The Heir

The Heir 24 July 2019 Update On Zee World

The Heir 24 July 2019 Update On Zee World
The Heir 24 July 2019 Update On Zee World

Today’s episode starts Swaroop and Amrit cooking breakfast. Swaroop says its 7 years and now its time to teach a lesson to Jagan, you have this chance, panchayat sent the notice, see this mark on my face, we can’t let him free, promise me that you will give a statement in favour of Amba, you will take revenge from Jagan.

Harjeet comes there and hears them. Swaroop says you here…. Harjeet says I have to go panchayat with Amrit, you go to the city and see godown work. Swaroop says fine and leaves. Harjeet asks Amrit is she ready to do as he said.

Panchayat waits for Harjeet. The people gossip and say its war of humanity and enmity, let’s see how Bajwa’s bahu saves Pavaniya’s bahu’s respect. Amba and Mannu greet the panchayat. Panchayat says Harjeet and Amrit did not come till now. Mannu prays that Amrit comes and proves Amba right.

Harjeet and Amba come there. Harjeet asks why did you call us here. Panchayat says Jagan is saying Bebe got to know about Harjeet and Amba’s affair and that’s why Amba tried to kill Bebe, is this true Amrit. Jagan worries. Amrit says yes, this is true, Amba had a relation with my husband.

Zee World: The Heir 24 July 2019 Update

Jagan, Amba and Mannu get shocked. Panchayat asks Amrit are you in any pressure, did Harjeet and Amba have an affair. Amrit cries and says yes. Amba asks Amrit what are you saying. Amrit sits crying and says they had a relationship. Jagan smiles.

Amba asks Amrit not to be scared, your statement is very important for me, it will stain my character, don’t do this, you are pressurized right, don’t go this. Harjeet asks Amba what are you doing, accept the mistake now. Amba gets shocked. Harjeet says I m a man and got influenced by Amba, but she came to me, she trapped me. Jagan gets shocked. Harjeet says but now I understood family is important, this won’t happen again.

He asks Amrit not to cry and forgive him for his mistake, he will never do this. He holds Amrit and asks them to see, Amrit’s wounds got fresh, if you all allow, we have to leave from here. They leave. Jagan smiles. Amba recalls Harjeet and Amrit’s words. She gets dizzy and Mannu holds her. He asks Amba is she fine.

Amrit comes home and sees Raj tied up. She frees Raj and asks did Rohan beat you. Harjeet says Rohan is my real tiger. He gives money to Rohaan and sends him. Amrit hugs Raj and cries. Harjeet says you are planning against me, I will show Raman that father is a father, I have broken you all. He laughs.

A man runs to Raavi. Sushila shows gifts for Sukhi and Jagan. The man tells Raavi that Amrit and Harjeet agreed that Amba had a relationship with Harjeet, now Jagan will win. Raavi gets glad and says I will dance now, I will not let Amba come inside the house. She sends the man. Raavi asks Sushila is she not happy. Sushila laughs and says I have done all this, I wanted to take revenge, that’s why I went to Harjeet knowing if I show love to Harjeet, he will give statement against Amba. Raavi gets glad. Sushila says I will clear Amba and Mannu from here, just see, it’s many-year-old wounds, I got ointment now.

Jagan asks did they know everything now. Mannu says no, Amrit is lying. Amba asks Mannu to stop it and not explain. Jagan asks Amba to stop the drama, now our eyes opened, we know Amba had bad character 7 years before also, she changed after Charan died, we are servant of her and want her sign, she has pushed Bebe, now Bebe is lying in bed, I request you to remove Amba from our business, we don’t want her sign. The Heir 24 July 2019 Update

Mannu says to wait before declaring decision, I m Pavaniya’s Shah, and want to talk in private. Jagan says no more talks. Mannu says I have the right to talk. Jagan says but… Panchayat says we will talk to Mannu. Mannu asks Amba to trust him, he will make everything fine. He goes. Swaroop tells Raman that today Amrit will ruin Jagan’s plan, then it will be fun, are you think for Simran, fire, and water are biggest enemies, it can’t be together, I m saying this by my experience, make mood fine now.

Simran and Gunjan wait at home. Sushila stops them from going to Bebe. She says Jagan asked me to stop you, I can’t do anything, but don’t go to Bebe’s room till panchayat gives a decision, else Jagan will get angry on Raavi, so I request you, once panchayat declares Amba is innocent, she will rule here. She acts sweet and asks them to go to their rooms, she will take care of Bebe.

Sushila goes to Bebe and sees her. Bebe is sleeping. Sushila asks how are you Deena, are you liking to lie down like helpless, I asked you for Charan’s hand, and you made Raavi marry Jagan, I wanted Shah husband for Raavi, and even today I want the same, you got Amba for Charan, see your state now, this time I will not let Amba and her son stay here, my daughter will become Shah’s wife, you changed her husband, I will change Shah, you will know what I did, if you get conscious by mistake, just see panchayat’s step.

