The Inseparable

The Inseparables March 2020 Teasers

The Inseparables March 2020 Teasers

The Inseparables March 2020 Teasers

Jeevika and Manvi battle the new enemies of the Vadhera house, how soon will peace return to their lives?

Monday 2 March 2020 – Episode 399
Viraat and Maanvi share with Jeevika their discovery about Riya’s marriage and that she was unhappy in that relationship. Jeevika arranges a meeting between Sambhav and Sheetal to find out about their motive. They use Teja to implement this plan.

Episode 340
Teja tells Sheetal that Sambhav is threatening him and he does not plan to marry her. Sheetal plans to confront Sambhav and calls him to a hotel, where Jeevika has already laid a trap for them. Will they manage to turn Sheetal against Sambhav?

Tuesday 3 March 2020 – Episode 341
Sambhav convinces Sheetal about his commitment towards her and requests her to keep their relationship a secret. He tells her that even Jeevika now believes that Viren is guilty. But Jeevika has other plans altogether?

Episode 342
Jeevika plays her last move to trap Sambhav and Sheetal. She tells Sambhav that she is going to commit suicide at the temple. Meanwhile, Viraat asks Sheetal to come to the temple and get proof of Sambhav’s reality. Sheetal arrives to find a wedding set up and is livid. Will this push her to confess?

The Inseparables March 2020 Teasers

Wednesday 4 March 2020 – Episode 343
Sambhav is furious to know that it was Jeevika who turned Sheetal against him and threatens to kill her. Meanwhile, Maanvi records the entire conversation between Sheetal and Sambhav and goes to the police station.

Episode 344
Peace returns to the Vadhera house and the family members plans for a movie outing. Viren and Viraat insist on staying home to watch match. While in reality the two are planning a surprise for the respective wives.

Thursday 5 March 2020 – Episode 345
An argument breaks out between Beeji, Pinky and Sweety over the old air-conditioner and goes out of hand when Sweety insults Pinky. Jeevika overhears during her call with Madan and plans to leave for Rishikesh to solve the problem, along with Maanvi.

Episode 346
Sweety pretends to have changed, but the family is shocked to know that she has pawned her jewellery. Meanwhile, Daboo asks Beeji to write off the Chaudhary house to Sweety. Jeevika and Maanvi arrive home.

Friday 6 March 2020 – Episode 347
Maanvi overhears Sweety talk to her mother about property papers and later finds them in her cupboard. She, along with Jeevika, plan to get to the root of it and bring out the truth. They chalk out a plan.

Episode 348
Jeevika and Maanvi go to Sweety’s house dressed as priests looking for a plot to build an ashram. Sweety’s mother informs them that the Chaudhary house is available for sale. The two sisters decide to teach her a lesson.
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