The Heir

The Heir 23 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 23 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jai asks the doctor to treat Bheeru and not worry for money. Doctor says deposit money, I will prepare for surgery. Mannu sees Jai and thinks Lord has sent angel for him, now Bheeru will get fine. Mohini looks on and thinks I love Jai and money, and feel I m losing both, I will not let this happen. Jai comes home and says if Mohini knows I here, she will not be quiet, I have to leave from here. He packs his bag. Mannu asks where are you going. Jai says I m going, my time is over here, you manage everything.

Mannu says but we spoke to Jagan, I told him you can stay here, I m not scared of Jagan, you are my friend, you can’t leave me. Jai says we will be friends forever, I can’t stay here, I came here to cheat Amba, but I got attached to this house. Mannu says don’t go.

Jai says I have to give money to my boss, else it will be issue. Mannu says if I give you money, will you stay back. Jai says you can make anything fine, but I can’t keep your money, police will find your sisters, you won’t be alone, everyone will be with you, let me go now.

Mannu stops him and says it means you won’t meet me again, is there no way to stop you. Jai says let me go, its for everyone’s good. Mannu asks him to listen. Jai sees Jagan bringing some lady home. Raavi asks who is she. Jagan says she came under my car, she is new here, she did not have a home so I got her here. Jai looks at Mohini shocked. Mohini greets Jai and asks where is he going. She says Jagan said I can stay here as long as I want, but people are leaving from here. Raavi says Jagan got you here for humanity, why will you stay here. Jagan asks her to mind her business, if you have problem, go to your mum in jail, you don’t misbehave with my guests.

The Heir 23 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mannu takes Raavi’s side. He taunts Jagan. Mohini says kid is also smart here. Jagan says I will stay here, but Mannu think of yourself and your mum, once she gets married, she will go. Raavi cries.

Mohini asks did the marriage break, what abshagun happened. She smiles seeing Jai. Jagan asks her to come and take rest. Jai thinks Mohini came here, if I leave, she will create issue. He goes back to room. Mannu looks on. Mannu goes to meet Raj and tells all problems. Raj says you will manage, when you can come in my house as Preet, you can make any plan.

Jagan drinks. Jai comes. Jagan says if you stayed here, it means you want to marry Amba, come have a drink. Jai says stop your drama, I m not marrying. Jagan says marriage will happen, you will get Amba very far from here, you keep her or sell her, its your wish, don’t let her come back here. He blackmails Jai about Bheeru and laughs. He says if Mannu knows Jai has done Bheeru’s accident, what will happen. Jai worries.

Mohini meets Amba and says you don’t know me, I came here today, I met with an accident on the way, so Jagan got me here for humanity sake, I thought to meet everyone, I heard you are getting married. Amba says I did not agree for marrying Jai. Mohini says oh, so you are marrying Jai, he is a handsome guy, why did you not say yes. Amba says Jagan tried to sell me, I don’t trust anyone whom Jagan got. Mohini says Jagan got me here. Amba says I did not mean that. Mohini says I mean Jai looks good, that boy said Jai helped you a lot. Amba thinks of Jai. Mohini says I thought to do good to others, I will leave, think on what I said. She goes.

Mohini hugs Jai. He stops her. She pushes him on the bed and flirts with him. He asks what are you doing here, plan will fail. She says i came to know the plan, did it change, you did not get late to impress any girl, why is it getting late to impress Amba, did you fall in love with Amba. He gets away and asks why did you come. She says Amba will get ready for marriage, I made her agree, we will get jewelry and run from here.

The Heir 23 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jagan calls her out. Jagan comes there. Jai hides. He asks Mohini what is she doing here. She says I was thinking everything looks changed in my room, your house is big like palace, any outsider can get lost. Jagan says its fine, come I will show you your room. She goes. Amba comes to Jai’s room and turns away seeing him in towel. Jai asks you here. Amba says I m ready for marriage. Jai gets shocked. She says its good mahurat, roka preparations are happening. She smiles and goes keeping food for him. He thinks how did she agree for marriage, what will I tell Mannu.

Mannu comes home and sees the arrangements. Amba gets ready and comes. She says its my and your dad’s roka today, I agreed for marriage, go and get ready. Mannu gets shocked. He rushes to Jai and asks what’s happening, why are you not refusing for marriage. Jagan says congrats, Mannu is first son to find a handsome groom for your mother. Mannu argues.

Jagan says you got Jai as your bodyguard, see now, he is marrying your mother, go and say truth to Amba, ask Jai to save you and Amba. Mannu thinks what’s happening, Jai agreed to marry Amba.

