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The Inseparables 31 May 2019 0n StarLife

The Inseparables 31 May 2019 0n StarLife

The Inseparables 31 May 2019 0n StarLife

The episode begins with where it ended from, Jeevika stops Biji from further arguing/hitting Maanvi. Biji stops, but feels really bad and leaves the room. The moment she leaves, Jeevika breaks down and begins to cry as she could not believe she spoke to her grandmother in that manner. Maanvi tries to console her, but no use, she keeps crying.

Mannan comes to Jeevika at night, he proposes to her and asks her to meet him tomorrow morning, then they would both leave Mussorie together.

Biji, Chachi and Chacha starts a conversation, they’re discussing the reason why Dr. Mannan has suddenly come to Mussorie and his motive of coming here. Viren and Virat have a cute brother to brother conversation where Viren teases Virat to get married so that his wife can clean his room for him then coming on a serious note, Viren tells Virat that it’s been a year to that incident and he needs to move on in life now, he cannot stick to and live in the past.

The Inseparables 31 May 2019 0n StarLife

But Virat prefers to ignore and not discuss about this. On the other hand, Jeevika is awake all night, thinking about what Mannan said to her. Finally, the much anticipated morning arrives, Mannan is all ready to leave with his hiking bag. Mannan is sitting on a bench waiting for Jeevika and in deep thoughts. He suddenly turns around, and sees Jeevika walking towards him. He stands up with a BIG smile on his face and walks towards her too. Both of them meet each other.

Jeevika and Mannan are standing outside Vadhhera House; (Mannan with a huge smile and Jeevika all serious) as Mannan steps forward, she looks down getting flashbacks of her telling Biji that she will always do as per her wish and after her parents they are her only family. Mannan realizes her seriousness, but before he could say something, she turns her back on him with tears in her eyes and walks away without saying anything (her silence and tears said it all) while Mannan just looked on and he too slowly began to step back and walk on the other direction.

Jeevika says in monolgue she doesn’t have the guts to tell Mannan that she is here to say no to him. She says he is a very nice guy, but her marriage is already fixed. And after he engagement with Viren, she has given her body and soul to only Viren.

She wishes that Mannan understands her. On the other hand, as Mannan is about to leave, he collides with dadaji (who is all dressed in a jogging attire ) and inquires where Mannan is heading. Mannan says it’s really urgent for him to go back to Rishikesh for some work. And dadaji agrees saying work first, everything else later. He wishes him luck and asks him to definitely attend Jeevika and Viren’s marriage. He sadly says he’ll try his best.

StarLife: The Inseparables 31 May 2019

In the garden of Vadhhera’s are Biji and Jeevika, Biji tells Jeevika that come what may, both sisters are still her blood. Biji tells Jeevika that their sharp words remind her of how their mother snatched her son away from her (both have tears in her eyes- emotional atyachaar), then she tells her that they’re the only two signs of her son left with her and even in her wildest dreams she would never think ill for them. Jeevika also returns Biji’s feelings, telling her that she holds as much importance in their life as she does in theirs. Having her around made them feel like they weren’t orphans.

Biji further tells Jeevika that without getting the two girls married, she isn’t going to even die (they share a sweet moment and hug) Maanvi is very happy, saying that when her sister is happy so she is also happy. Viren comes in Maanvi curses him as he comes towards her) saying today her mood is quiet good. Maanvi says that with his presence the flowers will also die (she had roses bouquet in her hands). But Virat says since Mannan has come she is very happy. The Inseparables 31 May 2019 0n StarLife

She tries to ignore. Maanvi tries to cover up saying she was just trying to pull his leg, but now everything is fine, she has already accepted the proposal since he (Virat) is not the one marrying her sister. Just in time, Virat’s chachi comes in calling both of them downstairs for a words with dadaji. Virat asks if dadaji wants them to go for a parade but chachi shuts him up.

Maanvi asks them to go and she will join in later, but Chachi says when dadaji calls one has to go. Virat says to himself that there is something very fishy with Mannan which Maanvi is hiding.

Everyone is sitting at the dining table and dadaji is telling them the reason why they came to Mussorie- to know each other well before marriage. And Swamini has today already fixed the date of marriage “after 15 days!” Everyone is shocked and Biji object saying it’s impossible to prepare for the marriage in such a short time?

But Mr. Judge says they don’t need to worry about the preparations and so does Jeevika’s uncle. Once again, Virat says to himself that things are happening very fast, he needs to find out the truth as soon as possible. Finally, Maanvi wants to say something Biji and Jeevika try to stop her. Everyone looks on. And Virat also insists that they should let Maanvi say the ‘truth’.

She asks for permission from dadaji and it’s granted. So she begins with the family that they like doing things not punctually but before time. Ie: they were supposed to come see Jeevika in the evening, but they came in the day, then they brought them to Mussorie to get to know each other but got JeeVi engaged (Mr. Judge and Swamini are quite uncomfortable with her way to talking and Viren is also serious) She tells them now they want Jeevi to get married in 15 days? Why?

  • The Inseparables 31 May 2019 0n StarLife

Biji tells her to keep quiet. But Virat tells Maanvi to carry on and say some other raaz ki baat. She confesses that there is someone who loves Jeevika more than they do, one who was always nervous about this marriage. Vadhhera’s and Biji get serious and so do the rest.

Then she says “MAANVI” and Viren has a small smile of relief on his face Embarrassed although Swamini did not seems to like this. She says with the speed they are going through, they will take her behna away even before she can say. But she also agrees that the family and Viren will always keep her happy (Of course! Heart) That’s it, she says thank you.

Dadaji is happy with her confession and tells Viren and Virat to drop them back home since that’s the rule of their family. Viren looks at Jeevika (Finally you’re looking at her?) She looks back and then blushes Embarrassed. Uhhh, Virat again with the same Sleepy saying he will find out the truth however hard Maanvi tries to run away.

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