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The Heir 8 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 8 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts with Tailor getting Mannu’s Sherwani for Shahposhi ceremony. Mannu looks on. Bebe asks the man to leave. Mannu asks Bebe to trust her, she will show by becoming a good Shah. Bebe throws the sherwani and burns it. She says there is no Shah and no heir. She throws Charan’s crest in the fire. Mannu shouts no and tries to blow off the fire to get the kalgi. Bebe looks on. Mannu gets the kalgi and gets hand burnt. She says you saved kalgi, you can’t save this family. She goes. Mannu says I have to find Charan’s son. He talks to Amba.

She refuses to find Charan’s son. He says Bebe is drinking a lot, her heart is hurt, we have to find that boy. Yuvraaj comes and takes Amba’s blessings to find the boy. Yuvraaj asks Amba will he see the pic, he has to find his family. Mannu shouts Yuvraaj, go and find anyone you want, go from here, she is my mummy, I will talk to him. Yuvraaj goes. Amba asks whats this way to talk, why did you get angry on him, we will not find anyone. She goes. Mannu thinks to find Charan’s Waaris.

Yuvraaj asks about his father. Harjeet is with his men at the dhaba. Harjeet sees the pic and throws it. Yuvraaj asks what are you doing, this is my father’s pic. Harjeet says what nonsense. Yuvraaj says he is my father, and this is my mum. Harjeet says what are you saying, he has his family here, whats his name. Yuvraaj says Charan Singh Pavaniya, do you know him. Harjeet says no go. Yuvraaj goes. Harjeet says Charan, you did big thing, illegitimate child. He laughs and tells the man to let him add spice to the matter, now I got the chance which I was waiting since years. They laugh.

The Heir 8 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Sushila asks Jagan did he find out about the boy. Jagan says yes, that boy is not in Barnala, I asked my man to send his pic. He gets the pic and gets shocked. He shows Yuvraaj’s pic to Sushila. She gets shocked. She says he is inside the house, see we were finding him everywhere, what are you seeing, don’t get late, go and catch the boy. He leaves.

Mannu is with Raj and says I have to find that boy. Yuvraaj comes. Mannu apologizes and shakes hand. Mannu says I m finding someone, will you help me. Yuvraaj says yes, I will just come. Raj asks why did you apologize to Yuvraaj. Mannu says I was annoyed with him. Raj says I don’t like him, he does not look right. Mannu says he is not bad, he is orphan, he is guest at my house, its my right that I take care of him, just you will be my best friend. He hugs Raj and Charan’s kalgi falls down. Yuvraaj sees them.

Jagan is on the way. Yuvraaj picks Kalgi and says this is my dad’s Kalgi. Mannu says no, its my dad’s Kalgi. Yuvraaj says no, its my dad’s Kalgi. Jagan’s men come there. They push Raj and Mannu, and take Yuvraaj with them. Mannu shouts Yuvraaj. Jagan leaves.

Yuvraaj screams. Mannu follows them. Jagan gets Yuvraaj to some place and asks is Charan your dad. Yuvraaj says yes. Jagan gets Charan’s pic from him. He asks is this your father. Yuvraaj says yes. Jagan gets angry and says my brother was born to ruin my life, see he has done such things that he died and I did not get peace even now.

Jagan scares him by aiming gun and ask him to leave from this village, don’t come back, else I will kill you. Yuvraaj asks can you make me meet my dad or his family once. Jagan laughs and says you were staying in his house, you did not know your dad and his family, you met them, now leave. Yuvraaj says Mannu and her mum. Jagan says I m your mean uncle.

Zee World Today: The Heir 8 August 2019 Update

He asks Yuvraaj will he leave from here or die. Mannu comes to save Yuvraaj and pushes Jagan. Jagan says Yuvraaj is Charan’s son. Mannu gets shocked. Jagan throws Mannu away and says its good I got chance to kill both of you together, I will end this game here. Yuvraaj says no, Mannu you run away. Mannu refuses to go. Jagan aims gun at them. Harjeet shoots at Jagan’s gun. Jagan sees Harjeet and his men. Harjeet taunts Jagan about Yuvraaj. He says if you kill them, you will become Shah, I can’t bear it. He asks Mannu and Yuvraaj to run, else none can save them. He tells Jagan that if anything happens to kids, he will give statement in panchayay against him. Mannu and Yuvraaj leave.

Jagan says you did not do this right Harjeet. Harjeet says right will happen now, just see. Mannu runs with Yuvraaj and recalls his words. Sushila asks Jagan what did he do, I could not explain you whats right and whats wrong, why did I tell you about illegitimate child, I asked you to find him, you went and told Mannu, now Harjeet also knows. Jagan asks would I leave Yuvraaj. She says now Mannu knows it, he will tell everyone, you be here, I will not lose soon, I will use this boy and go back home. The Heir 8 August 2019 Update

Mannu and Yuvraaj come home hurt. Mannu calls out Amba. Bebe sees their wounds. Mannu thinks I can’t tell Yuvraaj’s truth to Bebe, I have to tell Amba first. Bebe gets aid box and does Yuvraaj’s hand, instead Mannu’s. Mannu gets sad. Bebe asks how did this happen. Mannu says we got hurt while playing. Bebe scolds him and goes. Mannu thinks Bebe is much annoyed, Yuvraaj’s truth will shock her. More Update Coming Soon…

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