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The Inseparables July 2019 Teasers On StarLife

The Inseparables July 2019 Teasers On StarLife

The Inseparables July 2019 Teasers On StarLife

Monday 1 July 2019 Episode 58

Swamini instructs Jeevika on the rules and customs of the Vadhera family. She gets irritated as Jeevika keeps talking to Maanvi over the phone to give her the recipe of a dish.

Episode 59

Virat promises to arrange a getaway for Jeevika and Viren as he realizes that he has been neglecting her due to work. Meanwhile, a killer follows Viren.

Tuesday 2 July 2019 Episode 60

Virat informs Maanvi about the getaway planned for Jeevika and Viren. She teases him by reminding him about his love life. Later, a shooter follows Viren’s car on the way to resort.

Episode 61

Virat and Viren chase the shooter but he escapes, leaving his mobile phone behind. Later, Virat tells Viren to take action against Jaiswal.

Wednesday 3 July 2019 Episode 62

Viren lies about the attempt on his life to Jeevika, who is said to have to celebrate her birthday without Maanvi and the family for the first time. Later, when Viren goes missing, Dadaji cancels the party.

Thursday 4 July 2019 Episode 63

Jeevika is happy to see Maanvi on her birthday and gets excited to receive gifts from her family. Viren’s family, however, does not like it when Maanvi applies the cream on Jeevika’s cheeks. The Inseparables July 2019 Teasers

Episode 64

Viren apologizes from Swamini and Dadaji for bringing Maanvi to the Vadera house without asking them. Later, Maanvi’s childish behaviour annoys Swamini and Dadaji as they hear her making fun of the rules and regulations of the house.

Friday 5 July 2019 Episode 65

Virat learns that Viren’s honeymoon plan has been postponed because of the murder attempt. Dadaji scolds Maanvi for being late for breakfast and insulting Inder, too.

Episode 66

Maanvi overhears Kadambari yelling at her husband for tolerating Dadaji’s insults. Meanwhile, Virat plans to take Viren and Jeevika out to dinner but Swamini refuses permission. Viren, however, manages to convince her.

Monday 8 July 2019 Episode 67

Jeevika is happy to hear Maanvi praising Viren. However, she scolds her for interfering with Swamini’s plans a New Year party. Later, Maanvi gets upset as Virat teases her but Viren asks Virat to apologize.

Episode 68

In spite of Viren’s warning, Virat and Maanvi manage to flee from the party and reach a roadside Dhaba to celebrate a Maanvi-style New Year party. At home, Viren and Jeevika are worried about the missing couple.

Tuesday 9 July 2019 Episode 69

Virat and Maanvi win the competition conducted by the Dhaba owner. Later, he fights with some eve-teasers who misbehaved with Maanvi and gets arrested by the police.

Episode 70

Maanvi and Virat apologize to Viren for their mistake. Swamini is disheartened when she overhears them and realizes that Viren hid the truth from her. Meanwhile, Viren is upset about breaking Swaminis’s trust.

Wednesday 10 July 2019 Episode 71

WIth Swamini refusing to talk to Viren, Maanvi takes it upon herself to resolve their differences. She tells Virat to convince Viren to deliver medicines to Swamini. She also writes a letter to Swamini on Viren’s behalf.

Episode 72 – The Inseparables July 2019 Teasers On StarLife

Swamini reads Manvi’s letter and scolds her for coming between Viren and her. Jeevika also rebukes Maanvi and tells her to pack her bags and leave. Later, Virat tells Maanvi to seek an apology from Swamini.

Thursday 11 July 2019 Episode 73

Maanvi apologizes to Swamini for her mistake and is forgiven. Jeevika relaxes, too, as Swamini and Viren resolve their fight.

Episode 74

When Maanvi misses her train, Virat takes her in his car. Meanwhile, Jeevika finds a note in her cupboard that leads her to a book in Viren’s grandfather’s library. Further clues lead her to the fountain behind the house.

Friday 12 July 2019 Episode 75

Jeevika tells Viren that Swamini will not agree to their honeymoon plans as long as the Jaiswal threat exists. Meanwhile, Virat and Maanvi argue as his car breaks down. She boards a bus leaving her purse in the car.

Episode 76

Virat sees Maanvi’s bag and phone in the car; he asks for a lift in order to return those to her.

Monday 15 July 2019 Episode 77

Swamini is unhappy when she learns Virat is driving Maanvi to Rishikesh. Meanwhile, Beeji calls Jeevika to inform him that Maanvi has not reached home yet. Later, Maanvi tells Jeevika that she is stuck due to a transporters’ strike.

Episode 78

Jeevika and Viren’s romantic plans fall flat when Swamini hires a bodyguard for Viren. Later, Beeji’s family boards the train after waiting for Maanvi.

Tuesday 16 July 2019 Episode 79

Dadaji gets Jaiswal arrested at the airport while Viren and Jeevika board their flight. He rebukes Virat for being irresponsible as Maanvi recounts the hotel incident. Maanvi apologizes to Virat for landing him in trouble.

