The Heir

The Heir 25 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 25 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 25 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series


The episode starts Sushila says apply ointment to Amba. Mannu takes Amba. Jagan says we will win, but nothing happened by Amrit’s statement. Mannu asks Amba why did she do this. Amba says Jagan was forcing me to sign, I m scared whats going on in his mind. Jagan comes to them and throws all of them outside the house.

Sushila asks where will Amba go, did you get mad. Amba asks Jagan to stop this. Jagan shouts Amba shut up, else I will kill your children in front of your eyes. Amba gets shocked. Sushila asks will you make them leave, where will Amba go. Jagan says I don’t know, and threatens Amba. Mannu says we won’t go, this is our house also. Amba says no, we are going. They all are leaving.

Sushila asks Jagan to let them stay in godown and signs him. Jagan allows them. Amba thanks Sushila and cries. Sushila says I will try that everything gets fine. Amba sees Bebe’s room. Amba ad her children leave from the house. Sushila smiles.

The Heir 25 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Amba is placed in the godown, by Sushila requesting Jagan. Amba cries and tells her children that she could not give them a good life. She apologizes. Mannu says this is a nice home, we will make things fine, we will talk to Sushila, she is very nice and help us. Sushila asks Jagan did you not understand my Leela, have the lemon water, then you will understand. She tells Jagan that she will fight with Amba and Mannu by mind, not anger if Mannu tells everyone that you made Bebe fall, what will you do, I will not let this happen, and for this, I have to do something my way. Raavi agrees. Jagan says don’t give me Gyaan, tell me what to do.

Sushila says now do what I say, then see my Leela. Raavi praises her. Mannu says, whatever happens, I will not let Jagan win. Gunjan says I m hungry and not getting sleep. Simran asks her to sleep. Gunjan asks but for how. Amba gets worried and sings a lullaby to make them sleep. Mannu, Gunjan and Simran sleep.

Amba recalls Mannu’s words to defend her and cries. Gunjan wakes up and feels hungry. Simran says it’s not morning yet and makes her sleep. Amba worries and says take care of them, I will just come. Mannu asks where did mummy go.

Sushila tells Jagan that Amba will come here to ask for food, she has spent the night at the godown, but she has to come here, start the count down now. Jagan works out. Sushila counts down. Jagan looks at the door. Amba knocks the door and comes there. Sushila smiles and asks Jagan to see.

Jagan opens the door. He asks what happened, did you come to sign, no your hands are burnt, how will you sign, you are useless. She stops him from shutting the door and says tell anything to me, but I m a mother, its fight of your and my ethics, don’t get children in between, my children are hungry since night, I m outsider, they are your own blood, your brother’s children, even if you don’t give food, let me take milk for them.

Jagan says don’t say about children, you did not let us have rights on them, Mannu did not become my nephew and Bebe’s grandson ever, now you are saying this, about the milk, come. He calls Sukhi and Raavi. He asks Raavi to get four glass milk for Sukhi. Raavi gets the milk. Jagan asks Sukhi to drink it. Sukhi says I can’t drink all this at once. Jagan says you have to drink, else you won’t get milk all your life. Sukhi drinks and milk falls over. Amba cries.

Raavi says Sukhi will get unwell. Jagan says great, drink more. Amba looks on. Sukhi drinks. Raavi asks him is he fine. She takes Sukhi and says you will get fine. Jagan claps. He asks Amba to see, there is milk for our house. Mannu comes there and asks Amba to come. Jagan says your son has come to save you. Amba says you won’t be happy Jagan. Mannu takes her. Jagan says if your hand gets fine, come to sign. Sushila looks on.

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Amba says I can’t get milk for my children. Mannu says so what if we don’t drink milk. Simran says yes. Amba says I m helpless, don’t know what to do. She cries. Mannu asks can’t we keep fast for you for one-day ad consoles Amba.

