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The Heir 24 to 30 June 2019 Thriller: Jagan Plans To Kill Mannu (Watch)

The Heir 24 to 30 June 2019 Thriller: Jagan Plans To Kill Mannu

The Heir 24 to 30 June 2019 Thriller: Jagan Plans To Kill Mannu


As The Heir series intensifies this week, lots of suspense, intrigue, and actions unravel. Mannu becomes a target for both rivals. Will Mannu’s mother succeeds in keeping her safe from her enemies?

Mannu lost the race and Amba is blamed for her restrictive ways. Meanwhile, Jaggan is plotting to end his nephew’s life.

Watch this week thriller…

The Heir Monday 24 June episode starts with Bebe asking Amba why is Mannu not eating food. Mannu cries. Raavi talks from window and apologizes to him. She says you are big Shah, forgive me, I will not complain to Amba, I got besan laddoos for you. He says mummy asked me not to eat anything from anyone’s hand. She says I got this by love, if you get weak, how will you go school. He asks did mummy say she will send me to school. Raavi says she will agree to you and send you to school, you don’t have food and be adamant, then see your mum has to bend infront of you.

Amba comes there and asks Mannu to open the door, have food. Raavi says you won’t fall weak by one day hunger. She lies to him and says if you keep fasts, Lord meets them and fulfills wish, when you meet Lord, make wish of going to school. He says fine, but what
to wish for mummy. Bebe asks Mannu to drink milk. Raavi says no, don’t have anything, stay hungry for more time. Amba says open door, we should know what you want. Raavi says no, wait.

The Heir 24 to 30 June 2019 Thriller: Jagan Plans To Kill Mannu

Mannu opens the door. Raavi goes. Amba says I will try and tastes the milk Bebe got. Bebe says taste it, I may have added poison, trust someone. Bebe gets angry and goes. Amba goes to Mannu and says my son did not eat anything since morning. She tries to convince him to get food. He recalls Raavi’s words and tells Amba. She says no, Lord does not meet if you stay hungry. She asks him to have food, else he will fall weak. She asks him to drink milk. Mannu drinks the milk. Amba smiles.

She says paratha and mango chutney looks great. He says fine, I will eat food, but you have to send me to school. She thinks I also want my three daughters to go to school, but I can’t send you to school, this is our fate. She kisses Mannu and he smiles.

Swaroop sits somewhere and thinks of Jagan. She sees Jagan passing by and hits something towards him. He stops the jeep and they argue. She keeps the axe at his neck and asks him did you never love him. He says don’t give this importance to yourself. She cuts his hand and then cares for his wound. She says very soon, I will not leave you, the pind will spit on your face, you are weak and don’t have value at the house and find, that little boy is roaming as Shah and you…. Remember one thing, I won’t let you turn this rule, if I kill you, it’s easy, its fun to see you restless. She laughs.

Simran is sad. Amba sees her and asks her result. Amba checks her result and says you got good marks, you did great, tell me what gift do you want. She sees her pic fallen out of the bag and smiles. Simran says this result has no use, as my studies ended, all girls study till 8th. She cries and says I wish I was a boy, I could study more and fulfill all your dreams. Amba cries and says you will study ahead, I will make your study. Continue reading The Heir 24th June 2019 Here




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