Episode 80

Maanvi misses her daily soaps due to the strict rules of the Vadera house. Later, Viren buys a western outfit for Jeevika, but when she feels uneasy in the short dress, he assures her that he likes her in traditional outfits.

Wednesday 17 July 2019 Episode 81

Maanvi asks Dadaji to give Inder a chance but he tells her to stay out of the family matters. Later, Jeevika gets upset to see Viren dancing with a showgirl.

Episode 82

Inder reads Shlok’s essay and learns that his family is embarrassed by him. He asks Dadaji to let him defend a case in court but is told he will lose because of his stammer.

Thursday 18 July 2019 Episode 83

Swamini and Dadaji tell Vanshika that Maanvi had urged Inder to defend the case in court, but Maanvi denies. Later, on Vanshika’s insistence, Kadambari Shlok, Virat with Maanvi form a team to help Inder.

Episode 84

Maanvi and Virat ask Inder to read the newspaper aloud to get rid of his stutter. However, when Inder meets his opposition lawyer in the court, he stutters. The Inseparables July 2019 Teasers On StarLife

Friday 19 July 2019 Episode 85

Maanvi and Virat ask Inder to give a speech to boost his confidence but the audience leaves due to his stuttering. Inder gets annoyed when he sees Maanvi paying some students to listen to his speech.

Episode 86

Viren and Jeevika go jet skiing on their honeymoon. Dadaji is furious to see Inder practicing law defense using a cardboard cutout of him, to boost his confidence.

Monday 22 July 2019 Episode 87

Viren and Jeevika return and learn that Maanvi has urged Inder to present a case in court. Swamini tells Jeevika that Maanvi is responsible for everything. In court, Inder loses his confidence and starts stuttering.

Episode 88

Inder fails in court due to his stammering and locks himself in a room. Swamini blames Maanvi for Inder’s behaviour, while Viren criticizes Viraat. Jeevika orders Maanvi to leave the house and Viren asks her to leave Inder alone.

Tuesday 23 July 2019 Episode 89

Swamini orders Viren to send Maanvi back home. When Maanvi bids farewell to everyone, Jeevika locks herself in her room not wanting to see Maanvi leave. Virat drops Maanvi to the station.

Episode 90

Viren advises Jeevika not to sour her ties with Maanvi in anger. Later, Jeevika misses her sister and refuses to eat. Maanvi, meanwhile, gets emotional on seeing the laptop that Viren had gifted her.

Wednesday 24 July 2019 Episode 91

Virat tells the truth to Viren and also says that Maanvi is innocent. Meanwhile, Inder tells Dadaji that he will present the case but is criticized again. Later, Virat informs Maanvi about Inder’s second attempt.

Episode 92

Jeevika breaks down into tears when she sees Maanvi’s wedding gift and calls up Dabbu to enquire about Maanvi. Swamini asks Kadambari to stop Inder as he may ruin their family’s reputation but Inder retaliates.

Thursday 25 July 2019 Episode 93

Jeevika, unwell, misses Maanvi. Viren telephones Maanvi but gets no response, not knowing Dabbu and Beeji have taken her to a hospital. Maanvi reveals how Jeevika asked her to leave the house.

Episode 94

Swamini is angry with Beeji for speaking rudely over the phone. Beeji defends Maanvi, making Jeevika feel guilty for hurting her sister. Viren consoles Jeevika and asks her to talk to Maanvi.

Friday 26 July 2019 Episode 95

Viren and Viraat accompany Inder to court. Maanvi talks to her friends about Inder’s problem and calls Virat to tell him a solution for Inder. Viren brings Dadaji to court to build Inder’s confidence.

Episode 96

The judge rules in Inder’s favour and Maanvi is delighted when Virat tells her about the court success. Dadaji is proud of Inder, but Inder refuses to celebrate. He tells Jeevika that Maanvi is the reason behind his success.

Monday 29 July 2019 Episode 97

Jeevika talks to Maanvi. Viren asks Dadaji if he can visit Maanvi, and is told he wants to visit, too. Meanwhile, Viren gifts flowers to Jeevika on Valentine’s Day. Jeevika, Viren, Dadaji, and Inder visit Maanvi, which surprises Beeji.

Episode 98

Dadaji thanks Maanvi and apologizes for his rude behaviour. Beeji wants Viren and Jeevika to stay back for a ceremony. Virat, meanwhile, meets his ex-girlfriend at Valentine’s Day party.

Tuesday 30 July 2019 Episode 99

Maya professes her love for Virat but he rejects her. Later, Virat is upset and talks rudely to Swamini. Dadaaji, meanwhile, tells Swamini he has invited Maanvi to their house, and she informs him about Virat’s rude behaviour.

Episode 100

Doctor Mannan goes to Maanvi’s house and informs Beeji about the interchange of Maanvi’s medical reports. He tells Viren and Beeji about the abnormalities in Maanvi’s blood. Maanvi refuses to take another blood test.

Wednesday 31 July 2019 Episode 101

No Teaser Available

Episode 102

No Teaser Available – The Inseparables July 2019 Teasers On StarLife

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