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The Heir November 2019 Teasers On Zee World

The Heir November 2019 Teasers On Zee World

The Heir November 2019 Teasers On Zee World – Mohini is arrested and Chandhar Is ‘defeated’. A new problem arise as the men and women battle for supremacy, can Preet and Raj reunite to save the day?

Friday 1 November 2019 Chandar throws a challenge to Raj to prove who loves Preet the more after he refuses to sign the divorce papers. Meanwhile, Amba and Raavi plead with Jaggan to free Babli, seems like he’s having a change of heart?

Saturday 2 November 2019 The priest arrive just in time to save Preet from feeding Chandhar, Raj wins the challenge. Chandhar and Jaggan are working together and they plan to use Babli to force Raj to sign the divorce papers. Mohini has exchanged Simran’s medicine and they are causing her condition to become worst.

Sunday 3 November 2019 Raj signs the divorce papers to save Babli’s life, in exchange Chandhar signs the agreement to leave Simmi alone. Chandar make advances at Preet now that she is his wife to be. Raj is jealous and vows to save her from Mohini and Chandar’s trap. Later Mannu gets Jaggan arrested for kidnapping Babli.

Monday 4 November 2019 Raj and Mannu overhear Mohini and Chandhar arguing. Mohini is angry Chandhar has changed their initial plan, he threatens her with the secret in the pendrive. Later while Mannu distracts Chandhar in the party, Raj goes to ransack his house. He and Rohan learn that Mohini killed Raman!

Tuesday 5 November 2019 Raj attempts to expose Raman’s killer backfires on Preet further causing a rift between them. Unknown to him, Nihaal had edited the video to make Preet the guilty one in front if everyone. Raj vows to find more evidence against them.

Wednesday 6 November 2019 Preet gets ready to become Chandhar’s wife. Raj threatens him with a gun. Rohan tells Simran to recollect and Simran tells everyone that Mohini killed Raman, she is arrested after confessing to her deeds. Raj implores Preet to break up with Chandhar now but he is one step ahead and had arranged everything. He sets Simran to shoot herself if anyone acts smart.

Thursday 7 November 2019 Chandhar gets set to marry both Mannu and Simran as that was the real agreement he had signed unknown to Preet. However, Mannu sneaks Simran through a window and she elopes with Rohan. Later Rohan proposes to Simran and they get set to marry. History repeats itself once more as the Bajwas and Pawaniyas refuse another marriage of their children. Meanwhile, Mannu gets ready to kill herself and Chandhar if Raj doesn’t come back on-time.

The Heir November 2019 Teasers On Zee World

Friday 8 November 2019 Raj saves the day and Mannu does not get married to Chandhar however a new problem arises as Amrit is nowhere to be found. Chandhar demands that his. Bride be returned to him but Raj and Mannu set out to find Amrit. They find her but during the tussle Mannu gets shot while trying to save Raj from Chandhar’s bullet. Chandhar is arrested.

Saturday 9 November 2019 Amba refuses Raj from seeing Preet. Simran finally regains her memory and expresses her hatred for Rohan. Raj confesses his feelings for Preet but she wants nothing to do with him. Amba takes her daughters back home, Babli sukhi and Raavi are joyful. Later Jhilmil is kidnapped, Mannu set out to free her, who is Jhilmil?

Sunday 10 November 2019 Mannu rescues Jhilmil, she is joined by Raj. Later there’s is chaos in the village as the women want freedom from the men. They want Amba as their new head. It’s seems someone is behind it all, who could it be? The Pawyania women put their plan in motion to make Amba the new village head, they are joined by other women. Meanwhile Rohan and Raj disguise as NGO women to stay at the Pawyania house and also express their support.

Monday 11 November 2019 It is revealed that Chandhar is behind this new commotion and he has a spy in the Pawyania house. Meanwhile, Raj uses every opportunity to get close to Raj while disguised as a female. Simran continues to deny her love for Rohan. A fast is declared in the Pawyania house and Raj is convinced Preet is fasting for him. He does all he can to break Mannu’s fast and complete the ritual. Also all the village women contribute their jewelry for the cause.

Tuesday 12 November 2019 A feast is called and Mannu proposes to the village council that Amba be made the new village head. Meanwhile, Chandhar’s spy in the house spike the wine so that the women faint after drinking and look cheap before the men. but Raj disguised as Romila uncovers this and drinks it all thereby saving others, Amba is pleased. The village council also promise to think about the women’s request.