Amba goes to neighbour lady and asks for some work. The lady gives her work to do embroidery on dupattas. She asks Amba to have tea and food. Amba says I m fasting, I can’t have tea, give me some money in advance. Lady says sure, sit. Raavi calls the lady and says Jagan is becoming Shah. Amba hears her. The lady says congrats, how is Bebe.

Raavi says Amba tried to kill Bebe and you are supporting her, I heard it’s your daughter’s marriage, anything wrong can happen, you know Jagan’s anger. The lady gets scared and thinks she can’t help Amba, sorry, Jagan will not let my daughter’s marriage happen.

The lady says sorry Amba, dupatta order canceled. Amba says it’s fine. Mannu asks what work shall I do. The man gives him money and asks him to have food. Mannu says I want work, not charity. The man says I have taken care of Charan and Jagan. Mannu touches his feet and apologizes. The man says you are good like Charan, you have self-esteem, you help me in keeping the sacks in the godown, then take money. Mannu says fine and drags the bag. He says how shall I drag this, it’s heavy, I m a girl. He thinks of Suraiyya and Ganga’s words. Mannu prays and takes the sacks. The man says great, you take the money now. Jagan and his men come there, Jagan looks on. He stops them.

Nekiram says Pavaniya’s new Shah is Jagan. Jagan tells everyone to touch his feet. The old man and Mannu look on. Nekiram asks the man to come and touch Jagan’s feet. The man says I made Jagan play in my lap, how to touch feet. Jagan says you got paid for the work, are you ashamed, come, touch my feet. The man says now punish me, I can’t touch feet. Jagan scolds him and asks Nekiram to snatch money from the man. The men catch the old man. Mannu says leave him. The men trouble Mannu. The Heir 25 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mannu shouts enough and picks money. He asks the man to keep it. The man says this is your hard-earned. Mannu says Lord is seeing everything, I will get money, everyone fighting with you for a note is not right. He leaves.

Amba is on the way. Swaroop passes by and stops Amba. She says I did not think I will talk to any Pavaniya like this, whatever happened with you, because of Amrit… Amba says I moved on, the reality is my children are hungry, I m finding food for them, I don’t have time for Pavaniya and Bajwa fight.

Swaroop says we met before also, I don’t know how this enmity shapes, but I respect you a lot, I knew this will happen, that’s why I thought to help you. She gives money to Amba. Amba says why do you want to help you to get peace, do you regret that Jagan will become powerful by making us leave.

Swaroop says you won’t have anyone’s support. Amba says thanks Amrit for this. Swaroop says she was helpless. Amba says now I m helpless, I don’t want charity. She goes. Swaroop says Harjeet did big mistake to give more power to Jagan.

Today: The Heir 25 July 2019 Update

Mannu lifts Raj and asks him to pluck mangoes. They both fall down and get hurt. Mannu asks Raj are you fine, I did not gulel today. Raj asks him to think again, my mummy will make food for you all. Mannu says no, Amba will not touch your food. Raj says you can take temple, Prasad. Mannu says yes, we can have Prasad.

Jagan and Harjeet come across and stop the jeeps. They start arguing. Harjeet calls him to creep to ruin house respect, Mannu has changed the game, did you become Shah, or will Amba’s name work on papers. Jagan gets angry. Harjeet says you lost to a kid and laughs. He says you will lose factory tender also, you will get junk.

Jagan says don’t fly so much, I will ruin your ego in the dust. Harjeet says great, rope burnt but the power did not learn to live in reality, truth is you just manage your shoes, else Mannu can snatch even that. He leaves.

Gunjan comes home and is hungry. She sees the girls having food. Sushila thinks Gunjan will be useful to me and goes to her. She acts sweet. She says Jagan and Raavi are not at home, come and have food. Gunjan says no, I will go home and have food with everyone. Sushila says give me a chance to feed you by my hands. She makes Gunjan eat food. Gunjan likes food fast. Sushila smiles and says I think Jagan has come, run fast, else he will kill me. Gunjan takes the food plate. Sushila says to leave the plate, run. Gunjan runs. Raavi asks what did you do. Sushila says this is my Leela, I m breaking the house, this is my first plan, the family will break.




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