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The Heir 9th June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 9th June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 9th June 2019 Update: The Heir series first premiere centers around the Pavaniya family.

It starts with a pregnant lady going in the fields. A girl calls her Maa and she stops. She walks ahead and sees another girl calling her. The girl asks were you finding me Maa. The woman goes ahead and gets shocked seeing some hot water bowls, scissors and clothes ready.

The lady says so Amba is here, catch her. They all force her to deliver a son. The head of Pavaniya family, her mother in law asks her to give them a male child. Another lady laughs and says she won’t give us a male child, she can just give birth to daughters. Amba shouts leave me… and her bad dream ends. She prays. She goes out and does her duty of a good bahu.

She smiles and goes hearing a baby boy crying for milk. Her sister in law does not wake up to feed baby. The baby cries. Amba tries feeding the baby. Her mum in law Bebe taunts Amba to have two daughters. Her sister in law comes and taunts Amba asking if she did any magic on her son.

Zee World: The Heir 9th June 2019 Update

She takes her son. The men come and tell Bebe about the good harvest this year. Nekiram wishes happy baisakhi to Bebe. He asks her to see the harvest. He says Charan has worked hard. Sister in law says everyone forgets my husband, he also works hard. Amba asks Nekiram to take her to her husband, as she wants to meet him.

A man Jagan is showing taking a shower in the fields. His girlfriend stops him and he moves her away. She asks what happened, you were with me at night and not even seeing me now. He asks her to go home. She asks how will I go home. He says the same way as you came here. Jagan walks on the road and stops the jeep. Nekiram and Amba get shocked seeing him.

Jagan asks where are you going Parjai ji? Amba jokes on him and calls him a monkey. Jagan says you got old Parjai and throws Nekiram out. He drives the jeep and says that’s why I told you Parjai to live your life. She says the way you live, you will get people with swords, focus on home and your wife. He asks where to take you. The Heir 9th June 2019 Update

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She says to my life, your brother, I was going to get him, he went to fields yesterday and don’t know did he have any food or not, its Baisakhi tomorrow. He says you and your husband are old, I will take you around pind today. She asks this way, to show you work out every day. He asks her to cover him up if she can.

She asks him to stop joking and they leave. Charan washes his face and wears clean clothes. He wears his Pagdi and goes to meet farmers. He greets them and wishes them happy baisakhi. He says you all worked hard, this harvest is because of you, but there is no use of harvest if farmers don’t get their wages, so you all will get your wages tonight, so that you all make a new start this year. They all leave.

The man says you are talking to everyone as if you did not do anything. Charan says I did not do anything, those farmers did everything, I m nothing without them. Jagan gets Amba there. Charan and Amba smile seeing each other.

Charan hugs Amba and says fairy has come on earth today. She says leave me, people are here. He says so what, they will know you came to meet me. She says I came to meet my Sautan, this harvest, you stopped giving me time. He says if I came home, how would I see this sweet anger. She says daughters love you and this harvest dries without you, and this third baby kicks me as if he will come out today.

The Heir 9th June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Charan asks the baby Manpreet how is he, your mummy complains a lot. She asks Charan did you have any food, I will get tea for you and Jagan. Jagan checks accounts and asks Charan will he give away harvest in charity this time. Charan says this time, harvest is nice. Jagan says you are great. Charan says let me do my work. Jagan says its your fate that you are born elder, you can laugh, but remember one thing, being king does not give you everything, it needs courage to run kingdom, once I get this chair…. Amba comes.

  • The Heir 9th June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jagan tells Charan that you are giving everything for free, you sit here and imagine that Amba will have son, if Amba gets a daughter this time, it will be big issue. Amba asks Jagan to calm down, and talk well with brother. Jagan takes tea from her hands and drinks. He says Amba makes good tea, Charan is lucky. He goes. Amba says I don’t understand him, don’t know when will he grow up.

Charan says till I m here, I will be elder. They leave for home. The ladies and Jagan’s wife taunt Amba for just giving birth to daughters. Charan and Amba feel bad. Amba goes to her room and recalls those taunts. The lady tells Bebe about riots, Bebe’s husband came home that day, he came on Rakhi day and then he was killed, how are both families celebrating Baisakhi then… Charan says so that there should be no fights again, we both want peace.

Bebe says I don’t want any peace, not even Jagan, we want revenge, that’s why Lord gave you two daughters, maybe Charan will get more daughters in future. He says one day, they will backstab you. Charan says I don’t understand you sometimes. Bebe asks what will you explain me, you are Shah, you decide.

Amba asks Manpreet to come in this world and prove that you love me the most. Charan comes to room and sees Amba talking to the baby in her womb. He hugs Amba. He gives her a sweet bars. He shuts the door to stop Bebe’s taunts from hurting Amba’s heart. Charan says I will also get ready to go in fair. Amba cries and says I m scared.

Charan asks why are you scared. She says everyone wants a son, I understand I gave birth to two daughters, now I should get a son, but if it’s a girl then…. This is not in my control. Charan says its fine, its good thing, we have two daughters already, one more is fine, I love my daughters a lot, but this time if it’s not a son then…

Bebe will make Jagan the village’s head, he will then wish to take revenge, there will be riots, nothing will be saved. Everyone wants to know will we get a son or daughter this time. I don’t have an interest in becoming Shah, I just want to fulfill dad’s dreams, he wanted peace, for that our son is necessary. He goes. The Heir 9th June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Charan and Amba leave for the fair. He talks to their daughters. He asks the girls to bring a smile on Amba’s face. Amba sees the rivals’ fields and asks Charan why did he take the car this way. He says it’s fine. Charan stops the car as some child comes in between. He goes to the child and does not scold him. The car tyre gets stuck. Amba gets worried about seeing so many people with weapons. They all surround Charan. Charan wishes them happy Baisakhi. He asks them to push the car. The man asks can’t you see the kid while driving. Charan says I applied brakes on time, nothing happened to the kid.

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