Mannu talks to panchayat head about Amba. The man asks Mannu to come. Jagan waits. Amba thinks how much will Lord test me, just listen to Mannu and make truth win. She cries. The Heir 24 July 2019 Update On Zee World

Mannu comes back. People talk. Panchayat asks them to be quiet. The head says we feel that Jagan’s blame on Amba is proved after Harjeet and Amrit’s statement, Amba will not have signing authority, she will have a legal inquiry as she has tried to kill Bebe, we decide to give Amba to police. Jagan says you took the right decision, I accept it. Mannu says you said right, Amba is a bad mum, she is a liar, Amrit said right about her. Amba and Jagan get shocked. Amba asks what are you saying Mannu. Mannu says Amba should be punished, truth is one which comes out, Amba is a culprit like her truth came out after Amrit said statement, I don’t care if you give her to police. He asks panchayat to give Amba to police, but when the police come, they will arrest two people, Amba and Sarpanch. They all get shocked.

Sarpanch asks what did I do, tell my crime. Mannu says you have done theft. Sarpanch asks him to prove it. Mannu says you have stolen my Gulel, I can say it being sure that it’s in your pocket. Jagan asks did our sarpanch steal a gulel. Mannu asks Sarpanch to check. Sarpanch gets gulel. Jagan says agreed that Sarpanch has stolen the gulel, but Amba’s doings are different. Mannu says the mistake is a mistake, I proved it that sarpanch has stolen my gulel. Sarpanch says you know you have done this, I did not do this. Mannu says yes, I did this, but its proved that you have stolen it, like my mum is proved wrong, whatever Amrit said, you all agreed to her, Bebe knows truth, she is unconscious now, she can say the truth, if Amba is culprit, you are also a culprit.

Jagan starts laughing and says is stealing gulel your proof, who made you a Shah, forgive for this. Sarpanch says wait, Mannu said right, it proves that there can be another side to this story, panchayat will wait to give decision till Bebe comes and tells that Amba has pushed her from stairs and that Amba and Harjeet had an affair, Amba’s signing authority is still valid. Jagan gets shocked. Sarpanch says Mannu is Charan’s shadow. Panchayat goes.

Mannu tells Amba that we could not prove Jagan wrong, but this is not a complete failure or complete victory, we will complete the way, I promise. Raman asks Amrit what did she do. Amrit cries. Raman asks her why did she lie to panchayat. Simran asks how could Amrit lie, Bajwas are mean, we can’t trust them, they do friendship and then stab. Amrit says I did not backstab Amba, I was helpless. Swaroop comes and says puppets are always helpless, Amrit is Harjeet’s puppet. Raman asks why were you helpless, you defamed a woman. Amrit says it was about Raj’s life, Harjeet would have killed Raj. Raman says enough now, I will talk to Papa. Swaroop says no Raman, he is your father, you can’t go against him always, but I can go against him, I will talk to him.

Jagan goes to Amba. Amba asks how is Bebe, I will go and meet her. Jagan stops her and says don’t roam around Bebe, you lost the status. Amba asks whats your status, you cried in front of panchayat, its good Bebe is in this state, else she would have died seeing you like this, she would be ashamed seeing you, who are you to stop me. Jagan blocks her way and says you did not get a sense after insult in panchayat. Amba says you got insulted, not me, you will need my sign from me for even small things. Jagan gets angry.

She says I did not get proud of signing authority, now I know the value, I was mad to stop you at home when Bebe was making you leave from the house, I did not wish to break this house, I forgot I can hope from humans, not snakes. Jagan shouts yes, I m poisonous snake, not weak like Charan, I will become Shah, then you see, I will throw you out of my life. Mannu says I won’t let that day come, I m Amba’s strength, we don’t know Bajwas help to win over you. Amba asks Jagan to go and cry for his failure. Jagan angrily goes.

Today: The Heir 24 July 2019 Update On Zee World

Swaroop goes to Harjeet and says you should be in sorrow, you are celebrating, it’s our bad days. Harjeet says no one can win, I fooled you and sent you with Raman, I broke Pavaniyas.

She asks why did you cheat and send me, are you afraid of me or Raman, this mark is one which Jagan gave me, you supported Jagan, did you remember or forgot, this stain was on Bajwas’ face. Harjeet says women can’t understand anything, I broke that family, now they will keep fighting, I m seeing drama, I took your revenge. She says Amba was not my culprit. He says you won’t understand, leave.

She calls him foolish and says now Jagan will become head of the family, he will become powerful, he was weak till Amba was there, now Jagan will rule, you made him powerful, one day you will be ashamed of yourself, remember what I said. She drinks wine and leaves. Harjeet throws glass angrily. The Heir 24 July 2019

Nekiram comes to Jagan and asks him to get Amba’s sign on papers. Jagan drinks and asks Amba to sign on papers. She asks him to move off her way, as he is drunk. He asks why don’t you move off my way, you blocked my way. She reads papers and says Charan and Lala ji fought together to stop this factory, as the industrial waste will ruin fields, you and Harjeet are putting tender for this, I will not sign, if you think you will scare me, it won’t happen.

Jagan laughs and says Charan was a stain on Shah’s name, he was weak, I have the courage to become Shah. She says no, you are not a Shah, your dream did not get fulfilled, my Mannu is Shah. He asks her to sign. She scolds him. He forces her to sign.

Mannu comes there and gets shocked. He shouts mummy. Amba pushes Jagan and runs to the kitchen. She burns all her fingers and screams. Jagan gets shocked. Mannu angrily pushes Jagan. Everyone come and look on. Mannu tells Sushila to see, what did Jagan do, Amba’s hand burnt because of her. They all get shocked.

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