The Heir

The Heir 3 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 3 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 3 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Episode starts with Sushila asking Amba to sign on the papers. Sushila asks are you finding Mannu or Bebe, they won’t come here, I have locked them in the room. Sushila asks Amba to sign on the papers, else you have to sign after getting insulted in Panchayat. Amba cries. Amba calls them shameless. Jagan asks why are you worried, you wanted this to happen, you said I should no interfere.

Sushila says sign on papers, no one will come to help you. Mannu calls out Papa and runs to hug Harjeet. Harjeet asks him to getaway. Mannu says Jagan is also here, but we don’t care if mummy and you are together, everything is fine, Amba has given you factory tender also, we have won.

Harjeet asks what nonsense are you saying. Mannu says this was the plan. Harjeet asks what plan. Mannu asks Sushila shall I say what to do with these papers. He says we should make the plane of this paper and fly it, as Amba has given all papers to Harjeet. Jagan and Sushila get shocked. Jagan calls Harjeet a cheater and says you are playing the game with me.

The Heir 3 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Harjeet says I don’t want what is Mannu saying. Sushila says hear Harjeet once. Jagan says don’t get in between, Harjeet is breaking my Shah dreams. They fight and get guns from Jeep. Sushila asks them to stop.

Harjeet tells Jagan how he ruined Amba’s name in front of the village, what will you do. Jagan says if I become Shah, you won’t get anything, yes I ruined Amba’s respect by blaming her wrong, think what will I do of you to become Shah. Sushila says stop it, its Mannu’s game. Panchayat asks what’s happening and sees the entire confession. Jagan, Harjeet, and Sushila get shocked. Simran comes with panchayat. Sarpanch asks Simran to show them. Simran shows the video of Jagan and Harjeet confessing their crime.

Simran says because of Jagan’s car lights, I made a video by sarpanch’s phone. Amba cries. Sarpanch says Amba, you are innocent, this is proved true today, no one can stop you from going home now, and about this Jagan, he will be punished now. The Heir 3 August 2019 Update

He says even Harjeet is responsible equally, Harjeet gave the wrong statement against Amba, so he will be punished too. Panchayat takes a decision. Sarpanch says Jagan and Harjeet did this, we want you both to give Amba honor, as you made Amba and her children bear the insult, leave Amba to her home with respect by taking her in Palki. Jagan. Harjeet and Sushila get shocked. Mannu, Amba, and Simran cry happily.

Mannu says I promised you Mannu, that the people who did your insult in panchayat will drop you home with respect. Amba recalls Mannu’s words and nods. Mannu hugs her. Gunjan comes there. Simran shows Gunjan. Gunjan cries. Mannu runs to her and says we have to go back home. She says I scolded you a lot, forgive me. Mannu asks why are you crying, we are no different, our mummy got her respect back.

Amba opens arms for Mannu. Waaris….. plays…….. Mannu and Gunjan run to hug Amba. Amba hugs her children. A beautiful Paalki is brought. Sushila says I told you, you did not listen. Sarpanch asks Amba to sit. Mannu says wait. Mannu asks Harjeet to return Charan’s Kalgi. Sarpanch asks Harjeet to return the Kalgi. Harjeet gives it. Mannu gives it to Amba. Sarpanch apologizes to Amba. He praises Mannu and says I wish every mum to get a son like him, you proved you are the real heir of Charan. Amba feels proud. Amba sits in the Palki.

Sarpanch asks Harjeet and Jagan to lift Palki. They lift Palki along with other men and take Amba home. Sushila gets angry. People cheer for Amba and Mannu. Simran and Gunjan see Sushila going home first. Simran stops Sushila and says you can’t go inside home till Amba and Mannu come home. Sushila says its Jagan’s house, Raavi and Sukhi are inside. Simran says yes, you locked them home as they can come out and spoil your plan, you can’t do inside.

Mannu frees Amrit, Swaroop, Raman and Raj and says Harjeet locked you all, I could tell this to panchayat but did not, Harjeet will beat you again, I was determined to make Jagan lose, you don’t raise hand on Harjeet, but don’t let him raise hand on you, thanks for help. He thanks Raj and says I will pray everything gets fine in your house.

Harjeet and Jagan get Amba home. They see each other. Sushila says I went to make him Shah, he has become a servant. Mannu comes and asks panchayat to stop.

Mannu comes and chanting Charan’s name. Amba looms at Harjeet and Jagan. Simran does Amba’s aarti and welcomes her home. Mannu smiles. Amba enters the house and recalls what all happened. She thinks of Mannu’s words. Harjeet angrily sees Jagan and Mannu. He leaves. Mannu, Simran, and Gunjan enter the house. They hug Amba.

Amba goes to meet Bebe and cries seeing her. Mannu asks Sushila to pack her bags, else they will help her. Sushila gets angry. Harjeet comes home drunk and throws the wine bottle. He says so much insult, no Amba, you have to pay for this, I will not leave anyone, I will not leave Mannu. Everyone come and look on. Swaroop asks Amrit to leave Harjeet and not explain him, he has to understand that house runs by family.

Its morning, Amba wakes up and wakes up Mannu, Simran, and Gunjan. Mannu asks why did Bebe not get conscious, all things got fine when Bebe gets conscious then…. He says Bebe’s hand moved, I have seen it. Amba says Bebe will get conscious today. Sushila says Jagan its morning and you are still regretting. He says I got much insulted yesterday. She asks him to do something of his anger, I told you about Mannu’s game, I shouted and you told

She asks him did he think of Bebe. Jagan goes to Bebe’s room and takes an injection bottle. He says you will get conscious when I wear Shah Pagdi. He checks and gets shocked seeing pillows in Bebe’s place. He says where did she go. Bebe kicks the door and comes inside. He gets shocked. Bebe does shayari and aims gun at Jagan. She says your dad used to say this, he loves Charan more and I loved you, I wish I could know you will get ready to kill me for money and power. You forgot I m your Maa, I did not forget you are my child, so I will not shoot.

She spares his life. He apologizes and she kicks him away. She asks him to get his bags and leave from her house. Raavi cries and begs Amba not to make them out of the house. She apologizes. Amba says I did this mistake once, if I do it again, I will be culprit of my children. She tells her what Jagan did and counts their crimes. She says I will obey Bebe’s decision.

  • The Heir 3 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Raavi goes and asks Bebe to think for her. Jagan asks Raavi to stop crying. Mannu says if you want, you can stay in godown, don’t know who took the door. Bebe says Amba, I will not wait for Mannu to turn 18 years to make him Shah, I will see good mahurat and make Mannu my Shah. Jagan gets angry and says Mannu was doing friendship with Bajwas, you are giving Shah post to him. Bebe says I know everything. She scolds Jagan and asks him to just leave. Jagan leaves with Raavi, Sushila and Sukhi.

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