Raavi does tika to Jai. Jagan claps and says congrats. Mohini says Jagan, you have to accept, my steps are auspicious for your house. Jagan smiles. Mannu gets angry. Amba smiles seeing Jai. Mannu comes to Jai and asks what’s happening. Jai says I…. Mannu says you know everything, why are you not refusing, did you stay here to cheat me and marry Amba, how can you do this.

Jai says I m not cheating you, I will tell you truth, Bheeru’s accident happened by my car, I dropped him to hospital. Mannu gets shocked. Jai says I did not do this intentionally, I knew I did big mistake. Mannu recalls Jai saving them. Mannu says all this happened because of you, my mummy lost her memory, if Bheeru came that time, this would have not happened, no…. I can never forgive you, you cheated me, leave from here. Mannu throws things and shouts on Jai asking him to leave. The Heir 23 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mannu comes to Amba and asks her not to marry Jai. Amba asks how can you ruin Jai’s happiness, he loves an orphan like you, I decided for my marriage by thinking well. She gets ready. Jagan asks Mannu did you break marriage and laughs. Jagan jokes on Mannu.

Mannu meets Raj. Raj asks was Jai behind this, Jai saved Bheeru, he is a nice man, Bheeru met with an accident, he did not do that purposely. Mannu scolds Raj angrily. Mannu cries and says if Bheeru came that day, mummy would have been fine, why is Jai marrying her now, what’s happening, I can’t forgive him and trust him now, I will do everything alone now. Raj asks what will you do.

Mannu and Raj goes to police station and ask the inspector to find about Simran and Gunjan from Sushila. Inspector says we asked her, but she did not say anything, she is shifted to women jail. Sushila’s belongings are brought there. Mannu takes her phone. Mannu and Raj come home. Mannu says this is Sushila’s phone, I can know about Simran and Gunjan, Amba can recall everything by seeing all of us together. Mannu makes many calls and one call connects to the goon, who tells about Simran and Gunjan. Mannu acts like Sushila and asks about the girls. Goon says I m sending them tomorrow morning. Mannu says don’t send them, they have stolen my jewelry, I have to ask them. Goon says fine, I will get them and wait for you, come there and meet. Mannu agrees.

Mannu asks inspector to take him fast. Goons wait for Sushila. Simran and Gunjan are tied in the car. Jai comes there and parks his bike. He talks to the goons and sees Simran and Gunjan. He asks about the girls. Goon gets the girls. Jai goes to them and they get scared. He asks where did you hide Sushila’s jewelry. He tells them that he is Mannu’s friend. He acts in front of goons. Simran and Gunjan say different answers. Jai asks are you fooling me.

They start arguing. Goon gets a call. Goon asks them to be quiet. Jai says don’t worry, they will not say truth like this, I will take them and their truth will come out. Goon says Sushila is in jail, who are you, you are acting smart. Jai asks Simran and Gunjan to run. The goon hits on Jai’s head. Jai falls down and faints. Goon asks for other car. Mannu and police reach there and find the van vacant. Mannu worries. Jai calls him out. Mannu runs to see Jai. He gets glad seeing Jai with Simarn and Gunjan. They hug Mannu. Mannu sees Jai and runs to hug him.

He recalls his angry words and apologizes to him. Jai sits down and hugs him. Inspector asks Jai about the goons. Jai says yes and shows the goons tied. Mannu and Jai join hands. Jai asks Mannu to come home, maybe Amba will recall everything seeing all children together. Mannu smiles.

Pandit ji gives tomorrow’s mahurat for Amba’s marriage. Jagan says fine, preparations will be done. Mohini goes to Amba and asks her to smile a bit, she is getting married in two days. Mannu gets Simran and Gunjan home with Jai. Jagan gets shocked and thinks how did they come. Simran and Gunjan run and hug Amba. Amba pushes them away. She does not recognize them. Amba asks Jai what is he doing, is this a drama. Jai says life is doing drama with us, Mannu is not acting, he is saying true, you are really his mummy, those girls are your daughters, its your not joke, they have become a joke. She gets flashes and holds her head.

The Heir 23 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

She says enough, you are lying. Jai says I m not lying, its true, you have to recall, try. Mannu worries seeing Amba’s state and sends Jai. Mannu says its not like that, Jai was joking, I m orphan, those girls are neighbors, calm down, don’t think much, take rest. Mannu makes Amba rest and thinks my try failed even today, Amba is not identifying us. Mannu prays for Amba. Amba holds his hand. Mohini looks on and thinks why is Jai trying to make Amba recall everything, did he fall in love with Amba.

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