. Mannu comes out of the room.

Mannu goes on stage and sits with Neha. Raj asks Mannu what are you doing, you can’t do this engagement, go and tell Amba. Mannu says this decision was made when I was born, if I have to choose between my mum’s life and my freedom, there is noting imp to me than my mum, you go from here. Gunjan asks Raj what’s Mannu doing. Raj says suicide, you have to do something.

Amba asks pandit to start engagement rasam. Raj worries. He asks Gunjan to do something. Gunjan acts to get hurt and cries. Raj asks what happened, are you dizzy. Gunjan falls down. Amba stops Mannu and says Mannu, make Neha wear the ring. Mannu sits back. Jagan gets shocked and looks at Amba. He sees Gunjan in pain. Amba doesn’t move. Raj says is this woman a mum or not.

Mannu makes Neha wear the ring. Raavi sprinkles water on Gunjan and asks did you faint. Gunjan says I was feeling heat. Neha makes Mannu wear the ring. Mannu sees Raj. Amba observes them. Mohini writes a letter to Amba, to thank her for taking care of enemy Raj Bajwa. She sends the letter to Amba. Nihaal comes and asks her to wear boxing gloves and beat him. She punches his face.

Harjeet comes there and sees Nihaal hurt. Mohini says see Raj has beaten Nihaal badly. Harjeet asks how dare he raises hand on Bajwa’s Shah, he won’t get saved today, I will not leave that Raj. He leaves.

Mohini says today Raj will die by his dad or Amba, once Amba reads that letter, she will get mad, and we made Harjeet mad already. Raj goes to talk to Mannu. He sends all the girls and talks to Neha. Mannu comes there. Neha says Mannu should not see me as a bride before marriage. Mannu says Neha, you are a nice girl, anyone will be happy marrying you, but I can’t marry. Neha gets shocked. Mannu says I love someone else. Raj looks on. Mannu says I want you to refuse for this marriage.

The Heir 22 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series… Neha says fate plays games, you love someone else, I would have tried to love you and could not love you, because I also love someone else.

Mannu says its good thing, you should not do this marriage. Neha says I can’t say, your mum gave much money to my poor parents, I will be sold to someone if I don’t marry you. Mannu asks how, are you a goat. She says its same thing, you are a guy, you can do something.

Mannu says how can Neha’s parents do this. Raj says Neha was saying right, goat and girls are same, problem is men is always suppressing women, women can’t protect themselves, see your mum is forcing you to become mum, by killing your soul and identity, there is no difference between Neha’s parents and Amba, you could not tell me that you love me. Mannu cries. Raj promises her that he won’t let bad happen with Neha and Preet.

The Heir 22 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

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