Wednesday 13 November 2019 Mannu begins to suspect that Romilla is indeed Raj. Pyriyanka, one of Gunjan’s friend is accused of spiking the drink after her bracelet was found close to it, She denies it. Raj set out to find out more facts unknown that he is being followed by Preet. Meanwhile, Chandar makes a new plan to intercept Amba’s jewelry before it gets to the bank for a loan.

Thursday 14 November 2019 Mannu discovers the truth about Romilla and she is disappointed, however she covers for him when Amba nearly catches him. Chandhar has managed to turn the men against their wives and the wives turn against Amba. They demand for their jewelry back but someone has already stolen it! Mannu sees the thief running and is able to recover the jewelry. She also provokes the women to resist their husbands and they support Amba again.

Friday 15 November 2019 The Pawyania have a lot of women to feed and the rations are getting smaller. Raj works as a labourer to bring more food and Mannu is impressed. Meanwhile, Gunjan and Mannu follow Pyriyanka in other to discover who she is working for unknown to them that it’s setup and the real culprit is at home. When they discover the truth, they run back home on-time to save the jewelry. However Amba discovers Raj, she asks her men to beat him up.

Saturday 15 November 2019 Mannu tends to Raj’s wound and he is convinced that Mannu still loves him. Later he wears his Pramilla disguise and returns back home as the hunt for the traitor amongst the women continues. Mannu is suspicious that Gunjan and Pyriyanka are working together! The Heir November 2019 Teasers On Zee World

Sunday 16 November 2019 It is confirmed that Gunjan is working with Chandhar, when Mannu goes to confront her, she does not reveal why. Jaggan returns home and goes to sleep with Pramilla thinking she is Raavi, Raj alarms the other women and Jaggan wonders why the house is now a harem. He acts all repentant but is he for real?

Chandhar creates trouble from prison

Monday 17 November 2019 It’s time to deposit the jewelry, Raj and Preet are on high alert while Gunjan is sneaky. Later she is caught red handed conspiring to steal the jewelry through a secret passage. She reveals that Chandhar is behind it all and has kidnapped her husband. They decide to help save Aman and exchange the jewelry with fake for Chandhar, but can Gunjan be trusted?

Tuesday 18 November 2019 It’s Diwali and everyone prays for success. Amba takes the jewelry to the bank but as it turns out, they are all fake. Preet is shocked at Gunjan’s betrayal, it turns out Jaggan is also working for Chandhar. Meanwhile, Raj is following the trail that leads to Chandhar. He arrives to save Aman but he is overpowered and discovers that Chandhar is with the real jewel. At the bank, Preet manages to save Amba’s face and goes in search of Raj. Finally the police arrive and Chandhar is arrested.

Wednesday 19 November 2019 The village council dethrone Jaggan and makes Amba the head, everyone is happy. Raj and Rohan prepare to leave the Pawyania house but Preet is reluctant to see them go. Jaggan has some tricks up his sleeves as he sets out to discover the real identity of Pramilla and Laila. He is successful as he exposes and paint their intentions bad. Amba is shocked. Preet declares her love openly for Raj but Amba is blinded with hate. She gets them beaten up, drags Raj home with her jeep and locks up Preet.

Thursday 20 November 2019 A badly wounded Raj is bent on getting his Preet back, he goes back to the Pawayna house and is badly beaten up again. Preet gets herself beaten also and everyone is shocked at their love. Amba disowns Preet and she leaves with Raj. Simmi supports Amba and together they plan to break them apart. Meanwhile, Jaggan and Chandhar are happy that Amba is all alone without Preet. They plan their next move.

Friday 21 November 2019 Amba goes to Raj and promise to let Rohan have Simmi if he accepts to send Preet away. Raj accepts her condition to Preet’s dismay but Preet refuses to let him go. Later Jaggan convinces Amba to let Raj stay in the house as a servant so that Preet will remain with her. Meanwhile, he and Chandhar plan to poison the village once they gather to make Amba the Shah.

Saturday 22 November 2019 Babbli faints after drinking milk served and she is hospitalized. Jaggan blames Raj for her condition. Soon all the children in the village start getting ill and Jaggan proclaims Chandhar as their messiah. Preet and Raj set out to find a cure knowing its all part of Jaggan and Chandhar plan. Meanwhile Amba goes to beg Chandhar for the cure as all the villagers have turned against her.

Sunday 23 November 2019 Gunjan who is now pregnant also falls ill from the disease. Amba has no other option than to free Chandhar from prison as per his demands so he can cure the sick. Later Raj is framed of being the carrier of the disease and he is ostracised. Preet goes to look for him and all seem lost. The Heir November 2019 Teasers On Zee World

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